Monday, March 29, 2010

What The BeeBop Bippin BIP!?

Good choice Spoon. Billy Madison was a classic for sure. This is also one we should all know, if not, you are missing out!

Person 1: All right. What about Pam?

Person 2: She smelled like soup.

Person 1: What does that mean?

Person 2: She smelled like beef-vegetable soup.

Person 1: Paranoid.

Person 2: You weren't there.

WTB= Billy Madison

Hey guys! Sorry I'm late, had kind of a busy weekend. The movie in question was the Adam Sandler classic, Billy Madison. What a fun movie! After my experience with Man From Snowy River, then Silverado, I figured I would do a nice easy one n get some participation from everybody. It worked, nearly everyone guessed it wright. Even George! It makes me smile to picture George as an Adam Sandler fan.

Matt is the winner. He guessed correctly within about thirty seconds of reading the first clue. Then B got a few hours later, followed by Emily. Cat got it on Wednesday. Then Sue, Dan and George got it on Friday. Good job everybody!

Git er dun Matthew.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So many good pictures, so many different hair doos. Tough going through most of them and making decisions. Love ya, mom, and I didn't want to pick out many that you think funny or stupid. So here you go. One can see a change in hair style, but your overall good nature, fun loving self and kindness to others never changes. Love, kisses....... George

She loves her little flower garden spot by the front porch.
The Card Shark! When she thinks, she plays pretty well. However there are times she is in la la land when playing and it is rather funny.
Geared up and did well on the trek. Oh pioneer!
Mother and daughter.
Wind blown. I think this was on an excursion boat in San Francisco bay.
Always been one of my favorites. "the bear picture"
Big grin.
Hair shot! The kid, of course, is "worried face Amy" you can see why she was nicknamed "Arnold" by Jerry Simons.
Another big hair shot with Ben.
Aaaa, youth!
Have a great birthday, mom. We love you......


Here you go, Rob and all you peeps making fun of short shorts. I have been feeling left out so I submit this pic to show you that I might qualify. This beauty is from 1958. Beat that!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

WTB Movie is Alex Talkin Bout? Part Duece

Ahh, good ol' Silverado. Dan really messed up when he picked this movie. I knew it within ten seconds of hearing the first clue. My mom turned me on to this great western a long time ago and I have seen it probably a hundred times since then. When asked what my favorite movie is I usually just throw this one out. Some classic performances from some great actors in this movie, and you get to see Earl Hindman's whole face (he was the guy who played Wilson on 'Home Improvement') Definitely worth watchin if you haven't seen it.

Here we go peeps....Good luck!

Person 1: Have some more sloppy joes. I made 'em extra sloppy for yous. I know how yous kids like 'em sloppy.
person 2: Lady, you're scaring us.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The very cool movie that was this week's WTB is Silverado, made in 1985 and starring Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Linda Hunt, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Dennehy, John Cleese, and others. As the two people who guessed wright said (and which I agree with), it's their favorite Western ever, with one of them (this week's winner) saying it's his favorite film of all time. It has a lot of good guys in it, great characters, excellent humor, and isn't super formulaic like a lot of Westerns are. Favorite characters are Jake (Kevin Costner--and look how frickin' young he looks in this poster above!) who is young and exhuberant and great with his six-shooter but who is always getting in trouble because he likes the ladies and they like him, Stella (Linda Hunt) who runs the saloon, the Midnight Star, and Paden (Kevin Kline) who turns out to have a really soft heart and also to be Stella's soulmate of sorts in simply loving saloons. There are some really great relationships in this film. I hope all of you who drew blanks will give this one a chance, if you haven't already seen it.

Well, the winner was Alex, who got it from the first clue. I'd known that he liked this movie, but I really didn't expect anyone to get it quite so quickly from what I thought was a fun but sort of obscure line. George was next, and I'm grateful he redeemed my pick by knowing and liking this film (I was worried no Wrights had ever seen it and loved it). Those were the only correct guesses, though Em came in late with two guesses on Westerns—Tombstone and Young Guns. Of those, I rank Tombstone as my second favorite Western of all time, so she was in good territory there.

Way to go, Lex. Have fun running this week's contest. Pick awesome songs so we don't have to slam you for the next seven days!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Happy birthday, Amy, dear. I didn't look for any "Arnold" pictures, but I found these and they should work. I see some Haley in you in this first picture. You were a delight to raise in our family as the first girl. Lots of fun and were very helpful to mom and I with all the others. We are blessed times seventy to have you in our family. Love, kisses... Mom and Dad

You were always impersonating Nixon. We have a better picture than this that I can't find right now. I saw it just a week or so ago. But you all get the idea.
Amy with Grandpa Wright
Amy with her Anne. You always liked animals and have a soft spot in your heart for all the furry critters.
What's to say about this??
Ahh, yes. The drill team. Go Springville High! DeVilles?
Nice cap!
Yes, the wedding day. I can't wait for Skippys birthday. Hahaha. But later for that. This is your birthday, Amy. Have a good one and know that we all love, respect and admire you for the great person you are and all you have done.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Whew! Feels great to be on the board and back in the game, baby! Thanks for picking one I knew right off the bat, Em! Always laugh at that first line and most of the scenes of Maria at the convent.

