Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday's With Sue 8/30/9

Grease is the word is the word that you heard....... I went with a movie that is probably on every girl's top 10 favorite movie list, Grease! I probably know every line of this movie by heart, definitely every song by heart. It's also a movie that makes my husband, and probably most husband's, roll their eyes when they catch us watching it on cable. And I forgot to do a Friday quote. Sorry, with Cam coming home on Friday's, I don't really think about hopping on the computer.

Haley guessed first! Way to go Haley! I guess we are all in for some Josh Goblin for the next week. Jeanine got it next, she wasn't sure she was Wright, because Grease doesn't seem like a movie I would pick. But, yes Jeanine, even though I love zombie movies and Quentin Tarantino movies, there is a place in my heart for Grease. Em was next, then Cat. Didn't hear from any of the guys! I guess that isn't a big surprise.

Here is this week's quote:

There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Haley!

Happy birthday Haley! In grand tradition, we shall celebrate it by sharing some pictures of things you like:

Haley likes Art, Marcus and Allison (suggested by more then one person), so I found a picture that combined all three. Haley must have been in heaven.

Here, Allison gets her own picture cause her legs are so cute.

She also likes football, especially Wyoming

She loves musicals, especially Les Miserables

She likes Josh Groban, I am sure there is a better picture of him, but, this one made me giggle too much, especally the fact that he resembles Matt a tiny bit here.

She loves to read, and does love Twilight


Moose Tracks Ice Cream



No pic of this, but most Wrights I would think could guess this one...................
It is a Wright classic my mom started making a long time ago and is a well requested meal for birthdays.

The Office
And, giraffes.

I may be adding to this post a little later, I think grandpa had some pics and stories to add, but I didn't give him much prep time, so it may be a later addition.........stay tuned.

Love you! Kisses!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday's With Sue 8/23/09

Jurassic Park! This is such a classic movie! I thought for sure my Friday quote would generate some guesses. But I was wrong! I thought I picked a pretty well known quote from the movie for the Friday quote. Do you know who got it Wright after the second quote? It was Matt! Woo hoo! Way to go little bro! Matt was not only the first person to guess Wright, but the only person! I didn't even get any wrong guesses! I thought for a while that I had stumped you all and you were going to listen to my playlist, but Matt got it. And that's cool, because he probably has a pretty good playlist to listen to this week.

Here is this week's movie quote:

Person #1- He was a real gentleman.

Person #2- There's no such thing.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Book Thief — 4 Stars!

For my first book recommendation on this blog, I’ve chosen to encourage anyone who hasn’t read it yet to check out The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. The book group Lorri and I belong to read this a few months ago, and it has stayed with me and inspired me in certain areas ever since. It’s marketed as young adult fiction and I can see it being enjoyed by that age group, but it’s even more powerful, I think, for adults. It is also quite long for YA fiction, but I promise it reads pretty darn fast. (Very short chapters and lots of interrupters that make for quite a bit of white space—not dense text at all.)

The Book Thief is set in Nazi Germany during WWII and follows the life of a young girl, Liesel Meminger, who as he goes about doing his grisly duties catches the attention of Death, the Grim Reaper, who narrates the book and is one of its most intriguing characters. At first, Death’s voice as narrator is a bit disconcerting but you get used to it and end up really liking it—I did anyway. And the book has a very unusual style in that Death is constantly interrupting the story to offer quick facts that frame something coming up or foreshadowing things to come. As a result, in many ways you know a lot about what’s coming up in the story, but when you actually get to those points that he has foreshadowed you’re usually glad you have been prepared somewhat for them (at least for the sad parts he lets you know will eventually come up). But then when you’re there at those places, the scenes are so rich and moving and terrible and triumphant that you really didn’t know what was coming. And in all of it the characters are completely fascinating and wonderful—constantly unfolding before your eyes in ways that are very satisfying.

I won’t say much more, but when/if any of you read this book, I want to discuss it with you big time! I’m blown away for my own life and goals by the idea Zusak unfolds of “the word shaker” and the love conveyed in the story of the "stand-over man" (both the story itself and all that goes into creating it). Also by the complete and utter love for books and music and simple pleasures that this novel and these characters exude.

