Saturday, September 8, 2012

Does anyone still check this thing?

Well, if you do, I have a story for you.

So tonight Scout was in our bedroom playing on the computer, Rob was in the living room watching the football game, and I was in the kitchen reluctantly cleaning.  Elle's eating corner was atrocious, I had made 2 batches of jam this afternoon and had made dinner, etc.  Anyway, the kitchen was quite the job to get into shape and all I wanted to do was watch a movie and eat ice cream.  But I dug in and I got all the dishes scraped and to the sink area, filled the sink with hot soapy water, and got on my gloves.  I opened the dishwasher with my first ready plate and........... it was full of clean dishes.  (Did I mention that emptying the dishwasher is my WORST kitchen chore? Well, I HATE it).  I especially hate it when I am all set to load it and am surprised with the need to unload it first.  So, when I made my unwelcome discovery I said (very loudly) "OH NO!" and I heard Scout yell something from the next room, but my ipod was playing and I didn't quite hear it, I just figured that she was wanting to know what was wrong, but Rob came into the kitchen laughing so hard with the obvious intention of sharing the laugh.  So I stopped my ipod and asked him what she said and he answered, "Tivo pieces".

HAHA!  Man that girl makes me laugh!  I bet Mike Birbigula would get a big kick out of knowing that he has a little 7 year old fan.