Saturday, May 28, 2011


Enjoy my tunes while you rack your brains guessing my movie. The Bowie song is for B. She listens to it all the time.

This movie slipped through the cracks... Might even throw it in a Wright Classic category.

Person 1: When I do get the permits, how long will the job take?
Person 2: Two weeks.
Person 1: Two weeks? Two weeks?
Person 2: You sound like a parakeet there. "Two weeks! Two weeks!"

Good luck fam-bags!

Sorry peeps! I have an excuse, but not one that I'll broadcast. You will live, and Dan is once again undermined in his attempt to rule at WTB and all of blogdom. Matt says he is doing great, loving the "Fon doo" (those Wright boys and their spelling), and slept in a 3 man tent in the courtyard of the interpreters house last night. The Rinpoche's wife is a great cook, and he's blown away by the scenery and the food. 

Here's your next quote. 

Person 1: Mozart? Mozart is dead, his problems are over, help MEEE... 

Here's the giveaway. 

Anna: Walter?
Walter: Oh, Anna, thank God it's you! Thank God! Anna: Walter? Walter: Thank God you're here, honey! Anna: Is that you? Walter: Is it me? I'm speaking so loud I'm hallucinating! For a while, I thought the Care Bears were here! Anna: Walter? Walter: Farm animals or geese or chickens... Anna: Walter? Walter: UPSTAIRS! Anna: Are you alright? Walter: No, I'm not alright. Anna: Where are you? Walter: I'm in the den! Anna: No you're not, I was just in there... Walter: I'm in the den! I swear it! Please believe me! Anna: Will you stop fooling around, Walter? I'm tired! Walter: I'm right here. Anna: Look, Walter, enough is enough! Walter: I'M RIGHT HERE! Anna: Where? Walter: In the floor behind the chair. Anna: [laughsWalter: Laughing, huh? We're laughing. 


I remember the last year we were living in Chula Vista on Carvallos Drive and watching the Good Morning America show in the bedroom and hearing a movie review of the Stallone movie called Rocky. The guy really liked it and was supprised a guy like Stallone could put together such a good movie. The rest is history as they say.

Matt was first. Wright after the posting, except Haley would have beaten him if she had gotten the wright Rocky movie. She guessed Rocky II. by the time she got the wright Rocky Dan got in there with the second place guess. Haley third, and then Bronwyn, Any and Emily. Emily knew it early but guess she was late and didn't put in her answer until yesterday.

So many good quotes.

It should be an interesting week with Matt going off to Switzerland (sp) on monday. If he gets a post up this weekend I guess B can take over the rest of the week. So it can be a joint effort on their part. Take it away, Matt and B.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fever Pitch

This was on tv a couple of weeks ago and I stayed up to watch it because I remember liking it so well. It's a really great movie, kids. It's Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore who are both really great in it. Barrymore is a career-driven journalist who meets Fallon, an elementary school teacher. They start dating and Barrymore and her friends start wondering how is this super cute and super funny guy is still single? Well, that gets answered. He's obsessed with the Red Sox. I mean crazy obsessed. It's hilarious. It has themes of sacrifice and compromise and the things we do in relationships for the sake of relationships. It is really funny. It's based on a Nick Hornby book, so you know the dialogue is really good. He's so great at writing dialogue. I'd recommend it highly to even romantic comedy haters.

Also... I just finished The Pale King by David Foster Wallace last night.

But I don't really want to talk about that. Anyone have a copy of The Passage I could borrow?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

WTB Movie contest

Whoo Hoo! I finally won first place. Glad to be back on the board and hip hopping along like Brer Rabbit. Good movie, Dan. It threw a lot of things at you to think about. When I first saw it I was not very pleased with the concept. It went against my black or white theology. But later I have come to appreacate the movie more and more. I made the guess before you posted your playlist and then I had to laugh. It was a sure giveaway if one was on the wright trac in guessing the movie.

As to my playlist. I was going to have a contest inside a contest and have you guess the movie the tunes represented. I knew it would be a slam-dunk for Emily and Matt. But thought the rest of you would have some fun with it. Of course, now, with Pulp Fiction written all over the playlist it is all beside the point. Hope you enjoy the music anyway. "Know what they call a cheeseburger in France?" hahaha So many quotes from that movie. Right! HoneyBunny?

This weeks movie I had to read Dan's list of movies used three times before I could believe we have not used it before. One of the great ones and one often quoted, at least here in Wyoming Country. This one should be easy for most all of you. Have a good week.

