Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Marcus!!!!

Happy belated birthday Marcus! I am sorry this posting is a week late, but I had no idea you had a birthday! Sorry to be such a bad aunt-in-law. But I rely on Haley letting me know these things, but I guess she is busy with something else. I can't imagine what that is. But I found out you had a birthday and I asked Haley to clue me in on things you like and this is what she came up with:

Marcus likes most sports, but mainly football! I think we all know that. Marcus, I really hope this picture I added is not of teams you hate. I know nothing of football and I picked this one because I thought it was kind of cool.

Marcus likes Oregon, and especially the Oregon coast.

Marcus also likes pizza!

He also really likes steak! This picture makes me want to eat that steak!

Haley says that Marcus likes musicals and theatre and he especially liked Les Miserables.

According to Haley, Marcus likes going to school...

And he is really looking forward to being a Physical Therapist.

Marcus likes to play games with the family. Good thing he married into this family!

Marcus really likes hot sauce! I didn't know this about him. Cam and I love hot sauce too! This is a picture I took of a hot sauce display at the French Market in New Orleans when we were there for our honeymoon. We came home with about 15 bottles of hot sauce from there. We liked some of them so much, I actually buy them online when we run out. I'll get some of our favorites for you Marcus!

Marcus loves his family. I don't have a picture of Marcus' family, but I searched google images for the Crook family and found this. Probably not your family Marcus, but it's a nice old wedding picture of a Crook family.

Speaking of family....Marcus really loves his little daughter Allison Kelly Crook! Don't we all? She is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen.

And finally, Marcus loves The Office! One of the best TV shows that has ever been made!
Happy Birthday Marcus!!
Love you!! Kisses!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Talladega Nights! I didn't think this one would be that hard, but I guess it was! Or now that I think of it, I'm pretty much the only Will Ferrell fan in the family, aren't I? That's too bad, he's hilarious! And this movie should be watched if only for Sacha Baron Cohen, I love him in this! Dan got it first! Then Amy, then Dad! Way to go again Dan!

Here is this week's movie quote:

You never told me this car had a blind spot!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey, Peeps, I have been thinking about this classification for a couple of days now and want you all to wade in on the subject. What is a "thinking" movie. "Doubt" no doubt qualifies. Maybe it is at the head of the list because it was written that way on purpose. The challenge is: what are your top 5 "thinking" movies. The problem is: What is a "thinking" movie? Does a movie with an unexpected ending that makes you think qualifies? Like "Primal Fear"? Edward Norton was so good and the surprise at the end so shocking that it might be. Another Norton movie, "Score" had some thinking in it and a surprise ending. "Matchstick Men", was like that. "The Prestige" was so complicated that I had to watch it at least three times to figure out how it all worked and so it could go on my list. So here's my list with a little explanation. "Doubt", I suggest we keep off the list as it is in a class by itself. Pops list (no particular order):

1. 2001: A Space odyssey: Here is a movie I still don't have any idea what it is about, but the music is impressive. It must be a "thinking" movie, because it is so weird.

2. Speaks for itself. He is such a smart, numbers, and formula guy, yet physoctic and strange. The imaginary people he talks to and all that.

3. Spanglish: Such a good movie and it really made me think about relationships. Mother daughter, father daughter. Paz and her daughter and the sacrifices she makes for her daughter. The sexual attraction between Adam Sandler and Paz and their strength in not giving into the physical attraction. Very good stuff.

4. Cinderella Man: A man striving to save his family. Working hard and all that. The scene where he goes to the mens club and begs for $42 dollars or so to pay his electric bill. Thats one of the all time gripping scenes in film. His fighting powers come back and goes on to be successful. Trying to get day jobs at the dock with a broken hand to feed his family.

5. American History X: Rough movie, but fascinating. Redemption, repentance, violence and brotherly love and all sorts of feelings in the movie.

6. Million Dollar Baby: An extra I put in because of the social topic. As well as how good a movie it is. When is euthanasia okay? What would you do in his shoes in that situation. Something to think about. That is why this is a "thinking" movie.

I could have gone back in time to oldies like, "The Oxbow Incident", "12 Angry Men" and "Inherit the Wind", but decided to keep it modern for you guys. Well, have fun and give this topic some thought. pops

Emily's picks
Hmm, good post dad. What I consider a thinking movie is one that after seeing it, I have trouble sleeping because I can't stop thinking about it. Perhaps that means it is more of a "stays with you movie". I believe the two concepts are well related, so I decided to make two little sub categories and list my thinking movies under each.

