Monday, January 31, 2011


Alright. Found one that I hope and think many of you will have seen and liked. It's full of great characters. Not too deep but not too shallow. Actually well reviewed and even some prestigious nominations in its day.

Here's the first clue. Had to pick this one to start because it has a U2 reference in it and I know that will torture a few of you haters:

H: The thing is, C_____, l’ve spoken to lots of people about you. Everybody agrees you’re in real trouble, C_____.
C: Am l?
H: You see, you’re turning into a kind of serial monogamist. One girlfriend after another, yet you never really let anyone near you. On the contrary... You’re affectionate to them and sweet to them. Even to me, although you thought I was an idiot.
C: I did not.
H: You did. I thought U2 was a type of submarine.
C: In a way, you were right. Their music has a naval quality.
H: Be serious, C_____. Give people a chance. You don’t have to think ‘I must get married’, but you mustn’t start relationships thinking ‘I mustn’t get married’.

Wednesday clues:

Oh, I don't know, C_______. Unlike you, I never expected "the thunderbolt." I always just hoped that, that I'd meet some nice friendly girl, like the look of her, hope the look of me didn't make her physically sick, then pop the question and, um, settle down and be happy. It worked for my parents. Well, apart from the divorce and all that.

Second clue (not related closely to the one above):

Person 1: Where's G_____?
Person 2: Torturing Americans.
Person 1: How thoughtful of him.

Thursday hints....
No one has even sent in a guess, so I better help a little! I won't give more quotes today but will say the following:

It's a comedy, but one of those really good ones that have serious moments that make the rest all the sweeter.

It's cast in not primarily made up of American actors.

I'm almost certain that this movie marked the introduction of a really funny British actor to the U.S. public. I know if did for me, and led me to be surprised that he had been pretty famous over there for a decent amount of time before this film.

It was released in the mid-90s.

Friday Giveaways (I hope):

Priest (during a ceremony): In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spigot. Spirit!

(And in a later part of the same ceremony): In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Goat. Eh... 'ghost'.

Second giveaway clue (from almost the very end of the movie--actually maybe the very end except for a funny "what happens to these characters next" collage before the closing credits):

Person 1: Let me ask you one thing. Do you think - after we've dried off, after we've spent lots more time together - you might agree "not" to marry me? And do you think not being married to me might maybe be something you could consider doing for the rest of your life?
Person 2: I do.

If you've seen this movie, these quotes should do it. If you haven't seen this movie, your life will be impoverished until you do!

Wright me with your guesses!

Holy heck, people! Wow! More of you HAVE to have seen this movie. Wild.

For a final clue, look at my playlist. A large proportion of it was selected for the theme and even main words in the movie title....

Okay, and now for a FINAL final clue: The character who says the Holy Spigot and Holy Goat lines is the actor who plays Mr. Bean. I am pretty sure very few in America knew him until this flick--a film that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture of the Year. Surely more of you know this movie....

Mrs. Bippin Doubtfire

So this is just a good classic 90's movie that I think everyone in the world has seen. Nice and easy. Was really suprised that nobody has used it for WTB before now.

Robin Williams is pretty amazing. I would kill to be able to do all the voices and stuff that he does. What a fun talent that would be.

I knew this was gonna be an easy one, but I didn't expect it to be THAT easy. I think we might have set the new record for most people getting it on the first quote.

I didnt get it posted 'til late Monday night, so the first Wright guess came from Dan at 8:00 Tuesday morning. 11 minutes later Haley got it. Then it was Ems at 9:22. Then it was B with a text and Matt with a FB message, both of which I got at 3:03 that afternoon (weird).

So unless I'm forgetting someone, I don't think anybody even bothered guessing after that first day. I guess I shoulda picked a more obscure quote, but with this movie, those are kind of hard to come by. Oh well. Close contest! Good times.

Do it Dan.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blood Simple

I caught this movie on IFC last night. OK, so I missed the first half hour, but man, this movie is KILLER! All you Cohen brothers lovers out there, don't miss this oldie but a goodie (1984!). Features our beloved ms. McDormand, of course and it just blew me away. The cinematography is spectacular. That, you'll just have to see to believe. It's basic storyline is about a man in Texas, a bar owner, who hires a man to kill his wife and her lover. And of course, all has to go wrong. But as I was watching it, having read that brief synopsis, I was still just floored by how the Cohens can twist the 'all goes wrong' part. There's a nightmare scene towards the end that totally creeped me out. I swear I've had dreams like this before. And may I just warn my dear sister, Em that I had, in my mind, named that character Pukey McPukington. And I quietly applauded his death...or was it? Ha, anyway. This movie IS CLEARLY ONE NOT TO MISS. I can't believe it eluded me for so long. Stars beyond stars. On thars.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Trivia Bippage

So, as some of you may know, I recently got this iPod touch thingy. It's bippin amazing. I absolutely love it, other than the fact that I am now addicted to several of the free games it offers me. Goodbye productivity. The very first thing I downloaded on my device a couple of weeks ago is a game called "Death Worm" Look it up. It's pretty much a game based on the movie "Tremors". Same worm lookin monster and a desert and everything.

