Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Cam!!!!

Happy Birthday Cam!! It really sucks that you are in St. George and probably don't even remember it's your birthday. But I am here thinking about you, and I will show you this post when you get home this weekend. Doug and Ricky remembered your birthday and sent you a card. I'm sorry you have to spend your birthday alone. I put together a little list of some things you like:

Cam loves Reggae music. He especially loves Peter Tosh. Our dog, Tosh, is named after him.

Cam loves Chevy trucks! It's the only truck he will own. He's really good at fixing them too.

Cam loves The Talking Heads, especially the lead singer, David Byrne. We got to see David Byrne in concert last October, and we get to see him again next month! We are so looking forward to the concert!

Cam loves to go camping.

Cam loves to grill. He is very good at it and loves all the sub-categories of grilling like rotesserie and smoking too.

Cam loves the old Clint Eastwood westerns! He likes Clint's newer movies too, but he really loves the old westerns. He loves it when AMC does their Clint Eastwood marathon weekends.

Cam loves the movie Zoolander! He and I can watch this movie over and over again. I chose the above picture because it is the scene that makes him laugh the hardest.

Cam also loves The Simpsons! Cam and I can get each other laughing pretty hard quoting the Simpsons when real life imitates them. It happens a lot. I think it drives our friends nuts.

Cam loves clean socks! He is kind of a sock freak. He wears 2 pair at a time, and changes them often, just so he doesn't have smelly feet. He owns more socks than anyone I know.
Cam loves to change into "comfie pants" when he gets home from work. Sweats are the more common term.

Cam loves being bald! This picture depicts how he does it. He really does take a razor to his entire head. He loves being bald and is quite proud of it. "At least I have a good dome" is what he likes to say.

Cam loves the Star Wars movies, and seems to especially like Bubba Fett. He proudly displays the Bubba Fett action figure he got as a kid in our living room.

Cam loves his friends. This picture is of Cam and his two best friends, Lanny and Jeff.

Believe it or not, but Cam really loves our cats, and they love him too. He still likes to tease me and call me "crazy cat lady", but he really does love them.

And finally, Cam loves Tosh. And Tosh loves Cam so much. I don't know what one would do without the other. They have the best master/dog relationship I've ever seen. Tosh loves me too, and is doing okay with Cam being gone, but I can tell he misses him.
Happy Birthday Cam! I hope you treat yourself to an In-and-Out Burger or something for your birthday! Sorry you have to spend it alone in St. George. Me and the animals miss you and can't wait for you to come home this weekend!
Love you!! Kisses!!!!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Cam! Hope your job is going OK in St. George. Glad you're part of the family and that Sue found you! You should call me again sometime! (See Sue's posting of the motorcycle accident on her blog) Happy Birthday!

Emily said...

Happy birthday! Sorry you have to be alone down there for it. Mmmm Inn N Out burger.
That pic of Chevy trucks was especially funny. It looked like a little dream bubble for someone who really loves Chevys.
If I remember correctly, Matt had a life sized cardboard cut out of Bubba Fett in his room at one time. I don't even remember him in the movies.

Cat said...

Happy Birthday, Cam!

Haley said...

Happy Birthday Cam! Hope your day is great, that stinks you have to be away from Sue and your friends. Hope this weekend home makes up for it. I bet it is stinkin hot down there. My uncle is a contractor down there in Hurricane and I really don't know how they do it in that heat. They have to start like at 3 or 4 am and get off at noon to be out of the sun at the hottest times. Well good luck! Yeah, who is Bubba Fett?? No joke, my verification word is regae!! It is spelled wrong but pretty darn close!

Matt said...

Happy Birthday Cam. I think its so rad you like Reggae music. I listen to a lot of really old ska that is a lot like Reggae but cooler. Ha ha. Kidding.
Boba Fett, if I remember right, was hired by Jabba The Hut to capture Han Solo in Return of the Jedi. I think Darth Vador used him to track down the millennium falcon in one of the other Star Wars movies. (kindof embarrassed that I know that...But I haven't seen a Star wars movie since I was 15) Yeah, your right Em, I have no idea why I had that life sized card board cut out of him, I think Chuck gave it to me back in the day.

Pops said...

Happy Birthday Cam. You are great for taking good care of my Susie. "I loved her first" Song that Scott and Haley danced to at their wedding reception. I have it on my Nano. High five for Chevy trucks. I am embaressed to drive a whimpass Ford Ranger, but it works and that is the only good part. Have a great day and take care of yourself. George

Sue said...

Hey everyone it's Cam. I passed my 2 inspections this morning and decided to surprise Sue and come home. I got home just before she got home from work. Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes. Chevys rule.

Sue said...

It's Sue now. Thanks everyone! You can't believe how surprised I was to see Cam's truck in the driveway when I got home. He really doesn't feel a need to be down there for the rest of the week. They are just going to pour the footings, and they can do that without him. So yay! As soon as they start actually building he'll be down there full weeks at a time.

Thanks again. And Matt, you are spot on about Bubba Fett. He was Jabba's bounty hunter.

Amy said...

That's awesome that Cam got to come home and surprise Sue. Sorry you guys can't be here this weekend. I can't believe I'm making San Diego Specials and you won't be there Sue!

Dan W said...

Happy Birtday, Cam! Fun to hear about your love of reggae and other cool things. Do you and Sue know the band Spearhead (sometimes called Michael Franti and Spearhead). Really great socially conscious stuff with a great reggae feel to much of it. If you don't know them already, sometime check their song Stay Human (aka "All the Freaky People").

All my best with your project down there in St. George. Glad it's going so well so far!

Neaners said...

Ditto to everyone's comments. So glad you made it home Cam. To be separated is very hard. My very good friend D'Anna who lives in Provo, hubby is working here in California at a refinery. He was unemployed for over five months. He has been here for almost 3 already. Wish you the best.