Quote one: Man: Stay in school and use your brain. Be a doctor, be a lawyer, carry a leather briefcase. Forget about sports as a profession. Sports make ya grunt and smell. See, be a thinker, not a stinker.

Quote two: Man: You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!

Wednesday quotes:

Man: Your nose is broken.
Man 2: How does it look?
Man: Ah, it's an improvement.

Quote 2:

Woman: Why do you wanna fight?
Man: Because I can't sing or dance.

Quote 3: Man: I wanna kiss ya-ya don't have to kiss me back if ya don't feel like it.

Have a great rest of the week and talk to ya Friday yo.


Paulie: I want you outa here instamatically.

"Cut me, Mick.

"Yo Adrian."


Woo hoo, Pleasantville. LOVE this movie. It came to my mind along with The Truman Show (that I used last time I won) as films I like that have a similar theme--and I thought of these two films to begin with as I reflected on why I liked M. Night Shyamalan's The Village when Matt didn't). I guess all three movies work for me on the level of the deep philosophical truth that you can't successfully design a life or world that goes against allowing people their full freedom to be; you can't keep chaos at bay; that remind us that reality is not something you can control against, for it will always break into even the best-laid plans. Dictators eventually learn this. And to me, it's Plan of Salvation 101, yet unfortunately many Mormons (and, of course, conservatives from many religious and philosophical traditions) forget that fact and end up pretty miserable and disappointed (and feeling unnecessarily like a failure) because we just CAN'T live in a protective bubble. We must be IN the world even as not OF it, yet too many of us think we can just stay in "not of the world" mode without really even starting the wrestle that leads to where all the real blessings lie. (Okay, preacher mode switching off now. Please don't let my soap-boxing stop you from seeing these films. And still happy to argue about The Village with Matt or others...).

A couple of you who got it right from the clues admitted that you haven't seen Pleasantville but always intended to. I highly recommend it for all of you. It's a bit adventurous about sex in spots, but no nudity or anything overt or in your face. Mostly part of the storyline as a none-too-innocent teenaged Reese Witherspoon from the present day gets sucked into a 50s television show with characters that don't know what to do at lover's lane, and housewives who don't know sex can be pleasurable and they have the right to their own enjoyment, etc. I promise that there's more robustness to the reasons than sexual awakening for the characters turning from black and white into color, but that is one part of it. Overall a good, thought-provoking movie that deals with tons of important themes and with the metaphor of black and white vs color standing in well for other issues that have played out (and still do) in society.

So who won the contest?! Almost every one of you eventually got it, but from the initial quotation and hint about the two actors who were early in their careers but are now big timers, George (Pops) Wright came in strong the first day! Way to go! Back in the lead by himself, now!

Following George, Alex got it on Wednesday morning BEFORE I put up the Wednesday clues. Said he got it mostly from thinking about the first quote and the clue that was basically my whole playlist, which had tunes with either Black and White, White, Color, or the name of a color in their titles. (All of you serious players should remember that my playlists almost always contain hints. This time was, by far, the biggest hints yet.) Nice job, Spoon!

When the Wed clues went up, Matt sent in the right answer pretty quickly, followed by B a couple hours later. Haley came in with correct guess on Thursday. When the Friday quotes went up, both Sue and Emily got it right within 7 minutes of each other. So, overall, a strong, clear win this week, plus lots of other folks "on the board." A good week--very pleasant one--in WTB land, I think!

Take it away, big Poppy George!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WTB Baby....

Hey All,

Here we go again! Good movie, released within the past fifteen years, stars two of today's big actor/actress celebs that were not unheard of when it came out but have had major careers since. Good luck! Awesome playlist to go up tomorrow most likely.

Here is first clue:

Mom: When your father was here, I used to think, "This was it. This is the way it was always going to be. I had the right house. I had the right car. I had the right life."
Son: There is no right house. There is no right car.
Mom: God, my face must be a mess.
Son: It looks great.
Mom: Honey, it's really sweet of you, but I'm sure it does not look "great."
Son: Sure it does. Come here.
Mom: I'm 40 years old. I mean, it's not supposed to be like this.
Son: It's not supposed to be anything. Hold still.
Mom: How'd you get so smart all of a sudden?
Son: [long slow smile] I had a good day.

