Saturday, March 13, 2010

All I Need

I wanted to share what I think of when I hear "All I Need" (which is a song that was on my WTB playlist this week). This is a video where some guy had the amazing idea to play this song combined with scenes from the French documentary, Microcosmos : The Grass People.

A documentary I had seen years ago and really enjoyed. I also recommend it if it seems like something that may interest you -I suppose it is something that wouldn't appeal to everyone. As you will see in the video, it is beautiful close up shots of nature (mainly bugs) but done in a way that is so artistic, it just blew my mind. Watch out Haley there is a love scene between two snails.
(HAHAHA! Do you get it? Haley hates loves scenes in movies and snails- but don't worry Haley, I think they just kiss.)
Anyway, here is the clips set to the beautiful sounds of Radiohead's All I Need:


Dan W said...

Wow! What a clip! Can't wait to watch the whole documentary. Song perfect fit for the clip, too.

Ya, Haley, just snail kissin... (NOT!)

Haley said...

Since when do I hate snails? I believe you are the one who has the vendetta against them. And I hate love scenes? They aren't my favorite but I wouldn't say I hate them.

Emily said...

I was just going to site the two instances that proved me right about you Haley and instead, I humbly retract my statement. It is your mom that HATES snails (and me) and the hating of love scenes was something that you and I talked about when you posted about "Australia" (which was me speaking about my dislike of them too).
I do realize the irony that I hate both things and was teasing you about hating them, but I realized that irony yesterday too. I was just having fun. You actually kind of like snails huh?

Haley said...

Haha that's funny. I actually think they are kinda cute in a weird way! I have always been a girl that hasn't been afraid of stuff like that. Just spiders. Yes, my mom hates snails!

Amy said...

Snails are the grossest things ever! I do hate them. The bouncing ladybug was cool. I liked it.

Cat said...

I love MicroComos!

Emily said...

I would guess Booker has seen this a time or two. Cat, are you going to dinner tonight?