Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spoon can't get back to sleep, so he decided he would blog a bit.

My thoughts on the holiday break so far (and I guess 2010 in general):

Got to go home to Tooele and see the Mom and Dad and Sister for a few days. Thus getting the only thing I really wanted for Christmas: to make it safely over South Pass. Freakin awesome. I feel like my good friend, Adrienne Hanrahan, (AKA the little redheaded gal I been kinda in love with for the past year) said it best:

I think there is a multitude of buttons in our brain. And of these buttons one of them is named “The Home Button”. And with “The Home Button” comes the “Eat Junk Food” and “Don’t Sleep” buttons.

Ahhh. Home.

Family is one of them things I take for granted way, way, too much. I always roll my eyes at the old adage, "blood is thicker than water" but goshdangit if those words have not rung ridiculously true over the past year.

I hope with all my heart you Phisters know how much gratitude I have for you guys taking this little punk-a-washed-up-wannabe-cowpunk-who-talks-too-much-with-his-foul-mouth kid into your home...

I was in a tight spot. I was in denial of being in said tight spot. I was prideful and scared. I got an invite to a Thanksgiving dinner in Riverton, Wyoming to hang out with some cousins I barely knew.

I didn't want to go.

Thank The Lord or Buddha or Muhammed or Tom Cruise or The Flying Spaghetti Monster I did. Not to get any kind of specifically spiritual, but that Thanksgiving weekend, I don't know what it was, but I felt some kind of seriously good spiritual JuJu. It was this crazy awesome electric-blanket-you-turn-on-a-few-minutes-before-you-go-to-bed-so-its-nice-and-warm-when-you-crawl-in type of feeling. It was safety. It was love.

DANG It's gettin mushy up in here. So before the strange salty liquid in eyeballs blurs my vision any more, lemme say this: Dan, Lorri, Hope, if you're reading this- thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you to pieces.

I could go on and on about how much I love and respect my father and his far-out ideas and his enormous heart, and how I love that fact that I can give him crap bout bein a pudgy old bleeding heart treehugger, and he,without missing a beat, will throw it right back at me, noting the equal amounts of my quirky shortcomings. At the end of the day, he is my favorite person in the word to talk to.

How my dear, sweet, constantly-worried Mother, who, if she isn't digging around in my ear with a Q-tip, (she's slightly obsessed with making sure everyone is ear wax free) will be found repeatedly hugging me for no apparent reason and squeezing and staring at my hands, because they are her Father's hands (seriously, me and Reed have the same bippin hands...aside from the fact that his are way more manly and calloused and scarred up than mine can ever dream of becoming). I keep entertaining the idea of getting the classic "MOM" in the heart tattoo... It would be fun cause it would kinda freak her out, but I know it would also totally make her smile (plus I totally know she's secretly super jealous of all my tats). I like Lorri. She's a good 'un.

Hopie Girl is one of the raddest chicks I know. It's strange, when I moved out, she was like 11 or 12. Just this little kid. I always wanted to be that big brother who stood at the door, sharpening my over-sized Crocodile Dundee knife, putting the fear of God into all the boys that came to pick her up for a date or whatever. But I never got that chance. I am so very,very thankful she has turned out to be such a good kid. Lord knows I didn't set the best example, and I fear if she woulda pulled the same kind of crap I did, it mighta killed my poor mother. Thanks for bein awesome, Sis.

Special shoutout to my boy Matthew. You rock my socks off, Sir. Thank you for lightin the fire in my belly. I love you heaps and scads.

Holy crap, guys, all y'all are just bippin awesome and I gots mad love for yous dudes.

So now that I have officially gushed and mushed this here blog post to an almost unrecognizable point, I shall try my best to wrap it up:

I've been here in the great state of Wyoming for almost a year now. It's been absolutely awesome. I love the bippin bip right outta this little college. I have a passion for what I'm learning that grows bigger, stronger and more gnarly every day. Makes me all excited and jittery and what not.

Life is good (It's kind of a profound statement when said sincerely) Life is good.

Wishing you all a safe and happy transition to 2011.

-A.W. Spoon

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sweet moves

This was filmed the same night as the Christmas video. A few clips made it in, but this was just too awesome to not share in its entirety. We love the winter weather! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I think in light of the trip to Mexico and the fact that Christmas is next week, we let this one run for 2 weeks--. I'll put on some holiday tunes and we'll relax. Even us sad sacks in Utah will try and find a way to relax in our igloos while you Mexico people do your relaxing at the beach. Haha just kidding! It was 52 degrees today! No igloos in sight! (No beaches in sight either though....)

Here's your quoty quote:

Person #1: How horrible our Christmas will be!
Person #2: No- how "jolly"!
Person #1: Oh. How jolly our Christmas will be.


Are you a gambling man, Santa?

#three -only one guess so far!

"An interesting reaction........but what does it mean?"

#four -this one has GOT to bring in some wright guesses...

"Attacked by Christmas toys? That's strange, that's the second toy complaint we've had."

This is your last one....

"[singing] And on a dark cold night, under full moonlight, he flies into the fog like a vulture in the sky!
[in a deeper tone] And they call him, Sandy... Clawssss...! "

Monday, December 13, 2010

WTB Hook

Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. It's finals time and I am ridiculously busy. Haven't had time to do much of anything besides scramble to get last minute projects done. My bad peeps.

