Saturday, May 21, 2011

WTB Movie contest

Whoo Hoo! I finally won first place. Glad to be back on the board and hip hopping along like Brer Rabbit. Good movie, Dan. It threw a lot of things at you to think about. When I first saw it I was not very pleased with the concept. It went against my black or white theology. But later I have come to appreacate the movie more and more. I made the guess before you posted your playlist and then I had to laugh. It was a sure giveaway if one was on the wright trac in guessing the movie.

As to my playlist. I was going to have a contest inside a contest and have you guess the movie the tunes represented. I knew it would be a slam-dunk for Emily and Matt. But thought the rest of you would have some fun with it. Of course, now, with Pulp Fiction written all over the playlist it is all beside the point. Hope you enjoy the music anyway. "Know what they call a cheeseburger in France?" hahaha So many quotes from that movie. Right! HoneyBunny?

This weeks movie I had to read Dan's list of movies used three times before I could believe we have not used it before. One of the great ones and one often quoted, at least here in Wyoming Country. This one should be easy for most all of you. Have a good week.

Quote one: Man: Stay in school and use your brain. Be a doctor, be a lawyer, carry a leather briefcase. Forget about sports as a profession. Sports make ya grunt and smell. See, be a thinker, not a stinker.

Quote two: Man: You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!

Wednesday quotes:

Man: Your nose is broken.
Man 2: How does it look?
Man: Ah, it's an improvement.

Quote 2:

Woman: Why do you wanna fight?
Man: Because I can't sing or dance.

Quote 3: Man: I wanna kiss ya-ya don't have to kiss me back if ya don't feel like it.

Have a great rest of the week and talk to ya Friday yo.


Paulie: I want you outa here instamatically.

"Cut me, Mick.

"Yo Adrian."

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