Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just so you all know

I am back on Facebook, but I might as well not be. Only about half of my friends can see anything I post. All of my pictures are gone. It's so frustrating. A lot of forums say it should have restated within 24 hours, but I've been back since Thursday, and no luck. So I've sent in a formal complaint, but who knows when/if that will be addressed.

Also, we're looking at buying a house!! Super exciting, right?! So far, it's been a roller coaster. Find our dream house, get pre-approved, no bids on the house since July, so they've got to be desperate, right? After our second counter-offer, another bid comes in. The sellers reject both offers, and our realtor calls us at 8 in the morning saying "Give us your highest and your best offer". Matt had to work until 10 that night, so we had super stressful phone calls debating what offer we should make. We finally asked for an extension, which they said wouldn't guarantee anything, but we decided to go with it. By 9 the next morning (after Matt has stayed up ALL NIGHT thinking about it), we called to make an offer and... it was already under contract. So we decided to put in our offer as the first back-up offer. A bit heartbreaking, as this house seemed pretty perfect. But through this whole process, our realtor has been super weird, to say the least, and we'll probably be finding a new realtor. But last night, we met with some super awesome friends who talked about how worth it the whole flipping a house process could be. They gave us tons of great advice, and the guy, who is an independent contractor and a great friend of Matt's, said he would be totally willing to help us and teach us and such. So... we might go down that road.

"Don't go down that road"


Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Crooks are joining the "idiot club!" Well, sort of.

That's right, we are getting a dog! ( I say sort of because we are not getting a puppy, like the rest of the idiot club, haha.) We have been wanting to get a dog for a while now and now that we are all settled into our house it is the perfect time. I wanted to adopt a dog because I just feel like it is a great thing to do to take a dog out of a shelter and give it a loving home. And let's face it, it's a lot cheaper and I really am not up for a full on puppy experience. So I have been searching for about 2-3 months online at the local shelters looking for a great one. I have also been doing lots of research on breeds. We found her! She is a 1-2 year old petite Boxer mix. She is so cute and friendly, we just met her today. She is such a sweet little thing and we are so excited to bring her home on monday and start training her and loving her! She loved the kids right away and just licked them to death. They don't know what she is mixed with, and we can't tell either. Either way, she is so sweet and the workers at the animal shelter said she is great with everyone, including all the dogs and is just a bundle of love. From the pictures online I was picturing a really big dog but she is so little! She is the perfect medium sized dog. I will post a picture of her next to Allison when we get her so you can have some perspective. When they first brought her out to meet us she just was wiggling with excitement and just wanted to lick us to death. She immediately rolled onto her back for us to rub her belly. The worker handed a treat to Allison and she told the dog to sit and then gave her the treat. It was really cute. Then we got to take her for a little walk and then we filled out the adoption paperwork. We just fell in love with her. They have to check our references and get her paperwork from the vet and then we can go pick her up. We are actually doing a 2 week foster period with her just to make sure she works out and then we will finalize the adoption. I have a tender spot in my heart for Boxers after growing up around Liz and I am excited to see what the future will bring with her. Just thought you all would like to know! Here are some pictures, they don't do her cuteness justice of course. She looks really big in these pictures, but like I said, she is very petite. These are the pictures the shelter had on their site. Some name suggestions would be great, we are stumped!