Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

So I guess I really messed up! The movie was supposed to be The Holy Grail, and I guess 2 of my quotes were from it! I didn't mean to confuse anyone! That third quote is on the website I use as a Holy Grail quote, but I guess it is from the movie Labyrinth. Sorry, I had no idea. I couldn't think of where in the Holy Grail it was said, but sounded like it could be from the movie. I doubled check the website, and it is listed as a Holy Grail quote, I then checked quotes from Labyrinth, and it was listed there too! Maybe I'll try to find a new movie quote website. Anyway, enough about that. This movie is definately a Wright classic, Cam and I watched it Christmas day when it snowed so much our satellite went out. I've got great childhood memories from this movie, like mom taking us to the midnight showing while dad slept. Truly one of the funniest movies ever made.

Dan got it first! I knew Dan was going to be good at this. Matt got it second then B! I was surprised to hear from B on this one.

And, much to my surprise, there was a second movie, Labyrinth! Em got it first, then Haley, then Matt. Em you can update the allstars however you want. But you should definitely count both you and Dan as people who got the quote first. And I will try not to do that again.
Okay, here is this week's movie quote. And I know it is from the movie I'm thinking of:
I'm betting he's going to swerve first.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Sue Stuff

Here is a great time waster website. About 4 or 5 pages in there is a family in Winnie the Pooh costumes. You must see it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Moonstruck! I'm sorry I didn't post this yesterday. I was busy getting Cam ready for St. George and totally forgot about Sunday's With Sue! I picked Moonstruck because we all watched it together last time we were all in Wyoming! And, it is a good movie! Cher is so good in this movie, so is Olympia Dukakis and Danny Aiello and sorry B, but Nick Cage is good too!

Haley was sure she won with her guess "What About Bob?". Sorry Haley, if I had done the line "get in my bed!", you might have gotten it Wright. But, I didn't and you got it wrong. So, who got it Wright first? It was Catherine! Emily got it second and that was it! Way to go Cat!

This week's movie quote is:

Strange women, lying in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wyoming far

It's been a busy weekend so far in Wyoming. Sue, I hope this doesn't make you feel too bad, but here are a few things you're missing out on. We are sad you couldn't come!

First and foremost....San Diego Specials!!!

We miss you Sue!!

Allison was blessed this morning. She couldn't have been better. She was awake, but was quiet, except for the cute sneeze in the middle. Marcus gave her a very nice blessing and everyone said that Allison is perfect! We agree.

Then right after church, Kelly and I went to Simonne's high school graduation. She didn't get a diploma, but they recognized the exchange students.

But, most of all, cuteness abounds at our house right now. Allison is full of smiles. She is unbelieveably adorable!

Wish you all could be here! Miss you...Kisses!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Cam!!!!

Happy Birthday Cam!! It really sucks that you are in St. George and probably don't even remember it's your birthday. But I am here thinking about you, and I will show you this post when you get home this weekend. Doug and Ricky remembered your birthday and sent you a card. I'm sorry you have to spend your birthday alone. I put together a little list of some things you like:

Cam loves Reggae music. He especially loves Peter Tosh. Our dog, Tosh, is named after him.

Cam loves Chevy trucks! It's the only truck he will own. He's really good at fixing them too.

Cam loves The Talking Heads, especially the lead singer, David Byrne. We got to see David Byrne in concert last October, and we get to see him again next month! We are so looking forward to the concert!

Cam loves to go camping.

Cam loves to grill. He is very good at it and loves all the sub-categories of grilling like rotesserie and smoking too.

Cam loves the old Clint Eastwood westerns! He likes Clint's newer movies too, but he really loves the old westerns. He loves it when AMC does their Clint Eastwood marathon weekends.

Cam loves the movie Zoolander! He and I can watch this movie over and over again. I chose the above picture because it is the scene that makes him laugh the hardest.

Cam also loves The Simpsons! Cam and I can get each other laughing pretty hard quoting the Simpsons when real life imitates them. It happens a lot. I think it drives our friends nuts.