Thinking thinking movies:

1. Reservoir Dogs. You can't help but sit and think about this movie during and long after You Put the Lime In the Coconut plays.

Darn. No trailer.

2. School Ties. It never failed, every time Cat and I watched this movie, we would have a three hour discussion about it. So many things to think about during this movie: Antisemitism of course, Loyalty to friends and roommates, the pressures of succeeding in those Ivy League prep schools, all good stuff.

Ultra weird, well here is a link so you can watch it.
3. Dead Man Walking. I think about this movie a lot. I don't want to get too political here, but I have always had a problem with the death penalty. I see it's advantages, but my soul has a big problem with it to where I can't support it. Sean Penn is brilliant as the death row inmate, and I love the way Susan Sarandon talks to him when she visits him (she is a nun if you haven't seen it). It definitely gives you a different perspective, even when the inmate admits to his atrocious acts and is a jerk. He's still human and scared.

Stay with you movies

1. Fargo. What started with something that seemed like an easy, good idea goes incredibly bad. A popular plot for the Coen Brothers, they all stay with me a little and make me think, but none more then Fargo.

2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Nicholson's character (Marty? that doesn't sound quite right) anyway, he thinks going to this nuthouse will be an easy way to spend his prison sentence. He breates life into the people he touches and we find out that was very unwelcome to some people (Nurse Ratched). Again, sort of Coen Brotherish. Brilliant book have you guys read that? It is written in the perspective of "the Chief" to make it even more interesting.

3. Seven. Stays with you because of the despair that it lays over you on humanity and what it could be capable of.

4. The Deer Hunter. Almost any war movie could be classified here. This one even more so with the added Russian roulette stuff. Very powerful. The last few scenes stay burned in your brain a long time.

5. The Green Mile. Prison movies must stay with me too........... This movie made me think about it for so long simply for the evil prison guard. He is one of the most inately evil characters I have ever seen. He's just awful (I chuckle a little seeing him as a hippy on Lost), but think about his role in The Green Mile every time.

6. Awakenings. What a story, makes you think. Makes you sad.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Under the Radar

Dan's most recent comment on Sunday's with Sue reminded me that I haven't done an Under the Radar posting in a long time. I decided it was time to do one, and the first movie that popped into my head was The Queen. This movie was released in 2006, and I love it! This movie did get quite a bit of attention when it came out, but I'm not sure a lot of people saw it. So I am counting it as an Under the Radar movie. I was just telling Emily about this movie a couple of days ago.

The movie takes place in 1997 right after the death of Princess Diana. The Queen decides the best thing to do for the boys (William and Harry) is take them from Buckingham Palace to another castle in the country so they can go hunting and get some fresh air. She has it in her head the Diana's death is a family affair and should be dealt with privately.

Tony Blair has just been elected Prime Minister and finds himself in the middle of dealing with the grieving public and the Queen who absolutely refuses to make any kind of public statement. As each day passes, the newspaper headlines become more and more scathing towards the Queen. In the end, Tony Blair has to put his foot down and demand that the Queen do something. He doesn't even give her a choice on what to do, he tells her what she must do, which in a Monarchy, just doesn't happen.

It may not sound all that interesting, but it really is. I think what I liked the best about it, is it shows just how out of touch the royal family is from the people. The Queen, the Queen Mum, and Prince Philip are really surprised by the grief people around the world felt, and not only are they surprised, they are kind of disgusted about it. It shows some behind closed doors scenes between the Queen and Prince Philip that are great. Prince Philip is really a jerk and could really care less about the people.

As I understand it, this is a very realistic portrayal of what really happened during the week before Diana's funeral. I remember hearing an interview with the screenwriter and director on Fresh Air. Someone who was very tight with the family at the time, I think it was the Queen's personal assistant or something, helped the screenwriter with the details.

The acting in this movie is great! Helen Mirren plays the Queen, and won the Oscar for it. James Cromwell is Prince Philip, he does a great job. I really like that actor. Another one of those actors you see all the time, but never leading roles. Like Richard Jenkins in the Visitor, he was also in Six Feet Under. He played the mom's second husband who comes down with Alzheimers. And Michael Sheen plays Tony Blair, and does a fantastic job. He looks just like him! If you aren't familiar with his name, he plays David Frost in Frost/Nixon, which comes out today! Can't wait to see it. I also just found out he is going to play Aros in New Moon.

