Saturday, October 1, 2011


We all know and love and FAIL videos. But some may not be as familiar with their counter part WIN videos.
This is a WIN video that B and I just thought had to be shared. It is very short, so give it a watch!
For the time being, if we could please keep this off of Facebook, that would be greatly appreciated :-D


Haley said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I'm so excited!!! So happy for you guys! I was so confused at first by the whole thing but the ending brought it all together. I laughed so hard at the preying mantis! CONGRATULATIONS MATT AND B!!

Chef said...

Way cool!!!! Congratulations! You guys will be awesome parents.

Sue said...

I could not be happier!!!! You guys are going to have the funniest, cutest little kid. You are going to be such a great dad, Matt. And B, you are going to be such a great, sweet mom. That is going to be one lucky little kid. And that video, is the BEST! That is such a great way to tell a bunch of us. You guys are so silly. Love you!!