Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Sorry I have been quite lazy and haven't posted this yet. I finally was driven to do it by my playlist and how sick I am of it. Cat get to making your playlist! Oops- I let the "Cat" out of the bag- yes, Cat came in first! and yes, I made a terrible pun. I am not the first to let the cat out of the bag however---haha! So Cat got it with the first quote. Matt was next to guess, but he thought Jim Carry was speaking and so guessed The Grinch. So the next wright answer was from Alex, then his father Dan guessed wright after nixing every other Christmas movie he could think of (he's never seen this one!). Then came Laura with the wright guess for all to hear (someone else has done that in the past but I can't think of who it was.) So that's that.

I love this movie! I knew I'd love it the second I heard of it because it combines my two favorite things- Christmas and Halloween. It's kind of been claimed by the Emo/Hot Topic crowd, but hey- it's still a great movie (and even done before a time when it was written in law that Johnny Depp was to appear in every single Tim Burton movie made). The first time I saw this was during high school (when I say "during" I mean that literally- I believe we were supposed to be a seminary or something, but went to my house for lunch and stayed to watch this. I fell in love with the movie at this scene:

There is something I like about seeing Christmas through the eyes of someone that has lived in "Halloween Town" their whole lives and sees everything from the perspective of Halloween. Just kind of a unique perspective to a Christmas movie.
Anyway, if you haven't seen it (ahm- Dan)- I highly recommend it. It's a cute story and is just about the right amount of twisted.


Cat said...

Ha, it was me who first posted their wtp (Sunday's with Sue back then) for all to see. I've never been able to figure out how to do the playlist. Help, someone.

Emily said...

click on my playlist "create your own free playlist" you will have to create an account, but it is easy and it will walk you through it- let me know if you have questions.

Pops said...

Ha! Cat. I'm the one that has been asking Emily to upload my playlist for me. I finally figured it out after about 8 tries. Good luck! Nice win on the movie. I have never watched Nightmare, but remember Matt watching it a lot. I hope you get your playlist going soon.

Ha, my W.V. is myopie. Isn't that some sort of eye problem?

Amy said...

I, too, have never seen the complete movie. I've heard and seen scenes quite a few times with Matt and my kids. I'll have to add it to my huge list of movies I need to watch.