Friday, September 30, 2011

WTBatman Returns

Yes, Batman Returns. And so do I... Finally. I guess I apologize, but no one really seems to care to much. Although, I'm sure we would all love to see the blog alive again. :( Maybe we need a new game? OR, how about we get going on that game where we all watch the same movies and talk about them? What are we waiting for?

So, Batman Returns: A favorite of mine, and watched frequently in the Wright house for a few years. I remember getting it on VHS at Reams in Springville and staring at it in the shopping cart in anticipation to go home and watch it again. I just loved the crazy mayhem in the streets with all the creepy circus characters! (totally my bag) Danny DeVito didn't even look like himself at all, and totally nailed the role and delivered a lot of funny, quotable lines. The Tim Burton-y soundtrack is great, and really adds to the dark feel of the movie.
Watching it again a few years ago, I remember Michelle Pfeiffer being just kindof ok... and it was probably Christopher Walkens most boring role. But hey, still Christopher Walken. Maybe he had to "explore the space!" hehe. And I always quote his: "I've got better fish to fry!" line for some reason.

Em won on the first quotes. Dad got it a little later from the first quotes as well. Good going guys. It was quiet from the rest of the gang except Sue guessed Spiderman on the last giveaway lines. Which was obviously a joke. Like this whole WTB session has been. My bad.

Love you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WTB took so long?

Alright... fine.

Sorry everyone! I can't believe how much the WTB game has been keeping this blog alive. It has been quiet and sad for a few weeks. My bad. I don't have any really good excuses, so I won't make any.
We are running out of movies! But I managed to pick one that was played a lot in our home while I was growing up. I find myself quoting it often actually... It really just has some lines that seem to creep into everyday life for me. (That doesn't mean that these lines are the ones I quote... that would be scary and not true) Good luck! Let the game begin again!

Person 1: "Okay, go ahead. Intimidate me, bully me if it makes you feel big. I mean it's not like you can just kill me."
Person 2: "Actually, it's a lot like that."

You know what? Lets do another just for the bip of it.

"I was their number one son, and they treated me like number two."

Here is another bonus couple.

Person 1: You know, mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.
Person 2: But a kiss can be even deadlier... if you mean it.

Person 1: I mean, killing sleeping children. Isn't it that a little, uh...
Person 2: No! It's a lot!!

Random week later giveaway quotes:

"Just relax. I'll take care of the squealing, wretched, pinhead puppets of Gotham! You gotta admit, I play this stinking city like a harp from hell!!"

"Dear Penguin. The children regret they are unable to attend - Batman."

See you in another week with the results. haha