Cam loves clean socks! He is kind of a sock freak. He wears 2 pair at a time, and changes them often, just so he doesn't have smelly feet. He owns more socks than anyone I know.
Cam loves to change into "comfie pants" when he gets home from work. Sweats are the more common term.

Cam loves being bald! This picture depicts how he does it. He really does take a razor to his entire head. He loves being bald and is quite proud of it. "At least I have a good dome" is what he likes to say.

Cam loves the Star Wars movies, and seems to especially like Bubba Fett. He proudly displays the Bubba Fett action figure he got as a kid in our living room.

Cam loves his friends. This picture is of Cam and his two best friends, Lanny and Jeff.

Believe it or not, but Cam really loves our cats, and they love him too. He still likes to tease me and call me "crazy cat lady", but he really does love them.

And finally, Cam loves Tosh. And Tosh loves Cam so much. I don't know what one would do without the other. They have the best master/dog relationship I've ever seen. Tosh loves me too, and is doing okay with Cam being gone, but I can tell he misses him.
Happy Birthday Cam! I hope you treat yourself to an In-and-Out Burger or something for your birthday! Sorry you have to spend it alone in St. George. Me and the animals miss you and can't wait for you to come home this weekend!
Love you!! Kisses!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial! Elliott, Ouch, Phone Home, could have all been used as quotes. I had to include the second picture when Gertie dressed him up, it's so funny. Such a great movie. I remember the whole family going to see it in the theater in Provo. I remember Matt's little ET shirt when he was a baby, then Booker inherited it. If you haven't seen it lately, you should. Booker and I rented it a couple years ago, and I had forgotten what a great movie it is. The only bad thing about the movie is the awful Neil Diamond song it inspired.
Here are a couple little trivia things about the movie. The character ET is based on an imaginary friend Steven Spielberg made up after his parents got divorced when he was a kid. And M&M's were supposed to be the candy used in the movie, but when the executives of Mars saw the ET character, they pulled out. They thought he was so ugly, they didn't want anything to do with it. So Hershey offered their new candy Recess Pieces, and Hershey profits went up 65% that year. I imagine a couple people may have lost their jobs at Mars.
I'm surprised at how few guesses I had! Amy got it right first! Yay Amy! Jeanine got it second then Dan. That is all the right guesses I got. Emily thought it might be Forrest Gump at first, then she decided it wasn't and it might be either Peter Pan or Hook. Nice try Em, but no.
Here is this week's movie quote:
I can't sleep anymore. It's too much like death.

Friday, May 15, 2009

GRADUATION and stuff

Last friday Sarah and Bronwyn graduated from Central Wyoming College, both with Honors and both very cute.  Special props to B for overcoming the handicap of being married to Matt, working a new job at the credit union and taking classes in Accounting, Econ. Statistics and Calculus.  Just thinking about it makes my head spin and overload.  I'm not talking anything away from Sarah and her achievement.  She works hard and has a lot on her plate Im sure.  It was great to see them walk the walk and get their deplomas and shake the hand of the college president and then get a hug from Scott who was there as Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the College.  Nice!!
I am working hard at the airport getting ready for the annual inspection by the FAA next week and we have a big construction project this summer on a runway.  Fun! Fun!  Love my job.

Eat your heart out you returned missionaries. It is safe to say you didn't get to ride a horse 10 miles to the beach and baptize a guy in the ocean and then mess around in the surff on your short horse. hahahaha

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catching up a little

This week Rob and I finally got around to watching a couple movies we've been meaning to see: Slumdog Millionaire and Frost/Nixon.

