Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Caddyshack! Definitely a Wright family classic, although you wouldn't know that based on the amount of guesses I got! Sorry, I didn't do a Friday quote. I totally forgot, it's been a busy weekend for me. I will try to do better remembering the Friday quotes. I watched this movie recently and it brought back a lot of childhood memories. And Ted Knight is just the best. Watch it if you haven't seen it in a while.

Dan guessed first, then Jeanine, then Cat! That was it. Way to go Spoons! You totally kicked some Wright butt.

I'm changing it up this week and doing a quote from a TV show:

Person #1- Oh man, we're screwed.

Person #2- No, we are so far beyond screwed that the light from screwed will take one billion years to reach earth.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Emily and Vincent Van Gogh

After reading ajmah's comments (whoever ajmah is) about Emily and Vincent Van Gogh in the baby names posting, I just had to post one of our favorite pics of Ems.  We still have it on our mirror in the bedroom.  Yes, it is the real thing.  Where was that, Ems.?  Chicago Art Institute? 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby girl names!

Photo courtesy of Miriam Lovell Photography, who takes AMAZING photos. I'm in love with her blog.

Em, I am going to take a stab at helping you choose a name, but mainly it's just going to be entertaining, as my family all submitted sci-fi sounding names, (my mom always wanted to name one of us Fiona Guinevere) and ones I know you would hate. I sent a text out to my sisters and mom, Amy and the girls, Sue, Cath, and some friends with good taste. Thankfully, not too many completely made up ones. So here goes, in alphabetical order.

Addison x2
Bronwyn (yeah!!)
Emma x2
Emily (hehe)
Fiona x2
Forever Starlight (my coworker is convinced that Matt and I should name our first daughter this)
Shapes (Matt's suggestion, and I'm sure Scout would love it)

Then there is the joke list. Matt and Amy had a conversation about cute names that are off limits because of what they mean. Here are the winners...


Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite septuagenarian.....Dad! I hope you have a great day, and get to relax and eat good food and hang out with Duncan and all the Wyoming peeps. Thanks to everyone I got a pretty good list of things you like:

Golf! Pretty much anyone who knows GW knows he loves golf. One of the Dad's favorite things is his yearly trip to Vegas with Scott to play golf. I think it's a great tradition and glad you and Scott do that.

Dad has always loved dogs, but there seems to be an extra special bond between him and Duncan. This is such a great picture of Dad and Duncan.

Dad loves toothpicks! You rarely see him without a toothpick in his mouth. And he has a cute tradition of drawing a frayed toothpick whenever he writes a note to mom.

Dad loves steak.......

and Jesus! You requested I add steak and Jesus to your birthday post a few months ago Dad, and it has cracked me up ever since.

Dad loves to play games with the family. One of his favorites is Hearts. I think some of our best family laughs have been playing games with Dad and some of the things he does and answers he gives. Dad has really given some "weinie" answers in some games.

According to Dad's Myspace profile he loves space gasses and nebulas! Here is a picture of the very cool Horse Head Nebula. I googled "space gasses", and well, I decided to just do nebulas.

Dad has always loved to read, and passed that love on to most of his kids. He really likes mystery novels, and one of his favorite writes is James Patterson.

Dad loves Clint Eastwood! (how could you not?) The Dirty Harry movies are some of his favorites. I remember seeing one of them with Dad in the theater. I think it was Dead Pool.
Dad loves his snacks, and right now one of his favorites is Double Stuf Oreos!

And he loves Kipper Snacks.

Dad loves to shop at Sam's Club! Matt says one of Dad's favorite things to do is take the day and go to Casper and eat a good dinner and "hit Sam's".

One of Dad's all time favorite movies is Terminator 2.

And finally, Dad loves to nap. I don't think a family gathering goes by that doesn't involve at least one nap. Here are a couple classic pictures of Dad napping.

This one is my favorite.

Dad is also known for his made-up words. Fern Zippy and Dinglefritz are the best. I think all of us and all the friends we've ever had have been called one or the other.
Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you like the little tribute! Your kids love you so much! I love hanging out with you and I especially love to make you laugh. I hope to see you soon!
Love you!!! Kisses!!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute

B called me from work just now and said that she heard Michael Jackson died. I didn't believe it at first, had to google it and sure enough. So sad, I thought I heard he was even going to do one last world tour soon. I have always been fascinated with his music and moves. I think most of the family digs him. Even though people make jokes about him all the time, and he did some wacky things, he still deserved the nickname "King Of Pop". Its amazing how many hits he had. There will be a lot of sad people today. I know this isn't much of a tribute, but I thought it would be nice to have a space for us to talk about it.