Hook! I loved this flick when I was a kid. Blah, blah, blah... clever comments about Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams...yada yada yada.

Em and George both got it on Monday, but Em edged the old man out by like 10 minutes. Bummer George. Then it was Sue, Haley, Dan (who submitted two wrong guesses on both Monday and Friday. HA!) and Amy.

Sorry again for the late start. Although I am having a really hard time finding sympathy for those of you who are having a short WTB week on account of going to Mexico. You poor dears.

All yours, Em!

Monday, December 6, 2010

WTB movie quote guessing game thingy

Hey hey. Just rolled in from a PBS shoot in Cody, good times up there, I'll tell ya what. The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is freakin phenomenal. I absolutely loved it. It was awesome cause we were doing the mojority of our shooting while the place was closed to the public so we had the entire place to ourselves. Whenever we had a break (which was quite often) I got to wander around and go wherever and do whatever I pleased. It was so sick.

I saw this and thought of George. It's the original gun Dan Blocker ("Hoss") wore in the show. They have one of the most comprehensive collections of firearms in the world. I got lost in that section of the museum...twice. It's ridiculous.

So I guess I won again. School of Rock is one of my all-time faves. There was no bippin way I was gonna miss this one. I loves me some Jack Black.

Did you know: the writer, Mike White, who also played Ned Schneebly in this movie, also co-wrote and produced Nacho Libre and Gentlemen Broncos with Jared and Jersusha Hess and he produced a whole bunch of episodes of Freaks and Geeks. Also, I love his cameo in Zombieland (he gets eaten whilst sitting on the toilet) it cracks me up.

Here we go troops... Gonna start off as obscure as I can cause I think this is gonna be a fairly easy one.

Monday's quote: "Eat what? There's nothing here. Gandhi ate more than this."

Man it's hard not to give it away...pretty dang quotable flick.

Wednesday's clue:
Person 1: I remember you being a lot bigger.
Person 2: To a ten year-old I'm huge.

Alright folks if'n ya ain't got 'er by now, here ya go...

Friday giveaway:

Smee: Smee, Smee. What About Smee? Smee! Smee! Smee. Smee. What about Smee? Smee's me. What about me?

Good luck boys and girls.

WTB--School of Rock

Jack Black as a rocker shaking up a private school made for a fun flick that at least most of you knew and seemed to like. Sue was the only one who said she didn't think it was funny. My dilemma was finding quotes that weren't too easy, as this whole movie is dominated by Black and his craziness and unique personality and ways of talking. In the movie, loved the recurring theme of "the Man," along with the legend of the rent, the teacher down the hall who hears music coming from Black's classroom so obviously she is on crack, Joan Cusak (my Teri Garr stand-in this time) as the uptight principal who only goes nuts and acts like a real person when she listens to Stevie Nicks, and tons more. Anyway a movie that I crack up at and that Hope (my partner this week) and I have watched a half-dozen times together.

Our winner, the only one getting it from the first clue, was Alex. Haley was next, and the only one getting it from the Tuesday "kaboot it" line. Cat was our one and only correct guesser after the Wednesday "face melt" clue. Thursday's giveaways saw Pops, Emily, Sue, B, and Amy get it. Nice job all of you!

Have fun with this week's contest! Hope for the ability to tolerate another playlist from Alex!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


This movie takes place 30 years after the "War" or "Big Flash". I don't usually like much apocalyptic movies, i.e. Mad Max, ThunderDome, WaterWorld, etc. but this one I liked a lot. Denzel and Gary Oldman are always good. As an added smile, Tom Waits has a small part if you look close. It takes a while to see where this drab landscape movie is going, but the action scenes are awesome with 'ol Denzel a killing machine with a heart. Violence and F-bombs scattered throughout the movie. But there is a nice spiritual side to the movie and it I thought was well spaced and carried out. Worth a look for you that can stand arms being whacked off with a machette and can overlook the F-bombs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just had to post this little nugget after giggling about it so much while watching the Neil Christmas video. Marcus and I just watched Ace Ventura on tv the other night so that's why it was fresh on my mind. You can just picture in the diary things like, "Holly Holy", "Sweet Caroline", and "So Good So Good" instead of "laces out." Hehehe.

Have a Cherry Christmas everybody!


WHOOO, HOOO!! I got a new imac yesterday. It is so sweet. There is no tower, all the plugs and the disc drive are all in the flat screen. It has 4 gigs of RAM memory and 1 T hard drive.

The keyboard and mouse are wireless.
It has a 21 inch screen. The latest OS X Snow Leopard system. Anyway, it is the latest and greatest (well, not the greatest. There is a 27 inch screen and a little faster Processors. And I didn't need the MAC PRO) I did get the middle range processors and had Microsoft Office for Mac installed, so I am ready to go. Don't know where I am going, but I'm ready.

I have some long, put off projects having to do with family film and slides and now I have the equipment to start and finish many things I have put off. Also I don't have to bother Matt and use his stuff. Well maybe his nice new slide scanner for awhile when he is not using it. Be happy for me, Peeps. I am!!!