Here is the Rob and Emily scoop:
Slumdog - 3 stars
Frost/Nixon - 4 stars
I'd say we probably agree star rating wise, although I liked Slumdog better then Rob did. People I think just talked it up too much and it didn't quite deliver to the point we expected. We were expecting absolute magic I guess. Instead, what we got was a movie that was quite predictable although it was entertaining. It's a story about two brothers and a little girl from yes, the slums in India. They get separated a few times for various reasons and the main character goes on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and knows all the answers and is accused of cheating. He reveals to the police how he knows every answer he was asked. This is done through a series of flashbacks throughout his life of when he learns the answer to each question. Showing you it was kind of like his destiny to win his whole life. Cool concept (Rob didn't care for), CUTE little Indian kids, as you can imagine, some of the slums images were tough to see and you get a glimpse of life in a third world country which is always disturbing. I thought the movie didn't go too overboard on that though and kept it lighter then some movies might, basically, I slept that night and wasn't too affected (that's saying a lot for me). Anyway, like I said, it was predicable and offered no surprises which kind of sucks, but overall, it was good. If someone has seen this, what is up with the credits???????? It had to have been some kind of nod to Bollywood-- it was SO CRAZY!! If you haven't seen it, uh, the very end is weird. I kept laughing in surprise but Rob took it as the final insult to a movie that disappointed him a few too many times. He said he liked it right when it was done, but the more time that passed since seeing it, it has worsened with each passing day. So, I will say he thought it was worth seeing while watching, but now might call it lame sauce. I liked it, but can't give it a hardy loved it, but find it worth seeing.

We were both really impressed with this one. The acting, the writing and the symbolism, and the parallels we each found in other presidents (which spawned some good conversations between us), and the cinematography and lighting was all really really good. I think everyone knows what this movie is about, so I'm not going to waste my time on a synopsis. Frank Langella (Nixon) did a great job with Nixon, very believeable. Micheal Sheen did a great job too. I have no idea what David Frost is like, but he was good none the less. There were a few moments where we thought Austin Powers might as well played his part (we independantly both thought this wordlessly and brought it up after the movie). We also thought he look a lot like a 70's era Jack Nicholson. An R rating is pretty surprising, all I remember is the F word a few times which the few times it is uttered is very weird and surprising to hear it coming from a president of the US, so had an impact. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who likes history and politics. I would fully recommend it to people that actually experienced this crazy piece of history for themselves. I was less then a year old during Nixon's resignation, so I have had to learn about the Watergate scandel from other sources, but I can imagine this movie would be even more interesting and effective to a generation ahead of me that followed the news stories as they happened, and more importantly, remember Nixon as he was and what Frost was able to accomplish. It really concentrates on Nixon's attitude and nature and the amazing thing Frost brought out in him. I understood the impact somewhat, but not fully. I just think a greater knowledge of Nixon would generate a greater impact from the movie if that makes sense.
I have a story about an amusing mix up of Richard Nixon the President of the United States and Richard Nixon the Stake President of my childhood involving dad and I, but alas I have to get ready for work, I may add it later.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Beetlejuice...Beetlejuice....Beetlejuice! Another movie I haven't seen for years, but after reading through the quotes, I want to watch it! This was a tough one for you guys! Jeanine got it first! Way to go Neaners! I know you've had a difficult time recovering from your surgery, so I hope this win gives you some happiness. Matt got it next, and that was it! Haley thought it might be Tommy Boy from the first quote. Sounds like everyone needs to watch this movie again. Maybe next time we are all together we can watch it. Isn't this one of those movies that Matt was addicted to when he was young and watched it like a million times?

Oh yeah, I thought it might be fun to start adding some trivia to these postings. I looked up trivia on Beetlejuice. Get this, Tim Burton had Sammy Davis Jr in mind to play Beetlejuice! The movie would not have been the same. I'm not knocking Sammy, he was great, but Michael Keaton just owns that character. I'm glad one of the producers recommended using him instead.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing day. Cam left for his first week in St. George today. I think I need a hobby, I'm already kind of bored. So if any of you get phone calls from me and I just want to talk, you'll just have to put up with it. Maybe I'll catch up on some movies. He called me a little while ago when he got there. His bosses own a condo down there, so that is where he will be staying. He says it is really nice!

Here is this week's movie quote:

I don't like his feet.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look what I found!