R.I.P Michael Jackson!! 

The very end of this next video probably the most amazing dancing I have ever seen!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Whoo hoo! Dances With Wolves! I am going to let you all in on a little secret. I picked this movie, knowing Dad would get it first, so we could hear his playlist this week. And my little plan worked! Dad guessed first, then Dan, and that was it! Haley guessed Raising Arizona, not a bad guess Haley, but it was wrong. And I'm sorry Dad, I still haven't seen this movie. You loaned me a VHS copy, but when I was up for watching it, our VHS player died on me. I'll have to get that back to you, and I promise one of these days I'll rent the DVD and watch it. And Happy Father's Day Dad! What a nice gift winning Sunday's With Sue must be.

Here is this week's movie quote:

He said on my death bed I would achieve total conciousness, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie!!!

It is also Annie's Birthday today! Her and Scout are 10 years apart exactly. It is also Sharon Kennedy's birthday so happy birthday to her as well! Here are a few things that Annie loves:

Annie loves to write and has written many fine pieces! It is something that she enjoys doing for school assignments and also does some on her own. She is also good with poetry!

Annie is an excellent drawer and always surprises us with things that she draws. She can spend hours on one drawing. It is something she really enjoys doing and is very good at!

We all know that Annie loves all animals and especially our pets at home, the kitties and Milo. If you can't find Annie she is most likely out with the animals.

Annie loves musicals and theater and has also been in lots of plays, also something she is good at. If you can't tell, Annie is really talented! This is the four of us at the Operas in Logan last summer.

And finally Annie loves her friends and family and here is a picture of her holding Allison.

We hope you had a great day today Annie. We hope you are having fun with your friends with your birthday party tonight. We love you!!! Kisses!!!

Happy Birthday Scout!!!

I know this is late, but it's been a long day and the birthday girl is now in bed so I can finally do this. Here are some of the things that Scout loves:

kitties and doggies

Nuts, all sorts

Egg drop soup (she loves most Asian food, especially Japanese)

She loves vanilla ice cream (excuse me, sindilla)

She loves Kiki (there she is wrapped up in kiki, sleeping, and with grandma. Lots of things she loves)

She loves apple juice (and apples!)

She LOVES animals (all kinds, when I asked her tonight she specifically mentioned: elephants, zebras, camels, kitties, kangaroos, and koalas -but really, she loves all of them and has had a lifelong fascination with them all.

Along with that, you can bet that she LOVES the zoo. We are sad being stuck in Utah Valley, as before we were only about 10 minutes away and were able to go weekly. Maybe someday again...

She has developed a recent obsession with flip flops. She mentions them all the time these days and wished for them about 3 times a day for weeks now. She got a pair today for her birthday and is loving life. So easy to please.

Finally boy does she love Charlie and Lola.
Rob and I consider ourselves very lucky. She likes some annoying stuff, but to have this as her favorite makes me want to give her a high five. It really is so cute- you can't beat little British kids for cuteness. Her love of Charlie and Lola has inspired an occasional accent from her, and she has picked up such British terms such as: wobbly, biscuits (for cookies- she calls Oreos "black biscuits", says "ever so" and so on -oh and since the show introduced her to "the big dipper" in the sky, it's "the big dippah" when she says it).

Love you sweetheart, kisses!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Moon Movie Cast Update!

Here is a short video showing the cast of the wolf pack and also some of the Volturi! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

This is The Wright Family blog's 200th post!

The Princess Bride! Such a great movie! I had to add the picture of Andre the Giant. The peanut line is one of my favorite lines of the movie. I also like "Have fun storming the castle!" There were so many great quotes to choose from. Cam and I watched most of this last weekend on cable, I didn't know Cam liked this movie too.

I know you're all dying to find out who got the quote first. Get ready to hear some Conor Oberst, because it was Cat! Yay Cat! Matt was next, the Haley, then B, then Amy, the Em, then Jeanine, then Dad! I heard from everyone but Dan. I am very impressed at how many of you got it from the first quote. I didn't think that many of you would get it from the first one. I purposely chose a quote from the scene with the grandpa and the kid, because I thought it would be tough! I know Em is kicking herself over that. And Em, I probably will do some of the same movies twice, so you should have sent me your guess!

