Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Story for Cath...

Cath, I think you'll find this funny. At work, I am always insanely perky and happy to everyone (Ok, most people). One day, I was wearing my Cassadega hoody with my work vest over it. It has the words Bright Eyes running up one of the sleeves. This kind of emo girl came in to cash a check, and she was like "Is that Bright Eyes the band or the song?" I said "The band." And she was like "Wow, I didn't think anyone else in this town liked them." And I said (in super perky cheerful teller voice) "Yeah, they rock!!". She looked at me like I was insane, took her money, and left.

She probably thinks I stole it from someone cool, or just bought a shirt and have never listened to them. Oh well.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Shrek! One of mine and Cam's favorite kid's movies. The best thing Eddie Murphy has done since, umm, well ever! So this week's was interesting. I heard from people I don't always hear from, and I didn't hear from any of the regulars! Haley got it first, then B, then Amy! No one else guessed! Em and Matt didn't even send me wrong guesses! Way to go Haley! And it was good to hear from B and Amy!

Here is this week's movie quote:

I think I killed the Mistah Mistah lady

My mom's boyfriend.

Just so you have some comparison. My mother is very competitive, and when Matt and I were dating, she would say things like "Matt's kind of cute, but he's really skinny, and has that huge nose. Lee has great shoulders. He's really a mans man, and he has this beautiful soft blonde carpet on his front and back." Stuff like that, which I just found nauseating and incredibley rude. So while we don't have to convince her of Matt's straightness, she is in doubt of his "manliness." Who. Cares. Matt is as manly as I need and can still give me a piggy-back ride. Besides, he's up against Encino Mans much uglier cousin.

I choose Few Kitty any day of the week.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wright Family Stuff Exchange 2!!!

Christmas and Matt's birthday left us with some interesting Mother-in-law presents that have been collecting dust under our bed as we wait to get invited to a White Elephant gift party or something similar. But if you guys want it, you are more than welcome to any of it!!!!


This is an "Extreme Ironing" calendar that my mom bought for Matt. He thinks it's funny, but we are clueless to the motivation behind it.


There's nothing really wrong with this bad except that it's cheap, purple, I don't need one, and there are 4 more bags that I don't need inside of it.


This is: A fluorescent pink hair extension, fluorescent green nail polish, and earrings that Hannah Montana would probably love.


The magnet on the left says "You say high maintenance like it's a bad thing." The one on the right says " Where jerky comes from."


This is actually in a box, and going to get shipped to Scout. We figured she has a lot more use for it than Matt does. Yes, my mom gave Matt a stuffed animal dog toy.


I specifically told her not to get this for Matt. She did anyway. It now graces just inside our front door because she bought it about 3 months early for him and was SO EXCITED that we would get to use it.


Lucky me. Back in July, I saw this set of utensils sitting on my moms counter and complimented her on them. I was just happy that she was getting a little organized and actually using something to cook (or just cooking period!) that she hadn't gotten as a wedding present 20 + years ago. Little did I know, she loved them so much she bought a second set to give to whoever commented on them first, and I was that lucky person.

And for the Grand Finale...


We are completely stumped. This was one of Matt's birthday presents. Fete de Scout 2009? Oh, and every single one of these gifts came in a gift bag stapled shut, and had the price tags still on it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Pretty in Pink! My very favorite teenage movie of all time. Mom took me and all my friends to this movie for my 15th birthday. We loved it so much! We all totally fell in love with Andrew McCarthy and really hoped he was going to be a huge star. But, alas, the roles he took after this movie are really quite embarrasing. And Ducky! How can you not love Ducky? And Harry Dean Stanton, James Spader, Annie Potts, all contribute to a great cast of characters. And then there is the music! I had the soundtrack on casette and probably listened to it a million times. The Psychadelic Furs, OMD, Nik Kershaw, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths, excellent soundtrack. I may just have to buy it for nostalgia's sake.

Anyway, you guys didn't do so well. I thought for sure more people would get it with the third quote I posted. That is the best line in the movie! Em got it first, then dad. Matt guessed Grease, and that's it!

