Saturday, June 9, 2012

Very Pinteresting

This post is mainly for Em, but everyone can laugh at the pictures.

Yes, Em, there are a LOT of headband tutorials on Pinterest. But the thing I've been noticing that's here to replace all the ridiculous poof skirts of the past few years is... tulle tutus. I went looking for an example of one, and come across this beauty....

Definitely the worst I've ever seen. It's actually supposed to be a wicked witch costume (hence the broom, smoke, and tiny witch hat that I thought was a butterfly until just now), but I bet this mom will find any excuse to parade this masterpiece out. 

But then I came across this one. 

And minus the wrist and hair things, wouldn't Elle look cute sitting in a mountain of Cookie tulle? (Trick question, Elle would look cute sitting in a mountain of garbage).

And now, for your viewing pleasure... Ridiculous Things Moms Do To Their Children!!! 

A 9 month old flapper?

Caption "Presh!!" That flower is the size of her FACE!!! 

Ooh, this mom is trying to be DIFFERENT by not using tulle!!! 

The caption on this was "First Birthday Outfit!!!" 

This girl is so darling, but that bow distracts from her whole face!! 

Just thought I'd share. As with all things on the internet, Pinterest has it's wonderful sides, and it's gag me with a spoon sides. I've personally really enjoyed it, and my budget has loved all of the recipes and household tips I've come across. Just thought I'd put that out there. 

Friday, June 1, 2012


Guess who just got cast in the next Woody Allen movie!?!?!

scroll down for it..............

YAAAAAAAY!  That is some nice casting Woody!