So, I was hangin out after class last week playin my game, when my friend Caleb asked me what I was doing. I showed him what was up and he was like, "Dude this is just like Tremors." and I was like, "I know, right? I love that flick." Which sparked a conversation about it and about how when the zombie apocalypse comes, it'd sure be nice to have Burt Gummer around. One thing you should know about my friend Caleb: he's probably seen more movies than all of us put together and he lives to quote them. It's ridiculous. He can go on forever reciting old lines. So whilst we were having the Burt Gummer convo, he busted out the "Cannon fuse" quote. That was on Friday. Monday I couldn't believe my luck when I checked the blog.

I get lucky with this game alot. Too bad I can't catch a fish to save my life. Averaging 6 hours a day. 5 days. 12 baited lines per day = 0 fishes. NOT COOL.

So here we go again kiddos.


D: Could you make me a woman?
F: Honey, I'm so happy!
[hugs D]
D: I knew you'd understand.


D: Wow, films. Will I be introducing these movies on air?
T: Not exactly.
D: What do I do?
T: Well you take all these cans, you box 'em, you ship 'em. Then you box those cans over there, ship them, then more will come in. You box those, you ship those. Any questions?

D: After you box them...?
T: You ship 'em. Lotsa luck, smartass.
D: I think I made a friend.

As if it needed giving away...

"I saw it, Sir. It was a run by fruiting!"

Git 'er dun.


Hehehe, this movie is so awesome. It was one I watched once a week for a while. I can't think of anything clever to say about it because I haven't seen it in years, but Matt was teasing me last week because I knew who the other actor was besides Kevin Bacon (Fred Ward). I have the hardest time taking Kevin Bacon seriously in anything else because to me, he will always be Valentine McKee. I'm tired, just spent 5 hours deep cleaning a house that is about the size of the Phisters. Anyways, enough suspense. Alex won. He got it from the first quote! Then... crickets, until the giveaways. Em got it 4 minutes before Cat! (counting that 4:49 submission), and then Matt and Dan got it later that night. So that is it! Take it away Spoony spoon spoon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Social Network

This is a really great movie! Believe the press. Of course, it's about the origin of the social networking site that we all use. You just get right into this computer science nerd world, rife with rebellion and subversiveness. Jesse Eisenberg is brilliant in it. Really captures the character (albeit a bit more cute and witty than I think the real Mark Zuckerberg, maybe? Kind of Michael Cera-ish, eh?). What I was really impressed by is how non-gratuitous, trashy and cheap it was. It really maintained the feel of a quality movie throughout. And really, a movie about college students creating a social networking site, they could have really gone another way easily. You have to hand it to director David Fincher for that. Maintaining some integrity there; I respect that. What you end up with is a thoroughly raptruring film. I would recommend it to anyone. All of you, if you Facesauce, you should really rent this film that traces it's inception from Harvard over 8 years ago!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bip sauce.

Whoo hoo!!! I haven't even seen the entire movie, because I fell asleep (twice) about halfway through it. But the part I fell asleep at was right after that first quote, so it was fresh in my brain. It also sounds like a conversation I would have with Dallin :-) So, here's the new quote.

Person 1: What kind of fuse is that?
Person 2: Cannon fuse.
Person 1: What the hell do you use it for?
Person 2: My cannon!

Enjoy ebah!! Mmm, I'm quitting Facebook for a month starting tomorrow, so e-mail me your answers at Thanks!!

Quote #2: Roger that Burt, and congratulations. Be advised, however, that there are two more, repeat, two more motherhumpers.

I know that more of you know this, but it's probably been a while... here is the first of an undetermined number of giveaways.

Quote #3: This valley is just one long smorgasbord.

Quote #4: Food for five years, a thousand gallons of gas, air filtration, water filtration, Geiger counter. Bomb shelter! Underground... God damn monsters

Saturday, January 15, 2011

UP the movie of the BIP week

Cute movie. When I went to the theater to see it in 2009 when it was released, I knew I would not like it much and be bored....what's with a goofy looking old man and a house floating with ballones? I was wrong! It has soul, heart, laughs and funny characters and a story. Well done! Waytogo, Pixar and Disney.

Bronwyn strikes again! She was first the same day of posting and next was Haley, later the same day. Then Dan, the next day and finally Matt, today.

Up works for kids as well as for adults. Give it a look all you peeps that haven't seen it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

WTB New Movie for the Week

Sorry, Haley, but Yea for me. I won again and beat Haley out just like she did to me a few weeks ago. I love this movie and watch it time and time again. Yes, the Coen Bros are good and make off beat, but interesting movies. Who doesn't like Raising Arizona? Maybe a weirdo or two that doesn't like Nick C. Holly Hunter is the best! Mom and I saw True Grit last week and the Coen boys played it kinda strait, but it was well done and we liked it.