Wednesday clues:

Clue 1 (can't resist any mention of a "George"!):

Person 1: Everybody really likes you, George.
Person 2: Oh. Well...
Person 1: No! They do! And it's not just 'cause you're a good bowler. It's 'cause people respect you!

Clue 2 (different Persons 1 and 2):

Person 1: What goes on up at Lover's Lane?
Person 2: What do you mean?
Person 1: Well, you hear these things lately... kids spending so much time up there. Uh, is it holding hands? That kind of thing?
Person 2: Yeah! That and...
Person 1: What?
Person 2: It doesn't matter.
Person 1: No, I wanna know.
Person 2: Well, sex.
Person 1: Oh. What's sex?

Friday clues (these should give it away):

"Up until now everything around here has been, well, pleasant. Recently certain things have become unpleasant. Now, it seems to me that the first thing we have to do is to separate out the things that are pleasant from the things that are unpleasant."

Separate scene:

[In a town hall setting, and leaning forward toward the mayor and speaking confidentially with a mischievous grin]: What do you want to do to me right now? Come on. Everyone is turning colors. Kids are making out in the street. No one is getting their dinner.[Then raising his voice for all to hear]Hell, you could have a flood any minute! Pretty soon, the women could be going off to work, while the men stayed at home and cooked!

Contact me with your guesses!

North By Northwest

Yes, North By Northwest is the movie I handed to you guys on a platter. I get a message from dad that says, "Wow! Easy clues. I have been off the internet for a day and a half. Been to Casper early today and just got back. The movie is North by Northwest. I would have gotten it with the Teddy Roosevelt looking clue." I couldn't help but laugh. YES! Easy clues indeed. Although, looks like this film is color. I swear I've seen it in black and white, so I don't know what's going on there. But I have a hard time believing that would have thrown anyone off if the other clues made sense to you. Have you guys not seen this? It is arguably Hitchcock's finest film (and #40 on the list AFI's 100 years, 100 films). Cary Grant plays a business man that is mistaken by some thugs to be a spy that has something on their boss. So this innocent man is thrown into a big mess that is suspenseful and really good action, especially for the time. Watch it! And I'm going to watch it again.

I mentioned that pop's did indeed get the right answer. Unfortunately for you pops, you spent 22 minutes too long in Casper, cause Dan pieced it together by the clues just before you got on the computer. That would be it! That would be all the guesses I even got. Kids Were All Wright peeps are S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G this week!

Giddy-up Dan

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Haha Alex! They don't give me a hard time, cause I'm awesome.

Here's your quote biploves:

Man: When I was a little boy, I wouldn't even let my mother undress me.
Woman: Well, you're a big boy now.

Alright, here it is AGAIN with the Wednesday clue: (I even extended it a few lines)

Man: I know, I look vaguely familiar
Woman: Yes!
Man: You feel you've seen me somewhere before
Woman: Uh huh
Man: Funny how I have that effect on people, it's something about my face
Woman: It's a nice face.
Man: You think so?
Woman: I wouldn't say it if I didn't.
Man: Oh, you're THAT type.
Woman: What type?
Man: Honest.
Woman: Not really
Man: Good. Because honest women frighten me.
Woman: Why?
Man: I don't know, somehow they seem to put me at a disadvantage.
Woman: Because you're not honest with them?
Man: Exactly
Woman: Like that business about the 7 parking tickets?
Man: What I mean is- the moment I meet an attractive woman, I have to start pretending I've no desire to make love to her.
Woman: What makes you think you have to conceal it?
Man: She might find the idea objectionable.
Woman: Then again, she might not...
Man: Think how lucky I am to have been seated here!
Woman: Luck had nothing to do with it
Man: Fate?
Woman: I tipped the steward 5 dollars to seat you here if you should come in.

Friday clue:

"I don't like the way Teddy Roosevelt is looking at me."

Wow!!! Freaking crickets! I can't imagine you guys haven't seen this movie. I can accept that everyone hasn't seen it, but I would be really really surprised if most of you haven't.

Here are some hints:

Black and White -1959

VERY famous director EVERYONE has heard of -Alfred Hitchcock

the "Teddy Roosevelt" in question was the image carved on a mountain, not the real thing. -famous shooting scene that takes place on Mt. Rushmore.

