Saturday, March 13, 2010

WTB Expose'

Alright, either it was a really slow blog week or you guys are really lousy at this. The Sound of Music ya'll! The really surprising thing to me was that I didn't have one guess after the Friday hint, which was a total give away. Anyway, there was a heated competition between Dan and B and looks like Dan spent a portion of the morning prepping himself in case he won and Dan, you were right to do so! You beat B by at least a day. B, you were second so I guess Miley Cyrus gets her new handbag (or something). Haley rang in with the correct guess after the Wednesday hint and that's all. Congrats you guys, Dan- congrats on getting yourself on the WTB board! I leave it in your hands.

ps B- considering the fact that you lost, I shall take your begs and pleads into consideration and keep your first guess to myself. heehee


Dan W said...

Sorry, B! Hope you'll win this week with the one I pick.

Amy said...

Dang! This just proves how really terrible at this game I am! This is my all-time favorite movie. I even finally bought it on DVD LAST WEEK!! In my defense, I didn't see the Friday quote. Maybe it would have helped! Good job Dan, B, and Haley.