If you've seen The Queen, let me know what you thought of it. If you haven't, you should see it. I've noticed it on cable a couple of times, so you can watch for it there.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Funny Girl! Very funny movie starring Barbra Streisand and Omar Sharif. If you haven't seen it, see it. I didn't mean for this one to be as hard for you guys as is was. I only had 2 guesses, and both were right, I didn't get any wrong guesses this week! Dad guesses first! Yay Dad! Then Emily guessed. Both of them got it with the first quote! Way to go guys!

Emily and I are in Rexburg right now visiting new little baby Allison! She is so cute and she has a stuffy nose so she is snorting a lot which is really cute. It was fun to see the Phisters and Matt and B on the web cam!

Okay, here is this week's movie quote:

I'm just a big, hairy American winning machine.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Doubt part deux

I thought it would be better to just start a new posting to talk about the movie since we are at 40 comments on the original post.

I watched the movie again last night and I am thoroughly convinced that Father Flynn is innocent. My thinking is along the same lines as Dan's recent comment on the first posting. That is Streep, (I don't know how to spell her name in the movie, so I'm calling her Streep), objects not only to his progressive ways, but just him in general.

Streep is nothing but discipline and she objects to anything that has to do with progress or what she deems inappropriate. Ballpoint pens for example! Did you notice in the nun dinner scene Sister James takes a piece of meat out of her mouth and Streep gives her a look, and she puts it back in her mouth! She doesn’t allow the girls to wear barrettes, she even objects to cough drops. She is not a kind person and uses accusations and scare tactics to run the school.

I believe she resents Father Flynn because he is pretty much the opposite of her. He jokes around with the kids, and he even makes his congregation laugh. She was just looking for something to get him on. She starts suspecting him from the beginning because of his sermon about doubt. Now I would think that doubt is probably a pretty common topic discussed in any church. I think he is telling his congregation to not be alone and isolated if they have doubt, that they can come to him and not be alone. Streep sees it as something he is feeling himself. She even asks the nuns to keep an eye on him. Okay, I think it’s established that Streep is just a suspicious, rigid old hag.

I totally believe Father Flynn is innocent and that Streep wants him to be guilty so badly that everything he says or does makes him look guilty in her eyes. It is easy to read things into people’s actions or words when you suspect them of something. Say you suspect your spouse of cheating on you. Say it all started with something stupid like you found a piece of paper with a phone number on it and no name. If you are the suspicious type, you might automatically assume it is the phone number of someone they are cheating on you with. It can then just snowball from there. Actions you wouldn’t have paid any attention to in the past suddenly look suspicious, and there is nothing that person can say or do to convince you otherwise. (And this is just an example, not something happening in my life. Cam’s a good guy)

I believe Father Flynn had nothing but compassion for the Miller boy. The poor kid is the first black student at the school, he’s gay and his father beats him. Any one of those things alone would be hard to deal with, let alone all three. And to top it off his mother turns a blind eye to it all. So who does the kid have to turn to? His priest. I believe the Miller kid did drink the alter wine and Father Flynn was just trying to keep it a secret. I think Donald Miller told him that his father beats him, and Father Flynn was trying to avoid another beating. I totally believe Father Flynn’s story that he was just trying to keep it a secret so he didn’t get removed from being an alter boy. Father Flynn was right in believing that Streep would stick to the rules and remove him, because that is exactly what she did. Just because he is paying special attention to the Miller boy, which I think was the right thing for him to do, does not mean something inappropriate is going on. Donald Miller is 12 years old and needs an adult to care about him, and he found that in Father Flynn.

One of the best scenes is the one between Sister James and Father Flynn in the courtyard after his gossip sermon. I believe he is truly speaking from his heart. He points out that Streep is not a kind person, and asks if she has ever seen Streep reach out a hand. He says that loving children is natural because how else would you relate to them. He tells Sister James not to let people tell her that the light in her heart is a sign of weakness, that it is a tactic of cruel people to kill kindness in the name of virtue. Just watch the scene again there is a lot of really good stuff said.