I really think whoever tries this book will really, really like it. I'd give it 5 stars wright now but I think a designation of "a Wright classic!" has to come from acclamation from a group of Wrights not just something I can declare.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Props to Bronwyn Starlight Wright

Our B has been promoted to LOAN OFFICER at the Atlantic City Federal Credit Union.  She is the youngest Loan Officer ever.  At least at her company if not in the whole U. S.  She got a nice 4 dollar raise along with the training and responsibility of the new position.  Waytogo, Bronwyn.  She will be trained and will work in the Lander office.  A step up from renting out videos in Lander, huh, B?  I hope I am around when you are CEO of Goldman, Sacks or ALG and get those 40 million dollar bonues, you financial wizzard, you.

Keep on rolling, you two.      love,    dad

RIP Rocky

We had to put Rocky to sleep today. Rocky was a well-loved cat around here. We hadn't seen him since we got home Monday, but not that unusual for a male cat. Today we saw him in the dog house, but he wouldn't come out. Kelly and Annie got him out and noticed that his back legs and tail were all muddy. He also couldn't stand on his back legs. They brought him in and showed me and we took him right to the vet. I thought that maybe he had been hit by a car. The vet checked him out and found that he had been shot multiple times by a pellet gun. She checked his back legs and said she thought one of his femurs was broken. She did x-rays and his femur was shattered from pellets and his pelvis was messed up, too. She guesses that he had internal injuries from more pellets, too. He had an infection in his leg and a fever of 103.3. She felt it was probably best to put him down. It was pretty tough. I hate making those decisions. I didn't want him to suffer anymore. The poor kitty has probably been pain for several days and was finally able to get himself home. That is the hardest part for me. I hate thinking about it. I'm also pretty upset that people could be so cruel to shoot a cat.
Rocky had some funny personality traits. He loved feet! He would bat at your feet when you walked outside. He had no voice either. His meows were so cute. They had very little sound, but once in a while he could manage to squeak one out when he really wanted to. He had the best eyebrows and wiskers! They were crazy long and wild. I loved them.

He was the cutest little kitten. We was born in our yard and he was the one we kept. His mom was Olivia, Ottis' sister. He quickly became a little puff ball and his hair gets matted really bad. We even got him shaved once to get rid of the knots. I thought I'd leave him with his dignity and not post one of those pictures! This last picture is him with his mom. He was a great cat and we'll miss him.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday's With Sue 8/16/09

Sorry, I fell asleep last night before I could do the post. Guess I was pretty tired after the weekend in St. George. Anyway, Austin Powers International Man of Mystery! I love the Austin Powers movies, Mike Myers cracks me up. I love this first movie, but sometimes find it unwatchable because of Elizabeth Hurley. Her acting is so bad I can hardly stand it. She makes the kids in Gran Torino look like Oscar winners.

I didn't have too many guesses on this one! I thought I would get more than I did. Jeanine got it first! Sorry, Matt, I know you were pretty sure you got it first, but Jeanine beat you by a couple of days. She sent me the answer the very night I posted it. Matt, you got it second, then Em. Em thought it was Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs at first, then got Austin Powers after the second quote. I thought it was so funny she guessed Dr. Lecter when it was Dr. Evil. I can see either one of them saying that first line. Congrats on the win Jeanine!

Here is this week's movie quiz:

Person #1- You married?

Person #2- Occasionally

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Post

Hi everybody! I thought I would put up my first post. I'm also trying to figure out how all of this works. I'm planning on doing an update/response to the Happy Birthday post. I have been having a lot of fun reading the blog and laughing at all the funny stuff! Tomorrow I'm going to be singing the National anthem with my group at the Minnesota Twins baseball game. It should be a lot of fun, we did this last year too. I'm going to see if I can add a video.

Bear Lake, 2001

I found these pics while going through boxes downstairs (yes, I'm nesting, but it needs to be done!!!) I found these pictures and had to scan them and add them to the blog. Fun times. Everyone is so young!

Remember all of Dave's mosquito bites?

Friday, August 14, 2009


Just about the worst two and a half hours I have ever spent watching a movie.  Boring, dumb, incomprehensible and stupid.  The Rorschach character had a few moments and his mask was interesting but that was all.  The lead guy (Dr. Manhatten) was so bad I almost puked and I have a very strong stomach.    Leave this one alone, peeps.  If anyone has seen it and liked it even a little, I would like to hear what you liked.

