Monday, March 29, 2010

WTB= Billy Madison

Hey guys! Sorry I'm late, had kind of a busy weekend. The movie in question was the Adam Sandler classic, Billy Madison. What a fun movie! After my experience with Man From Snowy River, then Silverado, I figured I would do a nice easy one n get some participation from everybody. It worked, nearly everyone guessed it wright. Even George! It makes me smile to picture George as an Adam Sandler fan.

Matt is the winner. He guessed correctly within about thirty seconds of reading the first clue. Then B got a few hours later, followed by Emily. Cat got it on Wednesday. Then Sue, Dan and George got it on Friday. Good job everybody!

Git er dun Matthew.


Dan W said...

Somehow I have never taken the chance to watch Billy Madison, but all the quotes seemed Adam Sandlerish to me, so I finally just guessed after Friday's (kind of remembering the plot of BM is a grown man going back to school).

Is Adam Sandler almost single-handedly responsible for the presence of Sloppy Joes in pop culture?

Looking forward to Matt's WTB and music this week!

Emily said...

sloppy joes, slop sloppy joes- yeah!

Alex said...

Well me and Sloppy Joe got married, we got six kids and we're doin just fine...