Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy birthday my zing!
I have always loved that picture of him chowing on something while his dad holds the fish. Love it! Not so much love for the 'stache Dale is sporting however... The pic of him getting something out of the basket is such a classic Rob face, it's awesome. The white shorts- well that goes without saying. I see so much Scout when I look at the pic of him in the gold shirt. (This is the first time I have pulled out childhood pics of us since we had kids believe it or not!)
Anyway, I love you so much- you are such a good soul and a wonderful husband and father. I know how very lucky I am.
Thanks for all the laughs, love, providing for us, thanks for the sweetness you show me, rides you give me, ipod's you gift me, did I say laughs? (Cause I so love your sense of humor), thanks for being the yin to my yang, and zing, thank you for my babies.


ajmah said...

Okay - LOVE the white shorts!!

Haley said...

He hasn't changed a bit! Seriously. I think Elinor takes a lot after him as well, totally has his face shape. Happy Birthday Rob! You are a great addition to this family, we all love you a lot! Thanks for taking such good care of Ems and those sweet girls.

B said...

Happy Birthday Rob!! I totally thought the same thing as Em about the picture of you getting something out of the basket. I've seen that face quite a bit. The white shorts are also amazing. I love your offspring and it's been inspiring to see how well you and Emily get along. I hope she got you something non-rainbowed and non-stickery for your birthday!!!

Dan W said...

It's not the shorts but the legs, baby! Great pix, Em, and definitely lots of Rob in you guys' kids!

Happy birthday, Rob. Enjoying getting to know you these past couple of years. Looking forward to more chances!

Matt said...

Happy Birthday Rob. I second Haley on taking care of my big sister. You guys are an inspiration to married couples everywhere. Oh, I guess I second B too. hehe. She kinda already said that.

Rob said...

Hey Thanks Everyone- It was a great birthday.
I've been thinking of getting into running just so I can wear shorts like the white ones in the picture.
This is really a great family (and friends) to have married into. It is so fun to see how everyone gets along and likes each other, and everyone laughs and plays.
Em, you are the best wife ever, easy to love, easy on the eyes, and such a great mother!
Thanks again everyone

Amy said...

Sorry I'm late Rob, but I also wish you a Happy Birthday and echo all of the nice things everybody said. You're such a great person and Emily is so blessed to have you. What a sweet tribute, Em. Oh, and the pictures are awesome! Scout's smile is everywhere in Rob's pics. So cute. I used to have some shorts very similar to those! And my legs were about as skinny, too. Come and see us again soon! Love you guys.

Pops said...

Happy birthday, Rob. you are a great asset to our crazy family and so good for Emily.