Here is this week's movie quote:

Bet you were why don't he write?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mom had a makeover

I was looking through some family pictures and albums and found this one of Mom on a boat in Baja.  I don't think any of you have seen this one and this particular look from Jane.  Good times in 1967.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sue's Picks!

Man on Wire came out on DVD a few weeks ago, and it is the best documentary I've ever seen. Forgive the hyperbole, but seriously it is. I've been trying to think of a documentary I liked more than this, but I can't think of one. I almost did this as an Under the Radar post, but this movie has gotten a lot of attention, so I figure most everyone has heard of it.

It is the story of Philippe Petit, a French high-wire walker, who walked across the World Trade Center towers in 1974. It tells the story of this walk from beginning to end. He started planning the walk before the towers were even built. He was sitting in a dentist office with a terrible toothache and was flipping through a magazine and saw an article about the towers being built. He decided right then he had to walk between them. He ripped the page out of the magazine, left the dentist office without his tooth getting fixed, and started planning. He says one of the best lines I've ever heard "what is the pain now that I have acquired my dream?"

The movie has a lot of old footage of him practicing and meeting with his friends who are going to help him run the cable. It's as if he knew there was going to be a documentary made of it. A lot of the movie is reinactments too. The story is incredible, especially when they get to New York. The things they did to get access to the towers is amazing. There are also a lot of interviews with everyone who was part of the team that helped him walk between the towers. Most of the people being interviewed speak French, so there are some subtitles, so if you're a big subtitle baby you'll have to deal with it.

The whole movie is put together brilliantly. The mixing of old footage, interviews, and reinactments is done perfectly. And best of all is Philippe Petit himself. You feel the passion he feels, and he is just one of those funny, eccentric, totally animated people who just love what they do.

Watch it peeps. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Groundhog Day! This is a movie I've never seen from start to finish. It's one of those movies I catch on cable and I watch either the beginning, the middle, or the end. I've probably seen the whole movie, just not from beginning to end. I know it is a beloved movie of the Wright family, so I know I need to just watch the whole thing some day. I picked it for last week's Sunday's With Sue because, last weekend I caught the ending of the movie.

So, Matt got it first! Don't get too excited. After I posted the second quote, he changed his mind to Stand By Me. So, sorry Matt. Even though you were the first to guess Groundhog Day, it doesn't count because you changed your mind. So, who guessed Groundhog Day next and stuck to it? It was Dan! You did it again Dan! Amy guessed next, then Dad! Dad told me that it hit him right when his alarm clock went off at 4:20am. Funny what your mind thinks of that early in the morning. (I've had a recent morning where my brain was thinking all sorts of weird stuff. If you don't know what I'm talking about go to Emily guessed next. And Haley thought it was Tommy Boy.

Here is this week's movie quote:

When I was your age, television was called books.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Moon

I thought this might belong on the family blog....... The first New Moon trailer is out!

And on a related note, my friend Ami sent me this video that is worth watching:

Tee hee.

Obviously, some pictures taken by a crazed fan in Italy with a telephoto lens (thank you by the way!).
More then anything with this next movie, I am dying to see how the do the Volturi stuff, I really hope it's cool, I kind of think it will be. 5 months and counting...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hey, Dan, feature article and on the cover no less. Very nice. What's nice and depressing along with it is how smart you are. Depressing because your gift reminds me of my lack of same. I'm sitting here at the Mac Pro, listening to a two set Queen album I got at the library today and I can't string a thought and a sentence together. (Maybe it's Queen...? should I put on a MoTab album for inspiration....? Naahhh! Rock on!) Anyway, your courage to "lay it all out there" and tell everyone your thinking, actions, and mistakes of your life journey is really big. I make mistakes on a regular basis, but would never publish them. You are the man! As far as I can tell you are there or close to being "big" as the sort of person you want to be, using the "Size" metaphor that you quote in your article by Bernard Loomer. Good stuff, Dan.

I recommend all you Peeps to read this article by Dan (linked here). It will make us think and evaluate our lives and devotion.

What the Bip!! At the back of the magazine is a notice that Deseret Book has pulled from their shelves the vampire novels of Stephene Meyer. Reason, "When we find products that are met with mixed review, we typically move them to special order status." What's with that? People complaining about cold lip kissing or sparkeling skin? Come on, Sherry, if everything I read or looked at met LDS standards, I wouldn't be reading or watching much. Kisses (warm). Pops