Monday, May 2, 2011

WTB Sorry I'm late.

Hey guys, sorry I'm runnin late... again. I currently sit here, typing on my awesome new Mac that I haven't hardly had time to play with, surrounded by all my possessions stuffed in random boxes and trash bags, trying to decide how to start unpacking. I had to change apartments yesterday and it was a great big hassle. So between that and graduation and work and that Osama guy gettin dead, I kinda forgot bout WTB... my bad.

Truman Show is a great movie. I remember watchin it with Dan many a time. I think I remember him taking it with him to one of his adjunct teaching gigs at SLCC, which made it stick out in my head as some sort of philosophically significant or something. Anyway- Spoon FTW once again.

Bippin quote numero uno:

"Do me a favor. Put your lip over your head... and swallow."

Wednesday's bippin quote:

[after a swig of an alcoholic beverage] Breakfast.

You guys need some help. Here's a bonus Thursday hint:

Person 1: You're supposed to be smoking filter cigarettes.

Person 2: I'm 94 years old. What the hell do I care?

Trying to give it away:

When I had an ulcer, I was farting razor blades.


Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau...

John Gustafson: Moron!
Max Goldman: Putz!

Max Goldman: John! John! Are you dead?
John Gustafson: Not yet. But I don't want to die looking at your ugly face.


Alex said...

Mother, I love you... but Seal? SEAL? New playlist in the works.

Dan W said...

Lor says: Have you seen Seal's wife?

Alex said...

I am aware of his supermodel wife. But still- the man is named after a small sea mammal. WTF does "kissed by a rose on the grave" even mean?

Emily said...

Heck if I know but I think it has something to do with Batman.

Dan W said...

What a couple of haters...

Pretty sure the lyric is "the grey" not "the grave." I think the "grey" means either sunrise or sundown when it's not quite light and not quite dark.

Not sure I totally know what it means, but certainly obsessive love of some sort.