Saturday, May 28, 2011


I remember the last year we were living in Chula Vista on Carvallos Drive and watching the Good Morning America show in the bedroom and hearing a movie review of the Stallone movie called Rocky. The guy really liked it and was supprised a guy like Stallone could put together such a good movie. The rest is history as they say.

Matt was first. Wright after the posting, except Haley would have beaten him if she had gotten the wright Rocky movie. She guessed Rocky II. by the time she got the wright Rocky Dan got in there with the second place guess. Haley third, and then Bronwyn, Any and Emily. Emily knew it early but guess she was late and didn't put in her answer until yesterday.

So many good quotes.

It should be an interesting week with Matt going off to Switzerland (sp) on monday. If he gets a post up this weekend I guess B can take over the rest of the week. So it can be a joint effort on their part. Take it away, Matt and B.


Matt said...

Woo hoo! I almost guessed Rocky2 as well Haley. But, "at the end of the day" (hehe) I guessed correctly.
Just so you peeps know... I am actually a bit higher on the score board of this game. Due to my laziness and lack of blogging skills, I haven't updated the poles. EVER. So, if someone (cough cough Emily) was bored enough they could look up all my wins. But I really don't care enough to do it myself. Especially if you all know now that I am more of a contender than you thought. Good enough for me!

Dan W said...

Nice job, Matt! Congrats!

At least since we left SWS and started the WTB game, I've been pretty faithfully updating these WTB standings a day or two after the end of a contest if Em hasn't done it by that time. I don't think most of you who win ever really update the polls yourselves, do you? My sense is it has always been Em and me doing it. So Matt, if you think we've missed your wins a time or two that's one thing, but if you think wins of yours haven't been counted because you didn't update it yourself, then I think that's not the case.

I'll send along on FB another updated list of history of the game's movies (should have been keeping track of winners, dang it!), maybe it will jog your memory by seeing the ones YOU think you picked for the following week's contest, and then you can check them against that week's contest to see if you did win, and then you can count the wins and see if the total is off. Totally want you to get both the "contender" aura AND an accurate win count!