Now a lot of people would say that the scene between Father Flynn and Streep alone in her office is his confession. I don’t think so. When he asks Streep if she has ever committed a mortal sin I think he was just trying to bring her back down from her almost insane behavior. He admits he has too and that he left it in the hands of his confessor. You could assume the sin he is referring to is what she is suspecting him of. But, keep in mind, he is a Catholic Priest. He could be talking about anything, it could be that he noticed a woman’s butt or something. The Catholics take guilt pretty seriously. At the end of the scene he stops Streep from leaving the office. He tells her that there are things he can’t say, that there are things beyond her knowledge. I don’t think he is confessing and letting her know she is right. I think he is referring to the fact that Donald Miller is gay. He doesn’t know that Streep knows. He thinks that if she finds out, Miller would get kicked out of the school. He is a man of compassion, and is willing to leave the parish so Donald Miller has a chance. I believe he also leaves the parish to avoid Streep’s accusations from going public. I think in many cases giving in like that is not an admission of guilt, it is more avoiding a long drawn out process that would waste a lot of time.

And I also think that it is this scene that Streep’s doubt starts creeping in and she recognizes it. But, she is the type of person that she is not going to let it go, after all, she has her certainties! She is not willing to admit she is wrong. She has no proof, and she knows it. It’s only when Father Flynn starts writing down the things she is saying, so he can get her transferred, that she makes up the lie about calling his old parish. She has it in her head that he is guilty and she will stop at nothing. I don’t think his being in 3 parishes in 5 years is proof either. There could be several reasons he left the other two parishes. One reason could be that woman’s nice butt. He didn’t seem worried at all to me that she called his previous parish.

I think in the ending scene Streep knows that for selfish reasons, she almost destroyed a man’s life. I think Sister James’ innocence brings it out of her. I believe the doubts she has, are doubts in herself, and not doubts in the church. I think she realizes that she does not represent the vows that she took when she became a nun.

It all comes down to that if you want to believe someone is guilty, you can convince yourself that they are. That kind of thinking can distort everything you see and hear, and you can twist everything to convince yourself and others that you are right. Politicians do it all the time!

A couple symbolic things I noticed:

The wind scattering the leaves, especially when Streep is around, represents gossip. Just like the feathers in the wind in his sermon. Watch the dinner scene with the nuns when they are talking about the doubt sermon. Streep’s napkin flutters for no apparent reason. I think that foreshadows the beginning of Streep’s thoughts.

I think the same light going out in her office twice represents the light in her heart going out. I think it is the same light that Father Flynn talks to Sister James about.

At the beginning of the scene between Father Flynn and Sister James in the courtyard, there is a crow cawing. (is that the right word?) Father Flynn asks Sister James what kind of bird that is. She tells him it’s a crow and he says of course it is. He knew it was a crow. I think it was put in there because Father Flynn knows the two sisters are going to eat crow, as they say.

In the classroom scene with Streep and Sister James the wind blows through the window. Streep describes the wind as peripatetic. I looked that word up. It means to travel or wander about, but it also refers to Aristotle’s school of philosophy. Wind does travel and wander about, but I find the Aristotle thing interesting too. Aristotle came up with the idea of causality. That for every cause there is an effect. Chew on that for awhile.

Okay, that’s it. Sorry this is so long. I think he’s innocent, so try to convince me otherwise. Bring it!

Monday, April 13, 2009


This movie is so good I'm going to watch it like 5 more times before I send it back, and then I'm going to go buy it and watch it a few more times! This is one of the best plays made into a movie I've ever seen done. Somehow the director kept the play like feel to the movie, especially the ending! I loved the ending! I felt like I was at Capital Theatre and Meryl Streep and Amy Adams were on stage performing it.

And that brings to me to acting! I've always thought Meryl Streep was a good actress, but I've always kind of suspected that I thought she was good because she didn't annoy me. (And you all know how actors can annoy me.) Well, that's not the case. She is a fantastic actor, she was so good in this, that I am just stunned that someone can act so well. Streep did end up winning the Oscar didn't she? If not, she was robbed!

Amy Adams was great. I didn't know much about her. I looked her up on IMDB, and the only movie I've seen her in was Talladega Nights, but that was just a bit part. I see she was in B's beloved movie Enchanted, and a couple episodes of The Office. Is she the one that plays Jim's girlfriend? Anyway, she was so good in this too! I loved the part that she played.

Then there is Philip Seymour Hoffman. He is definitely one of my top 3 favorite actors, if I thought about it longer, he would probably be #1. The first role I really remember him was Scottie in Boogie Nights. He was my favorite part of that movie. (I just realized most people on this blog probably haven't seen that movie, too bad, he's so good in it). And I've loved him in everything I've seen him in since then. His 5 minute part in Punch Drunk Love is priceless! I hate romantic comedies but saw Along Came Polly just for him, and he was great. And Capote! If you haven't seen that yet, you should. Okay, I'll stop the Philip Seymour Hoffman love fest. But he was really good in this too.

