Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy News!

Time for a little action on this blog. We were all so excited for Matt and B with their exciting announcement,and then so disappointed that we're going to have to wait a little longer to have a little Wright baby in the family. Wow, I just realized that Matt was the last "Wright baby". I didn't want to take anything away from Matt and Bronwyn's happiness and then the following sadness, but I think it might be time to let you know what's going on in our family. Most of you probably saw it on facebook, but I just wanted to officially announce that Sarah got engaged on Saturday, October 8th, to Cody James Griffiths. They are going to be married on Thursday, January 12, 2012 in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in South Jordan. There will be a reception that evening at Highland Gardens in Highland. Then there will be another reception at the Holiday Inn in Riverton on the 14th. We would love for you all to plan on being there for this special day. Cody is a great guy and we're excited to welcome him into our family. He loves Sarah so much and she is so happy.

While we're at it, while this is not official with a ring yet, Kelly and Mike Long are also getting married! They are planning a wedding for Saturday, March 24, 2012 in the St. George Temple and then a reception in Riverton on Friday, March 30. We are so excited for these two, also. Mike is such a great guy, too, and they are unbelievably cute and happy. So, save these dates!!

Well, as for me, I'm spending hours upon hours on the internet and the phone searching for bridesmaids dresses, caterers, photographers, florists, cake makers, and worst of all, mother of the bride dresses! I'm loving it, and making progress and looking forward to having two more sons. I couldn't have hand-selected any better for these two daughters of mine.

Oh, and I'm leaving Thursday to spend 3 days with Jeanine in New York City, and a WEEK with Allison, Will, Haley and Marcus in Pennsylvania! Can I tell you how excited I am?! Love you all! Kisses!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


We all know and love and FAIL videos. But some may not be as familiar with their counter part WIN videos.
This is a WIN video that B and I just thought had to be shared. It is very short, so give it a watch!
For the time being, if we could please keep this off of Facebook, that would be greatly appreciated :-D