Scout's first ballet recital

I wanted everyone to know that Scout's first ballet recital is coming up. It is on Wednesday, June 15th at 4:30. Considering that it is in the middle of the week at 4:30 we don't expect you all (or anyone really) to come, but I wanted to let you all know so you know and give you the chance to go if it's something you want to do. It takes place in American Fork in her ballet studio. It will have an Alice in Wonderland theme, and it will just be the little ones. The deal is, the regular ballet company where Scout takes lessons, is doing an Alice In Wonderland ballet, but starting this year, the youngest class no longer performs with the company. The moms complained about the frequent and long rehearsals and the expensive costumes for a part that lasted like 1 minute. So this year they have decided to just have the girls wear simpler costumes and just perform in their own studio for parents and relatives.

I'm not complaining. This seems a whole lot easier to me and frankly, since last month when I had to do the entire scripture talk in primary for her because she refused to open her mouth, I have my doubts she would even get on that giant stage in front of hundreds of people. Then it would have been REALLY sucky to go through all that for a nice case of stage fright. It might have been alright though, since she doesn't have to open her mouth. We may never know (well, maybe we will next year).

I tried to get her to open her eyes, but she told me that girls look prettier with their eyes closed. (??).

They must look prettier with pursed lips too. Who knew?

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am just backing up Susan for her recommendation of this Book. I finished it two weeks ago or so and I still think about it nearly every day. Good stuff. Thanks, Sue, for the tip.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

WTB WTB? Grumpy Old Men

Grumpy Old Men. I cannot believe nobody got this one before Saturday when I had to pretty much come right out and tell ya. I've seen this movie so stinkin many times. I swear it was the only DVD my friend, Chad, owned. Every time I went over to hang out at his place, it was what was playing in the background. It's kind of engrained in my brain whether I like it or not. I really did expect more of you to have known this one better. In fact, I actually checked the list to make sure it hadn't been done by someone else before. So I really didn't know I was picking such an obscure one. My bad, peeps. My bad.

Tuesday morning Dan was confident that it was What a Girl Wants (which kinda makes me giggle for some reason) that, of course, was incorrect. Then I didn't hear anything for four long days, until the super giveaway, to which Emily was the first to respond. Her exact words were "Rob says Grumpy Old Men". Good thing you have a smart spouse, cause Big George was a mere 14 minutes behind ya with his Wright guess. After that it was Matt, Cat and finally Dan, who seemed a little upset, as his message read "Pick movies people have seen!" Well excuse me, Father. I will make sure to take you into special consideration next time I pick a flick... I believe it was Kevin Spacey who said in the movie 21 (have you seen that one, Dan?) "Win like a man, lose like a man."

Does anybody else smell burnt toast? ZING!

Go ahead Em Sauce.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!

(I have only a very few pics of mom on my computer and you can't steal photos to download on facebook anymore.......SO if anyone has any good pics of mom, feel free to post them here)

I just wanted to wish mom (Jane) a happy mother's day today! She is kind of the matriarch of The Kids Were All Right, in addition, she is or has been a mother figure at one point or another to most people that participate in this blog, so I thought this was appropriate. Plus, she deserves a big cyber mother's day shout out.

I thought maybe we could share a story or something or just say something nice about her in the comments andor let her know what she means to us.

Monday, May 2, 2011

WTB Sorry I'm late.

Hey guys, sorry I'm runnin late... again. I currently sit here, typing on my awesome new Mac that I haven't hardly had time to play with, surrounded by all my possessions stuffed in random boxes and trash bags, trying to decide how to start unpacking. I had to change apartments yesterday and it was a great big hassle. So between that and graduation and work and that Osama guy gettin dead, I kinda forgot bout WTB... my bad.

Truman Show is a great movie. I remember watchin it with Dan many a time. I think I remember him taking it with him to one of his adjunct teaching gigs at SLCC, which made it stick out in my head as some sort of philosophically significant or something. Anyway- Spoon FTW once again.

Bippin quote numero uno:

"Do me a favor. Put your lip over your head... and swallow."

Wednesday's bippin quote:

[after a swig of an alcoholic beverage] Breakfast.

You guys need some help. Here's a bonus Thursday hint:

Person 1: You're supposed to be smoking filter cigarettes.

Person 2: I'm 94 years old. What the hell do I care?

Trying to give it away:

When I had an ulcer, I was farting razor blades.


Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau...

John Gustafson: Moron!
Max Goldman: Putz!

Max Goldman: John! John! Are you dead?
John Gustafson: Not yet. But I don't want to die looking at your ugly face.