Monday, December 28, 2009

Scout and Tiny Elvis

I finally got it to download (What I really did is re shot it with my new nano that has a video camera and then downloaded it directly from the ipod so there was no internet connection to mess it up). Therefore, this is a reproduction from the original, but quite similar.
Anyway, enjoy.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday's With Sue 12/13/9

A Christmas Story! One of the best Christmas movies ever! A total classic and one that you just can't help but watch when you see it's on. One of the cable channels always does a marathon of this movie a couple of days before Christmas. Sorry I didn't get to this last week, but I didn't get around to it, then I forgot, then Em reminded me and I forgot again. Sorry, I've been busy putting together a cookbook that my Bunko group is doing. And I'm sorry I had to miss the family festivities this weekend, especially the blessing! I had to work, I tried to get someone to cover my shift and I couldn't get anyone to do it. So, I'm really sorry. And Saturday night we had a Christmas party we had to go to.

Em guessed first! It's crazy how good you are at this Em! Dad guessed next, yay Dad! Then Jeanine, then Cat, then Amy.

Here is this week's movie quote:

All we kept was a 50 foot plot, the pigs, and the worm farm.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Chester is about 8 weeks old now and doing very well.  He has almost doubled in size since Thanksgiving.  He has his own personality now and is very smart.  He uses Duncans pet door to the outside and most of the time he just goes through the door to do his "business".  He pees now and then in the house because his bladder is so small and he can't hold it for long.  But he has the idea and in another week I bet he will be 100 percent house trained.  He is too cute to believe and he is our fluff ball Polar Bear cub.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Blessing

It's about time we blessed this sweet little blessing of ours. For all of you that aren't savvy to it, we are doing it this weekend. Anyone and everyone is invited. It is at 9:00 at the church just down the hill from our house, with sandwiches and other such things at our house afterwards.
Amy, Scott, Annie, Kyle, Mom, Matt and B are all due to arrive on Friday night around 10 or 11. Pops can't make it due to Airport duties --BOO!!! Dad you will be missed greatly, but we understand. Hope all the Utah peeps can make it-- Dan- you and your family are welcome of course, but certainly no pressure, but know we'd be glad to see you. Ben-- if you aren't working you are like 100 yards away.... Sue and Cat? Did I miss anyone?

Matt- You're in charge of bringing Settlers!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Kids Were All Wright Book List

Long long ago, when this blog was just an apple in my eye, I wrote this post on my own blog. It's of that old list of books that goes around every once in a while. Well, after posting it, me and everyone else that weighed in on it, gradually got more and more critical of the list. We finally decided that we need to make up our own list of must reads. Well, over a year later, I am finally committed to making that happen! I volunteer to be the one that does all the sorting and work on it since I don't have a job at the moment and no prospects of one for a long time. (Riverside is still in limbo and who knows when it will ever actually get torn down, let alone a new clubhouse built for me to work in.) Anyway, we decided that list sucks and we could come up with a better one. I realize the holidays are coming up along with a very busy time for everyone, so I am writing this post as just a forewarning that I am going to be asking for your choices in January. I know I am going to need a lot of time to really think about which books I would like to include, and as weeks go by I will remember really important ones cause that is how it goes with me. So, I thought I would give you all a little warning so you can start listing books in your head.

I've come up with a few ideas in my head about the list (and some ideas that were thought up on that blog post I mentioned earlier). Here are my ideas/vision on how the list should be:

1. We originally were going to call it a Wright Family book list, I would like to broaden it a bit by calling it "The KWAW Book List" because I would like it to be a little more encompassing. I think any of the readers/contributors of this blog should be able to fill this list with good reads. So, anyone that would like to contribute to the list, should feel free, I know I am always in the market for a good book.

2. The list we referred to as kind of crappy was 100 books. I am not sure at this time I can commit to how many books our list will have. I think I will just ask everyone to provide a list of what they consider must reads and I am sure we will have doubles turned in (when that arises, I will make sure there is a way to find out who/how many recommended that particular book). I don't want to have to cut anyone's books off (how can anyone make that kind of judgment?). So, until the list is made, it will be of an indeterminate number. Related to this, I will think of a way to show who contributed what book (color coding perhaps).

3. I am thinking we are going to have to come up with a way to add some sort of testimonials to our book choices. I know I am going to want to explain some of my choices. We may not need to have a testimonial for every book we list, but I am sure they would be a must for some. I am more likely to read a book after hearing why it was so important to someone I respect or care about. Also, a brief explanation helps too in getting committed to reading a book. So I would like ideas on how this might work best from all you smart people out there.

4. In the spirit of the old list, I think we need to include just all around enjoyable reads (if those are your cup of tea). That list included everything from War and Peace to the Bible to Harry Potter. I agree with that. Let us include the classics side by side with the brain fluff we so enjoy. While I am on the subject, I will go ahead and nail down what we are looking for in this list: A list of books that we HAVE READ (no fair adding A Tale of Two Cities just because we know it is a well respected classic book), books we have enjoyed reading/shaped our lives/deserved the hype it's gotten (either recently or by your 8th grade English teacher)/made us think/is sitting on your book shelf right now with no cover and a broken spine because you've read it so many times you've almost read the words right off it/impacted us/or just kicked your butt cause it was so bippin' good.

5. Please give an indication if the book contains material that as we like to say- would cause B permanent scarring. As cited in the post on my blog- me, Cat and Sue like an author whom is quite free with his language and subject matter that we can't see "the innocents" enjoying too much (Amy you are now included in that group).

So, what I would like in the next few weeks is feedback from everyone who is interested in contributing to the list. Just let me know in the comments that you are interested in being a contributor so I can start figuring out how it is going to work. Also, please feel free to come out with any suggestions you feel would make this better- tell me if you have an idea for it I didn't include or if you think one of my ideas was bad and would ruin this list forever.

Alright peeps! Get your brains working on books you want on this list. Right now, I think I am going to give you the whole month of January to contribute your picks. But feel free to send your lists sooner. I figure not a lot happens in January and we all get the winter blahs then, so it would be a perfect time to do this. I think everyone has my email right? You can send them via hotmail or facebook messaging- whichever.