Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

Moonstruck! I'm sorry I didn't post this yesterday. I was busy getting Cam ready for St. George and totally forgot about Sunday's With Sue! I picked Moonstruck because we all watched it together last time we were all in Wyoming! And, it is a good movie! Cher is so good in this movie, so is Olympia Dukakis and Danny Aiello and sorry B, but Nick Cage is good too!

Haley was sure she won with her guess "What About Bob?". Sorry Haley, if I had done the line "get in my bed!", you might have gotten it Wright. But, I didn't and you got it wrong. So, who got it Wright first? It was Catherine! Emily got it second and that was it! Way to go Cat!

This week's movie quote is:

Strange women, lying in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government.


Dan W said...

Congrats Cath and Em!

I'm happy that this past week's was a movie I saw only once--and I'm sure it was more than ten years ago--as none of the clues even felt familiar at all.

I've sent in a guess on this week's but I'm not overly confident....

Amy said...

Good job guys. I had no clue. I've seen it twice I think. Not enough to sound familiar. I don't know this weeks either. Lame.

Neaners said...

I'm with Dan, I saw it only once like over 10 years ago. Great job. They are getting tougher to guess.

Emily said...

Chirp chirp......chirp chirp

I need a hint!!!!

I totally know this movie but am having trouble with the one clue. I am hoping the next clue "clues" me in.

Sue said...

Sorry guys! It just hit me that I didn't do a Wednesday hint, and I didn't do one yesterday either. I guess I've been busy this week. Anyway, here are a couple more quotes from the movie:

By the end of this day we're going to have a marriage...or a hanging. Either way we're going to have a bloody good time!

Person #1- 'Ello!

Person #2- Excuse me, but did you just say "hello"?

Person #1- No, I said 'Ello, but close enough.

Matt said...

Tricky Sue... 2 movies. haha.

Emily said...

Is that what's going on? Cause something is weird.

Haley said...

Yeah, I know the third quote but not the others. I don't get it.