I was going through pictures of last Christmas on Phisters computer and found this. I almost died. (Click to enlarge)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Back to the Future! I don't think I've seen this movie since it was in the theaters! I remember going with our brother Ben. I think I'm going to put it on my Netflix, or borrow it from someone. Reading through the quotes reminded me how good this movie is. No one got it from the first quote. Dan guessed Transformers from the first quote. Then I put the second quote on and the guesses came in. Dan was first to guess Wright! Then Dad, then Emily, then Haley. It was killing Haley, she knew that she knew it! I love it when that happens! That's all the guesses I got. I didn't do a Friday this time. I usually do one when pretty much everyone is having a hard time. Let me know if you would like me to always to a Friday quote. So, way to go Dan! You are becoming a force to be reckoned with! Haven't heard from Matt in awhile. What's up with that little bro?

Here is this week's movie quote:

Not so fast roundboy. We're gonna have some laughs.

Happy Birthday Booker!!!!

Happy Birthday Booker!! Can you believe Booker is turning 12? Booker, we all love you so much, and you are such a great addition to our family. You are so funny and smart and talented. With your mom's help, I put together a little list of things you like:

Booker likes the Star Wars movies.

Booker loves puppies and he really wants one right now. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Booker loves Bionicles! He has several of them. Aunt Sue has contributed greatly to his Bionicle collection.

Booker loves legos, and especially seems to like the Star Wars lego sets. Aunt Sue has contributed greatly to that collection as well. He can put them together in about half an hour, it's crazy.

Booker has been a life long fan of Rob Zombie. Mom even bought him a Rob Zombie action figure when for his birthday when he turned 3 or 4.

Booker also likes Black Sabbath.

Booker is a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes. You have great taste buddy! Calvin and Hobbes is one of the funniest comic strips ever.

He is also a fan of the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

One of Bookers favorite foods is the ham and cheese Hot Pockets. I always make sure I have a bunch in my freezer when he stays the weekend. Hot Pockets! (any of you Jim Gaffigan fans know how funny hot pockets can be).

He also likes cheeseburgers. I thought he would especially like this picture with the eyes and teeth.

Booker also really likes cantaloupe. And Catherine says that ever since he heard Alton Brown call them "musk melons", Booker calls them that too.

Booker loves Alton Brown! I did not know this. Next time you stay the weekend we'll watch Alton Brown. I like him a lot too.

Booker also likes the cartoon Invader Zim.

He also really likes The Simpsons! This makes me very happy and Booker and I have watched hours of Simpson episodes together.

And finally, Booker loves skateboarding. Catherine says he has really been getting into it lately and is watching skate movies and teaching himself. Perhaps Uncle Matt could help him.

I hope you had a great birthday Booker! We all love you so much! I'll come see you soon and bring you a present.
Happy Birthday!!!!
Love you!! Kisses!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Under the Radar

I watched this movie a few nights ago and I keep thinking about it. It is a really, really good movie. It is the story of the man who invented the intermittent windshield wipers. Sounds pretty interesting doesn't it? Trust me, it is interesting. It stars Greg Kinnear, who I know most of us are pretty big fans of. He plays Dr. Bob Kearns, a university professor who invents the intermittent windshield wipers and takes the idea to Ford. I'm not going to say much more about the plot, I don't want to give it away. If you like movies where you root for the underdog, and you like courtroom dramas, you'll like this movie. Dr. Kearns is an interesting guy and Kinnear does a great job portraying him. It is amazing how something we all have in our vehicles and think nothing of, totally consumed one man's life. You'll like Dr. Kearns' kids too.

The movie is based on an article that was published in the New Yorker in the early 90's. I actually read the article when it came out. I was taking a creative writing class at the time and the New Yorker was our text book. It was pretty cool. We all had subscriptions and every week when the new one came out the professor picked out articles for us to read and write papers on and stuff. I love that magazine to this day. Anyway, trust me, this is a good movie and I highly recommend it. It is PG-13 and just came out on DVD a few weeks ago.