Let's see if you guys do better with this week's movie quote:

Oh man, I'm gonna need some serious therapy after this! Look! Look at my eye twitchin!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Emily's facebook smackdown

This is to the members of the family that do not have facebook accounts. Get one!

Heehee. Seriously though, I have all but abandoned my myspace since I have realized facebook's superiority. It's only fault is that I can't have Jonny Greenwood as my backdrop, besides that, here are all the ways that facebook kicks it's heiny:

1. You can directly comment on someone's status (mood), I always want to do that on myspace and you can't!

2. Any comment two of my friends make (ie B and Sue), comes up automatically on your newsfeed so I never miss any interesting comments.

3. You can be friends with our cousin Dan and our own Haley.

4.Related to item #2, if B and Sue have a discussion on the comments, you can click "see wall to wall" and get the whole conversation in order. Have you ever tried to follow say Matt and Cat's comments on myspace and have to keep flipping back and forth on their profiles to see the funny things they say to each other? This is way simpler.

5. you can send a private message to several people and have a 3 or more way discussion between whoever is listed. Very handy when making plans or saying things you don't want the world to hear you say. One conversation between Sue and I comes to mind.... If you don't know which I am talking about Sue, the keyword is "snacks".

Cat, you made a profile and seemed to abandon it the same day. What's up with that? Matt, you have some explaining to do.

Another loving smackdown from your sister (or daughter) or whatever I may be to you,

Happy Late Birthday Catherine!

I tried to do this on Sunday, but my computer would not cooperate and I had to take it to someone to fix. I'm thinking Mose came home with me from lunch. Sorry about that Cat! I hope you had a good birthday. Did you watch Burn After Reading? It was great seeing you, Travis and Booker at lunch, and everyone else of course. Thanks again for lunch dad! Below are some pictures of things Cat likes a lot.

I had to pick this picture of Neil! hee hee

Love you!!! Kisses!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wright Family Stuff Exchange

My mother in law has high tailed it to Costa Rica and left us some stuff. I have zero use for these hair products as I spend much effort trying to de-volumize my thick hair. I didn't think these things really belonged at DI, so I thought perhaps someone in my family would find use? They are good products and mostly full, I just can't use them. Let me know. Hey, this isn't a bad idea, eh? If you have stuff that you think other family members might want, you can post them and see if you get any takers....

I know I have some lurker friends that read about our crazy family antics here, so I am opening up this little market to you too, let me know.

The Rocker

Rated: Hudsauce!!! This movie is just terrible. We're going to exchange it for Burn After Reading. That's all I have time for for now. Let Birthday Weekend commence!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Forrest Gump! One of the best movies ever! I have a pretty funny story that goes with this movie. Catherine, Emily and I saw Forrest Gump in some theater in Provo when it came out. There were 2 or 3 really obnoxious guys sitting right behind us. And I mean really obnoxious. During the movie they constantly made very loud comments about how "retarded" Forrest Gump was, they kicked our seats, they basically broke every movie etiquette rule there is. About an hour into the movie, Catherine suddenly stood up, turned around, put her hands on her hips, and yelled "Would you guys shut up!" The people around us laughed and clapped. It was awesome! Cat and Em, do you remember that? It was so funny! If I remember right, they pretty much quieted down after that, but made comments about us. Then when we were in the parking lot, they were behind us and made some comments. I think I turned around and said something like "So, you're going to harrass some girls in the parking lot now?" I'm pretty sure my language was a little more colorful, but you get the jist. I'll never forget that Cat, it was so great what you did.

Anyway, so we have a Sunday's With Sue first! Matt and Emily, you both answered at the same time! We have a tie! Both answers hit my inbox at 11:40. I tried to figure out how to get an exact time-stamp on the emails, like how many seconds into 11:40 the emails were sent, but I couldn't. They hit my inbox at the same time! Matt's is listed first, but my inbox accepted both of them at the exaxt same time! So, I think we need a family decision on this. Do Em and Matt share the win? Or since Matt's was listed first, do we decide that he beat Em by a couple of seconds? Help me on this one! B was third to guess, and Haley guessed Never Ending Story.

This week's movie quote is:

I'm not running myself down. Why? Because I can laugh at myself? It's called a sense of humor. You should get one, they're nice.