Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

So I guess I really messed up! The movie was supposed to be The Holy Grail, and I guess 2 of my quotes were from it! I didn't mean to confuse anyone! That third quote is on the website I use as a Holy Grail quote, but I guess it is from the movie Labyrinth. Sorry, I had no idea. I couldn't think of where in the Holy Grail it was said, but sounded like it could be from the movie. I doubled check the website, and it is listed as a Holy Grail quote, I then checked quotes from Labyrinth, and it was listed there too! Maybe I'll try to find a new movie quote website. Anyway, enough about that. This movie is definately a Wright classic, Cam and I watched it Christmas day when it snowed so much our satellite went out. I've got great childhood memories from this movie, like mom taking us to the midnight showing while dad slept. Truly one of the funniest movies ever made.

Dan got it first! I knew Dan was going to be good at this. Matt got it second then B! I was surprised to hear from B on this one.

And, much to my surprise, there was a second movie, Labyrinth! Em got it first, then Haley, then Matt. Em you can update the allstars however you want. But you should definitely count both you and Dan as people who got the quote first. And I will try not to do that again.
Okay, here is this week's movie quote. And I know it is from the movie I'm thinking of:
I'm betting he's going to swerve first.


Dan W said...

Fun flick, for sure! I actually wasn't positive on this one, but with the clue seeming to reference a King Arthur story, I decided to guess right off. SO many amazing lines in that movie that I'm sure it was hard picking one that wasn't a dead giveaway!

I don't remember who recommended it, but I just saw Young @ Heart tonight (received it from Netflix). What a great movie. So sad and so triumphant at the same time. What wonderful people. Their singing "Forever Young" at the prison and then that fellow singing Coldplay's "Fix You" had me tearing up big time. Whoever it was, thanks for the recommendation!

Emily said...

That's pretty funny! Boy, I should have shown the first 2 to Rob. That is one movie he knows at least as well as I, perhaps better. That would be a fun movie to watch again, it's been awhile.
I wouldn't give up on your site just yet Sue-- it's only let you down once in 33 times. I am sure any of those sites would have a margin of error at least that high.

Dan- Sue recommended that movie (which I still need to see).

Haley said...

I loved Young at Heart! Glad you liked it Dan. The two parts you mentioned are my favorites as well. That is funny about the two movie quotes! I have seen Monty Python a few times but did not recognize either of the quotes. It has been a while. I recognized the Labyrinth one right away though!! I love that part, the little english worm is so cute! Come inside, have a cup of tea!

Dan W said...

Random tie-in for this thread as I mentioned a version of a Coldplay song in Young @ Heart, but it cracked me up to see Sarah ripping on Coldplay as the worst band in the world recently on Facebook. You crazy Aunts with your music opinions are infecting the next generation!

Sue said...

Holy Grail was definitely the hardest movie yet to pick quotes that weren't obvious. (I think that is why I ended up picking the Labyrinth quote because I couldn't place it in the Holy Grail.) I thought Tommy Boy was hard to get quotes that weren't obvious, but Holy Grail was worse. There were over 300 quotes listed from Holy Grail, you can basically just read the quotes and feel like you've just watched the movie.

Yes, it was I who recommended Young At Heart. I'm glad you watched it and liked it. I think it would take a really strange person that could watch it and not like it. They came through Salt Lake last year and it is a shame I didn't go see them. I hadn't seen the movie yet, just heard about it. oh well. coldplay sucks.

Emily said...

I would be very surprised if before this morning Sarah had any idea of her Aunts' stand on Coldplay. We rarely if ever talk about music in front of or with Sarah, so she came to those conclusions all on her own and I for one am very proud of her.

Dan W said...

I love fighting with you guys!

Fun comment about Sarah, Em.

B said...

Yay Sarah!! Coldplay ranks down there with Nickelback and Creed in my book. I get a little nauseous when these bands come on.

WV: emiestin. Emily Einstein!

Amy said...

Yes, Sarah has always had a mind of her own and I don't think she has been influenced too much by her aunts in the music area. And, I think the only time she has looked at this blog was to see her birthday post.
Well, Simonne is going home today. We will go to the airport at about 2:30. We are so sad to see her go. We have had such a great experience being her host family. We will miss her a lot!

Amy said...

P.S. Happy Birthday to Steve!!!

Dan W said...

Tell Sarah to look at the blog more, so I can help her refine her tastes!

Thanks on the b-day wishes, Amy. I'll pass them along to Steve.

So how do we, um, ... properly honor Jeanine properly for her nerd victory?

Emily said...

Oh that's me! I will do something for her tomorrow.

Tee hee.

Creed! Haha! Man they suck.

I know you all will miss Simmone lots, so I am sorry you had to say goodbye to her. I am happy she gets to go home though, I'm sure she will enjoy that.

Dan W said...

I actually agree with you about Creed!

(Agreeing with one of you culture vultures--scary!)

Sue said...

Creed sucks about as much as a band can possibly suck.

I find myself once again apologizing for not doing a quote! Matt even sent me a text message last night telling me he needed one. hehehe. I was still kind of a spaz yesterday after the whole cat-pee-electrical fire incident. Here it is:

Person #1- You can't plan a day like today.

Person #2- You can, it just takes an awful lot of time.

Haley said...

Man these sound familiar but so far back in my brain I just can't dig them out. Ugh. Haha about the Creed stuff!

Amy said...

I know it now! yay

Neaners said...

Oh by the way I am proud to be the winner of the contest! LOL. I still sing to Barry Manilow! Thanks guys!!