So, I highly recommend this movie if you haven't seen it already. The story is good, the directing is good, and if anything, see it for the acting. It's rated PG-13.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Big! I love this movie! I end up watching it pretty much every time it's on cable, which is fairly often. The above picture is from one of the best scenes. B, if you haven't seen it, you need to. I think you'd like it a lot. And Dan, the context of the Bob's office quote is when the actor John Heard, who plays the guy that really hates Josh (Tom Hanks) finds out he was given a promotion and his own office.

So, Amy got it first again! That's 2 in a row Amy! Then Cat, then Jeanine. Amy, Cat and Jeanine all got it from the first quote. I'm very impressed cause that was a pretty tough, vague one. Emily got it next, then Dad and then Dan. Haley guessed What About Bob, and B thought it might be either Transformers or Short Circut.

Here is this week's quote:

I'm a bagel on a plateful of onion rolls.

Allison is home now

More pictures of Allison! We are home and doing well. Haley feels a little better each day. We had a nice Easter today. It was a little crowded in a 1 bedroom apartment. We had a nice Easter dinner at about 3 and then Mom, Scott, Kelly, Simonne, Annie, Kyle, Matt & B left for home.

This is Allison before going home yesterday. She looked so cute with her little blue bow. She also gets a little cuter each day. The swelling in her face is going down.

Ready to go home!

Allison in her car seat dressed in her cute going home outfit. She looked to cute in her seat.

Happy Easter Allison! In her tiny little Easter dress with the bunny Great-Grandma gave her.

This one was taken without the flash because we felt sorry for her with all the bright lights. She looks so cute!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Since all of my Wyoming family are up in Rexburg playing with Allison and having fun, I am here alone working and eating good food at least.  Porterhouse steaks the last two nights and would you believe I am going to roast me a leg of lamb tomorrow for Easter.  Duncan and I and Tiggy will eat well.  I don't know how to make a cream sauce so I can't make new potatoes and peas.  I'll have some peas and pass on the spuds.  I don't care much for Jolie, but wow, this is a good movie.  Clint Eastwood directed and produced and did the music.  It is a period piece about police corruption in L.A.  A very compelling story and and the R rating is for the f word said twice, as far as I could tell.  Give it a look, peeps, you should like it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Allison is here!

Allison Kelly Crook was born on April 9, 2009 at 8:26 pm. She weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. She has dark brown hair and it looks like she has brown eyes. She is perfect in every way. We see a little of both Haley and Marcus in her. She is, so far, a very calm baby; sleeps a lot, hardly ever cries (we kind of wish she would cry more because you wouldn't believe how cute her cry is!), and she is nursing well. I will give you a few more details of what went on yesterday to lead to her C-Section because we haven't really had a chance to tell everyone.