Monday, August 10, 2009

From the Corner of His Eye

This book sucks, then is wonderful, then sucks again. It also has some descriptive throw up and other bodily function scenes, so it is not recommended for Cath, and I had to skim quite a few pages. The killer in it is a "delusional psychopath", and was probably the most fascinating part of the book. He made me SO MAD!!! Especially his first act, and his motives behind it, aaaaagggghhhhhh!!!!!! It switches from who you are following, and it spends quite a bit of time in his head, and you just want to reach through the book and strangle him, and you don't feel so bad about anything mean you've ever done. On the other hand, the good people in this story are amazing, kind of unrealistic, but I just loved them. The story is a lot about good and evil and how it influences peoples lives, and what you can do when life sucks, so it's really good in that way. The main character's mom has two brothers who I thought were hilarious. One is obsessed with telling dates of when natural disasters occured and how many died in each, and the other is obsessed with serial killers and human inflicted suffering, and between the two of them, you cannot have a normal conversation. It's not too explicit, even in the worst parts, but what ruined it for me is the ending. There is a little bit of supernaturalness hinted at throughout the book, but I was hoping it wouldn't ruin the book. I didn't get my wish. The ending was so out of place. It was like he wrote to a preschool class and had them come up with the ending of his book. It was awful. So if you ever read this, just keep going after the beginning, which upset me terribly, and then lose it about a chapter and a half before the end. I give it 3 stars, but also @#$%.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday's With Sue 8/9/9

Ace Ventura Pet Detective! Very funny movie, and one of our first introductions to Jim Carrey. I prefer the sequel, the rhinoceros scene is one of the best scenes ever! But this first one is pretty good too. I seem to remember that Matt, Em and Cat seem to especially like this movie.

Speaking of those three, it shouldn't surprise you that Em got it first! Way to go Em! You haven't been first in a while, let alone even been a runner up, haha. I would predict we are all in for some Radiohead! Cat got it right next, then Matt. And that was it! I didn't even get any wrong answers from anyone! Matt, you were pretty sure that you were the only one that could possibly get it right with just the first quote. But, sorry little bro, Em and Cat got it with the first one too! And they got it before you!

Here is this week's movie quote:

The details of my life are quite inconsequential.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, sensitive, fastidious son, brother, uncle, and cousin Ben! We miss hearing from you more often, Ben, and we've done our best to come up with things that we know you like--or at least used to like! You'll have to visit this blog far more often (like you said you would) and update us! Anyway, know that we love you and are thinking of you today!

Here's some stuff about Ben:

Ben loves singing in barbershop choruses! After stints with groups in Chicago and Salt Lake City, Ben is now with the Great Northern Union Chorus, the group that placed third at the recent nationals in Anaheim, which Ben performed at. Ben's previous groups? They used to be good but now suck. A coincidence? We think not! Congrats, Ben!

Ben is a chef! Really! A Cordon Bleu Cooking School graduate! Move back out west soon! We want dinner ala Ben!

Ben's tastes used to be a bit less high-brow. (I did post a fancied up plate of Ramen here, though.)

Cheese Nips! Further evidence of Ben's humble food beginnings....

SoBe or not SoBe, that is the question....

Ben's a Pepper!

I know Ben has been reading Mary Roach lately! Check out the first of these titles. Is there any doubt he'd love that book?

Younger Ben used to love strange and not-normally-lovable creatures. Who can forget Martin Luther King Snake and Monte Python. Rumor has it, Ben had a tarantula, too.

In Salt Lake, one of Ben's favorite shows was RadioWest with Doug Fabrizio. Ain't Doug handsome?

Another favorite was the Radio From Hell gang at X96. NOT quite so handsome...

Ben was a dungeon master!

Ben is a linguist--he has always been fascinated by languages. You'll have to give us a rundown Ben on how many you know a decent amount of....

Ben loves all things foreign. Cat fondly recalls his foreign money collection!

World citizen Ben loved his English comedies. Monte Python was a favorite...

As was Faulty Towers

Ben is a true Wright with his love of all things Beatles....

Matt recalls his liking another English band: Electric Light Orchestra. Love that Strange Magic, baby...

Night Court. A classic!

Submitted for your approval: Ben loved Twilight Zone

Any doubt he'd be a Trekkie?

How'd we do, Ben? Any of these only things of the past? Please update us! Visit the blog more often!

Love You!!! Kisses!!!!