Been thinking about this movie I've picked lately, and it has a ton of great, recognizable lines. I'm guessing most of you will have seen this one, as it's one of the really good films of its genre. I have a quote that will for sure give it away to most of you by Friday, but we'll build up to it.

For your guesses, let's plan on everyone writing me through Facebook. I sent all of you who I think are playing this game a list of past winners this morning (plus encouragement for Em to forward it along to Ami), so you should all have me as a FB friend.

Anyway, here goes:

"I don't believe a lady has to explain anything to a man this ugly."

All I Need

I wanted to share what I think of when I hear "All I Need" (which is a song that was on my WTB playlist this week). This is a video where some guy had the amazing idea to play this song combined with scenes from the French documentary, Microcosmos : The Grass People.

A documentary I had seen years ago and really enjoyed. I also recommend it if it seems like something that may interest you -I suppose it is something that wouldn't appeal to everyone. As you will see in the video, it is beautiful close up shots of nature (mainly bugs) but done in a way that is so artistic, it just blew my mind. Watch out Haley there is a love scene between two snails.
(HAHAHA! Do you get it? Haley hates loves scenes in movies and snails- but don't worry Haley, I think they just kiss.)
Anyway, here is the clips set to the beautiful sounds of Radiohead's All I Need:

WTB Expose'

Alright, either it was a really slow blog week or you guys are really lousy at this. The Sound of Music ya'll! The really surprising thing to me was that I didn't have one guess after the Friday hint, which was a total give away. Anyway, there was a heated competition between Dan and B and looks like Dan spent a portion of the morning prepping himself in case he won and Dan, you were right to do so! You beat B by at least a day. B, you were second so I guess Miley Cyrus gets her new handbag (or something). Haley rang in with the correct guess after the Wednesday hint and that's all. Congrats you guys, Dan- congrats on getting yourself on the WTB board! I leave it in your hands.

ps B- considering the fact that you lost, I shall take your begs and pleads into consideration and keep your first guess to myself. heehee

Thursday, March 11, 2010


 The first Eclipse trailer came out today for those interested!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We got back Sunday night after a great week on the ship. We had a fun time, good food, entertainment and activities and rest and sun. The seas were very calm or at least the ship didn't have much movement up or down or roll. We left Galveston, Texas on Sunday at 5 pm. Tuesday morning we were at Cozemel, Mexico. We had scheduled a three reef snorkeling boat trip and it was cancelled due to rough waves. We just hung out at a nice beach and swam and mom got carried away with the occasion and got a tattoo. I call her the gecko mama now. We sailed all night and got to the Grand Cayman Island the next morning. You can see the picture of the surf pounding the dock where the cruse ships normally docked. Yes the government closed all the water activities. I was so bummed. I have been waiting 15 years to get the Grand Cayman and swim with the stingrays. The dive shop I worked at in Orem put a trip together every summer and flew to the Caymans and did the stingray city dive and other dives around the island. So the closest I got to stingrays was the iron sculpture in the picture. The next morning we docked at Jamaca (Montego Bay). Got off the boat and the harbor master cancelled all water sports and so we didn't get to go snorkeling there either. Hung out at the beach and had lunch and did some shopping. Lot's of Bob Marley stuff for sale. Other than the snorkeling fiasco the trip was wonderful and mom liked it a lot and wants to go again.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Alright peeps listen carefully:

"You know how __**beep**__ always makes me kiss the floor after we've had a disagreement? Well, lately I've taken to kissing the floor whenever I see her coming, just to save time"

I'm even going to throw in a hint:

Tonight inspired me.

Now I've got to think up another playlist.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

WTB Exposed

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!!

Totally a Wright classic. I feel bad doing this one while Dad is out of town. This is one of his favorites ever. He told me to do this one, I didn't want too, but it was a good idea, and the clock was ticking so I went with it. So, if he's cool, I'm cool.
Em got it on the first quote. She didn't seem to confident though. After the Wed clue she thought wondered if it was a Tom Hanks line. She stuck with her first guess though and got the win. It was silent after that until the last quote, when Haley and Cath got it Wright. Sue, the more I think about it- Did you text me you're guess?? I can't find it if you did. Sorry. FB me next time... Because, YOU KNOW there will be a next time... MWAAA HA HA!!
Em sauce.

Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy birthday my zing!
I have always loved that picture of him chowing on something while his dad holds the fish. Love it! Not so much love for the 'stache Dale is sporting however... The pic of him getting something out of the basket is such a classic Rob face, it's awesome. The white shorts- well that goes without saying. I see so much Scout when I look at the pic of him in the gold shirt. (This is the first time I have pulled out childhood pics of us since we had kids believe it or not!)
Anyway, I love you so much- you are such a good soul and a wonderful husband and father. I know how very lucky I am.
Thanks for all the laughs, love, providing for us, thanks for the sweetness you show me, rides you give me, ipod's you gift me, did I say laughs? (Cause I so love your sense of humor), thanks for being the yin to my yang, and zing, thank you for my babies.

Thursday, March 4, 2010