Sunday, May 8, 2011

WTB WTB? Grumpy Old Men

Grumpy Old Men. I cannot believe nobody got this one before Saturday when I had to pretty much come right out and tell ya. I've seen this movie so stinkin many times. I swear it was the only DVD my friend, Chad, owned. Every time I went over to hang out at his place, it was what was playing in the background. It's kind of engrained in my brain whether I like it or not. I really did expect more of you to have known this one better. In fact, I actually checked the list to make sure it hadn't been done by someone else before. So I really didn't know I was picking such an obscure one. My bad, peeps. My bad.

Tuesday morning Dan was confident that it was What a Girl Wants (which kinda makes me giggle for some reason) that, of course, was incorrect. Then I didn't hear anything for four long days, until the super giveaway, to which Emily was the first to respond. Her exact words were "Rob says Grumpy Old Men". Good thing you have a smart spouse, cause Big George was a mere 14 minutes behind ya with his Wright guess. After that it was Matt, Cat and finally Dan, who seemed a little upset, as his message read "Pick movies people have seen!" Well excuse me, Father. I will make sure to take you into special consideration next time I pick a flick... I believe it was Kevin Spacey who said in the movie 21 (have you seen that one, Dan?) "Win like a man, lose like a man."

Does anybody else smell burnt toast? ZING!

Go ahead Em Sauce.


Dan W said...

False account of my messages. Go back to newswriting and fact checking class, tv/radio boy.... I said the Pick movies people have seen line in the group FB message after you were chiding everyone for not sending in guesses. When I guessed after teh giveaways, I only said I hadn't seen it. No sore losing from me (THIS time!).

And the early confidence in What a Girl Wants was instilled by both Lorri and Hope who both said that movie in response to the first clue.

Congrats, Em and Rob!

Emily said...

I don't want to hear apologies for the movies we pick anymore! You picked a perfectly fine movie Alex. I think the game has morphed into something where we don't need to worry about picking movies that everyone has seen a million times. If you haven't seen it, well maybe next time suckers- and maybe you will learn about a movie you should see sometime.
On another note, Rob knew this after the first quote. He always thought that was a very funny line and remembered it. He also let me in on it the night before, before the total giveaways, but I was too lazy to guess. I figured I was too late to win anyway. Wrong. Maybe Rob would like to do the playlist.

Dan W said...

PLEASE have Rob do the playlist! Ha ha

Pops said...

I agree with Dan. Have Rob do the playlist. Aaagghh! 14 minutes behind Ems. And I think I waited a few minutes before going back on the computer and making my guess. Dang fool. I totally agree with Emily and her comment about the movies we choose. And there are still a great many good movies out there to use. Like "Walking Around Howard's End Wearing a Platypus Dress"