Saturday, December 4, 2010


This movie takes place 30 years after the "War" or "Big Flash". I don't usually like much apocalyptic movies, i.e. Mad Max, ThunderDome, WaterWorld, etc. but this one I liked a lot. Denzel and Gary Oldman are always good. As an added smile, Tom Waits has a small part if you look close. It takes a while to see where this drab landscape movie is going, but the action scenes are awesome with 'ol Denzel a killing machine with a heart. Violence and F-bombs scattered throughout the movie. But there is a nice spiritual side to the movie and it I thought was well spaced and carried out. Worth a look for you that can stand arms being whacked off with a machette and can overlook the F-bombs.


Pops said...

P.S. Watch it with a cool glass of water with you. It will make you thirsty.

Matt said...

I just youtubed it and saw a pretty cool fight scene under an overpass. Takes on 6 guys with just a knife. Looks kinda cool!

Dan W said...

Just caught this on one of the premium channels (running a lot right now). Kind of liked it even though the end falls apart on a few premises. Thanks for the recommendation, George.