Haley checked into the hospital on Wednesday night to get started. She had not started to dilate at all so they wanted to get a jump start during the night so it wouldn't take so long on Thursday. They got the i.v. in & gave her pitossin at a low level (2) for the night. They also put a little contraption in her that the nurse likened to "Chinese water torture to the cervix". Her contractions started immediately, in fact, they actually started on their own as soon as she arrived. The nurse said that she was probably starting labor anyway that night! Things went pretty well but she couldn't sleep through the contractions so they gave her a sleep aid and later some demerol. (Sorry Jeanine if I'm spelling these wrong). She slept for about 5 hours which she said was heaven! She woke up at 5 when they came to remove the water torture and check her. She was dilated to a 2 and she was really happy that there was progress! They started turning up the pitossin every 30 minutes and broke her water at about 9 am. The contractions started getting more & more painful and closer together & more regular which is what should happen. Everything seemed to be going by the book. First time mom's can take a long time getting dilated to a 5. Allison's heart rate was perfect and we waited & waited (and played phase 10 a couple of times). They were getting pretty painful and Haley was beginning to understand what real contractions felt like. She said "these suck!" At around noon they gave her the epidural. She was immediately relieved and thought that this was the greatest invention in the world. (The picture above was taken during the post-epidural time). She was about a 3 to a 3 1/2 when the epidural was given and we expected things to go pretty quickly. The contractions looked stronger, closer together and more regular, but every time the nurse checked her, there was no progress. At about 7 I left them at the hospital to pick up my kids from the bowling alley and take them to dinner. Marcus called and said that the Dr. just came in and said that the baby was starting to show signs of distress and since she was not progressing they would need to do a C-Section within the hour. I had just left them minutes before playing phase 10! I was in shock. But in a way, it was a big relief to know that it would soon be over and Haley wouldn't have to deal with this anymore. It reminded me so much of my experience with her. I know that it is worth whatever pain you have to go through to have a healthy baby. I am so grateful for Doctors who make good decisions and go into action so quickly. The kids and I got to the hospital as soon as we could. It was about 8:20 by the time we got up to the waiting area. I remembered I had left my camera in their labor room so I went down the hall to get it. When I was walking past the C-Section room I heard the cutest little cry of a baby and I knew she had just been born. It was so cool. It made me feel to relieved just to hear her cry. I knew everything was probably OK then. It took about an hour for Marcus to be able to come out and tell us any details. Meanwhile, Scott, Sarah, and Great-Grandma Wright got there. We had to wait about another hour to be able to go into Haley's room and see them all. Marcus sent me a picture while we were waiting, so we sat in the hallway and sent texts to you all and tried to answer some of them back. It was so much fun to finally hold her and see her. She is the sweetest little thing. We love her so much!!

This one is a little blurry, but she looks so cute! This was taken a couple of hours ago.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt!!!!

Happy Birthday Rarnee!!! What can I say Matt. I can't imagine our family without you. I remember the night mom and dad announced that mom was pregnant with you. I think we were all stunned to say the least. Dad said something like "I think there is one more up there that needs to join this family". Man was he wright! Thanks to Dad and B, and a couple suggestions from Catt, I have your birthday list!

Matt loves his video production equipment. His Mac Pro was specifically mentioned.

And his XL-2.

Matt loves to ride the X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Matt loves to skateboard! It is always fun to watch Matt skateboard and we all love the videos you make of skateboarding too. I use google images to find my pictures. I decided to search for "Matt Wright skateboarding". I thought maybe there were actual pictures of you your friends posted or something. Anyway on page 4 of the images there is Dad's Myspace profile pic! Then a couple over from that is the above picture which says it's from Matt Wright's myspace page. So this this you?

Matt is one of the funniest people I've ever met. He loves to make people laugh and he loves to laugh himself. Between him and Scott, my stomach hurts for a few days after weekends in Wyoming.

Matt loves the Office. I think it's pretty much the only TV show he really watches.

Matt loves The Pixies!

Matt loves documentaries. When I put documentaries into google images, some pretty abstract stuff came up. But a few pages in I found this cartoon which I thought was kind of funny.

He loves Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean ice cream! Hope you get some of that tonight!

Matt loves video production. Again some pretty abstract stuff came up in google images. But I found this pyramid which might be helpful to you, hee hee.

Matt loves to play Mario Cart!

He loves Blue Cheese dressing.

Matt loves the Elizabethan Report. He got to go back east with them and film them at a music festival. I chose this picture because it is of the member that Matt has a little man-crush on. Another weird thing happened when I googled The Elizabethan Report. On page 2 of the images there is a picture of Sarah and Kelly from that video Matt took of them lip-synching to that broken wing song.

Music has always been a big part of Matt's life. It started with Raffi, then he moved on to Weird Al Yankovich ( I'm pretty sure we are all relieved that phase is over). Now Matt likes a lot of different music. Rancid was mentioned by B.

And Operation Ivy.

Matt loves magic! Sorry for the lame picture, but it made me laugh. Matt is actually pretty good at magic tricks and I especially like his card tricks.

And finally, Matt loves to scare people! I believe he still apologizes to Haley and Sarah for scarring them so much when they were young.

Cat mentioned his favorite snack of Cream Cheese, Worcestershire sauce and Wheat Thins. Funny thing, there wasn't a picture of that on the internet! And Matt of course loves his family and friends. You can totally feel that love when you are around him. And Matt, I'm sure you know this, but your family and friends love you so much. You are one of my very favorite to be around. I've told you before, I'm so glad I'm your sister. I get to know you the rest of our lives whether you like it or not! Your Utah sisters miss you and talk about you all the time. We can't wait for you and B to move out here for the summer. I hope you are still planning on it.
Love you!!!! Kisses!!!!