Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just so you all know

I am back on Facebook, but I might as well not be. Only about half of my friends can see anything I post. All of my pictures are gone. It's so frustrating. A lot of forums say it should have restated within 24 hours, but I've been back since Thursday, and no luck. So I've sent in a formal complaint, but who knows when/if that will be addressed.

Also, we're looking at buying a house!! Super exciting, right?! So far, it's been a roller coaster. Find our dream house, get pre-approved, no bids on the house since July, so they've got to be desperate, right? After our second counter-offer, another bid comes in. The sellers reject both offers, and our realtor calls us at 8 in the morning saying "Give us your highest and your best offer". Matt had to work until 10 that night, so we had super stressful phone calls debating what offer we should make. We finally asked for an extension, which they said wouldn't guarantee anything, but we decided to go with it. By 9 the next morning (after Matt has stayed up ALL NIGHT thinking about it), we called to make an offer and... it was already under contract. So we decided to put in our offer as the first back-up offer. A bit heartbreaking, as this house seemed pretty perfect. But through this whole process, our realtor has been super weird, to say the least, and we'll probably be finding a new realtor. But last night, we met with some super awesome friends who talked about how worth it the whole flipping a house process could be. They gave us tons of great advice, and the guy, who is an independent contractor and a great friend of Matt's, said he would be totally willing to help us and teach us and such. So... we might go down that road.

"Don't go down that road"


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Haley said...

Shoot, how frustrating. Hope you find one soon! Lame about your facebook.