Sorry this posting is rather late, but I have been working long hours and lots of things are going on around here and then i forgot my password for this blog and I am just an old messed up, foggy brain old man. But the this movie of the week that you seek is sweet. Go for it!!!!!

Quote No. 1: Older person: "Hey, let's play a game. It's called "see who can be quiet the longest."
Younger Person: " Cool! My mom loves that game!"

Let's all play and liven up this blog a little. It's dragging. Answer on Facebook messages or E-mail. Playlist coming if I can remember the password and remember how to get the thing posted up. Help, Matt and/or Ems.

Wednesday Quotes: #1. Dug: "I was hiding under your porch because I love you"

#2. Alpha: Now, you must wear the cone of shame.
Dug: [hangs head] I do not like the cone of shame.

#3. Russell: I'm tired! My knee hurts!
Man: Which knee?
Russell: [after a pause] My elbow hurts!

Hahaha hehehe! I love this movie. There are so many funny quotes. I can't stop writing.
Have fun!!
Friday give away quotes:
Beta: Chocolate, I smell chocolate!
Gamma: I'm getting prunes and denture cream! Who are they?
Beta: Oh, man, Master will not be pleased. We better tell him someone took the bird. Right Alpha?
Alpha: No. Soon enough the bird will be ours yet again. Find the scent, my compadres, and you too shall have much rewardings from Master for the toil factor you wage.
Beta: Hey Alpha, I think there's something wrong with your collar. You must have bumped it.
Gamma: Yeah, you voice sounds funny!
Alpha: Beta! Gamma!
Alpha: Mayhaps you desire to - SQUIRREL!
(all of them turn their attention to a nearby tree: slight pause, Gamma whimpers)
Alpha: Mayhaps you desire to challenge the ranking that I have been asigned by my strength and cunning..
Beta: No, no, no. But maybe Dug would. you might wanna ask him.
Alpha: Do not mention Dug to me at this time. His fool's errand will keep him most occupied. Most occupied, indeed. Ha ha ha! Do you not agree with that which I am saying to you now?
Beta: Sure, but the second Master finds out you sent Dug out by himself, none ofus will get a treat. (beta and Gamma whine)
Alpha: You are wise my trusted lieutenant.
Have a nice weekend!!! No whining.
Yeah, Emily: If you don't know these quotes, you have never seen the movie. Too bad, fun movie and Scout would like it. It has a short title!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh, Brother Where Art Thou!!

Love this movie as I love all movies by the brothers Cohen. Just can't go wrong with that duo. Stellar cast with this one. So the winner...Pops! Just beating Haley by about an hour. Next to guess correctly were Dan and Alex. Then Em guessed correctly yesterday. No wrong guesses on that one, you guys did well. So congrats, Pops!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. First quote!! Here is this week's quote:
Person #1: You miserable little snake! You stole from my kin!
Person #2: Who was fixin' to betray us.
Person #1: You didn't know that at the time.
Person #2: So I borrowed it till I did know.
Person #1: That don't make no sense!
Person #2: Pete, it's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.

Yep, it's a long piece. Lot's to digest there! Good luckz.

Wednesday Quote:

Well, ain't this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere!

Alright, it's still a few minutes before Friday is over, so here's your Friday giveaway:

Wait for it...

Person #1: (Totally different person #1, same person #2) I had to be up at that there crossroads last midnight to sell my soul to the devil.
Person 2: ( Same person as Person #2 and the lone quote from Wednesday) Well, ain't it a small world, spritually speaking. Pete and Delmar just been baptized and saved. I guess I'm the only one that remain unaffiliated.

Hee Hee, love it!
My personal favorite line (scene) from this movie as a bonus:

WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Sorry I have been quite lazy and haven't posted this yet. I finally was driven to do it by my playlist and how sick I am of it. Cat get to making your playlist! Oops- I let the "Cat" out of the bag- yes, Cat came in first! and yes, I made a terrible pun. I am not the first to let the cat out of the bag however---haha! So Cat got it with the first quote. Matt was next to guess, but he thought Jim Carry was speaking and so guessed The Grinch. So the next wright answer was from Alex, then his father Dan guessed wright after nixing every other Christmas movie he could think of (he's never seen this one!). Then came Laura with the wright guess for all to hear (someone else has done that in the past but I can't think of who it was.) So that's that.

I love this movie! I knew I'd love it the second I heard of it because it combines my two favorite things- Christmas and Halloween. It's kind of been claimed by the Emo/Hot Topic crowd, but hey- it's still a great movie (and even done before a time when it was written in law that Johnny Depp was to appear in every single Tim Burton movie made). The first time I saw this was during high school (when I say "during" I mean that literally- I believe we were supposed to be a seminary or something, but went to my house for lunch and stayed to watch this. I fell in love with the movie at this scene:

There is something I like about seeing Christmas through the eyes of someone that has lived in "Halloween Town" their whole lives and sees everything from the perspective of Halloween. Just kind of a unique perspective to a Christmas movie.
Anyway, if you haven't seen it (ahm- Dan)- I highly recommend it. It's a cute story and is just about the right amount of twisted.