Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wyoming far

It's been a busy weekend so far in Wyoming. Sue, I hope this doesn't make you feel too bad, but here are a few things you're missing out on. We are sad you couldn't come!

First and foremost....San Diego Specials!!!

We miss you Sue!!

Allison was blessed this morning. She couldn't have been better. She was awake, but was quiet, except for the cute sneeze in the middle. Marcus gave her a very nice blessing and everyone said that Allison is perfect! We agree.

Then right after church, Kelly and I went to Simonne's high school graduation. She didn't get a diploma, but they recognized the exchange students.

But, most of all, cuteness abounds at our house right now. Allison is full of smiles. She is unbelieveably adorable!

Wish you all could be here! Miss you...Kisses!!


Sue said...

I am so sad I couldn't be there! I love San Diego Specials so much!! Oh yeah, and it would have been nice to see all the Wyoming people too. Allison is so adorable! Looks like you guys had a good time even though I wasn't there.

B- your hair looks great!

Pops said...

Yeah, good times and we had a game of hearts going all the time. "Hold your high ones". Shooter McGavin Phister is at the table.

Emily said...

Amy I forgot to get that cilantro/tomatillo dressing recipe from you! I need it so it can be slathered over all the Mexican food I make from now on.
On another note- I have an issue with the San Diego special pictured above. Someone (Scott?) got a little crazy liberal with it and it barely resembles a San Diego Special to me. In the same vein, here was the highlight of that particular dinner: I was behind Matt in "line" and he spread his tortilla with beans and then proceeded to put the shredded beef on there too and I started laughing and asked what he was doing. And he looked at mine, and saw his error and goes (defeated), "San Diego Specials are hard!"

Emily (the self appointed Sand Diego Special police)

Sue said...

I was going to say that picture looked more like a taco than a SDS. I'm still really sad I missed the weekend. Hearts is one of my favorite family games. I want that cilantro/tomatillo dressing recipe too! Sounds yummy.

Any more funny stories you can share from the weekend? Matt messing up the SDS is a good one.

Amy said...

That is funny. I missed that one. I noticed the picture was a little weird too. I think Scott hadn't wrapped the soft one up the sides yet. And the dressing is a new addition so it changed the look a little. Here is the recipe for all who are interested.

Cilantro Lime Dressing:
1 pkg. Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix
3 T. Salsa Verde
1/8 t. Tabasco sauce
1/2 bunch cilantro & stems
2 cloves garlic
3/4 c. mayonaise
3/4 c. sour cream
juice from 1 or 2 limes

Mix all ingredients in blender. Add grated lime peel and juice to taste. Thin with milk or buttermilk if needed. (Usually is a little thick). Chill.

Cafe Rio Pork:
1 3-4 lb. pork roast
1 c. salsa
1 c. brown sugar

Put in crock pot and cook on low for at least 8 hours. Shred and mix into salsa & sugar.

Emily said...

Thanks for the recipes Aim, so your recipe kind of combines Cafe Rio's two dressings (good idea since that is how I order my salads-- I ask for both and combine them.) There is no tomatillo though, which is fine even though they are yummy, the dressing was really really good as is and will most likely become a staple of my fridge (especially while pregnant as I am a Mexican Food freak at such times). The pork was so good too. Yay! I always just added garlic salt and cumin to my shredded pork, this is way better and I bet would make good pulled pork sandwiches too.

Lets see... more funny moments..
When Scout was being given Allison to hold, the transfer made a little watery spit up come out and landed on kiki and her arm and Scout said, "she dripped" like Allison was a leaky faucet or something.
Perhaps the biggest laughs of the weekend was Amy and Scott's retelling to Everett and Gloria of our infamous plane ride to London and the 7 hours of entertainment provided to them at my expense.

Also Aim, your argument doesn't help Scott's case, I see rice.
One SDS ticket has been written.

Neaners said...

How fun! You guys all look great. Allison is so adorable!!!! Nice so many people could come. Hugs to everyone from Neaners:)

Pops said...

It wasn't funny, but inbetween Hearts games, we played Tripolee. Seven of us and Annie beat the tar out of us. She had four times the chips as the next best player. She won the poker hands, the heart grabs and going out...over and over again. Good job Annie! but very sucko. Gotcha at Hearts the last game though!! hehehehe. W.V. is undifix. Reminds me of Matt. hahahaha

Amy said...

Scott always puts rice in his SDS's. He likes it that way. He won't care that he was ticketed. I order both dressings, too, at Cafe Rio. You're right, this dressing is like a combo of the two.

Cat said...

This got a good laugh: When Simonne was telling us about a girl in Germany who had twins when she was 12 years old we were all like, whoa. Haley goes, that's Booker's age! We all look over at Booker and he's just oblivious and doing this funny little dance. We all busted up over that one! And were assured that procreation is the last thing on that silly little guy's mind.

Emily said...

Oh yeah, that was really funny.

Dan W said...

Hearts, Tripoly.... What a bunch of party animals!

(said wistfully, as that's my kind of party....) Glad you all had/are having such a great time!

Sue said...

The Booker story is my favorite. I can totally picture that! I can picture him doing a silly little dance and comparing that with a girl his age having twins. Very good. Plus it involves Booker.

Haley said...

The Booker story was the one I laughed the hardest at, it was so funny. Scout produced many laughs as well just being Scout. We had a great time.

Dan W said...

Been meaning to ask: Who is the person in the back right in front of the oven in the group photo of all of you dishing up the San Diego Specials. I'm thinking it may be Cat as I don't see her anywhere else in the photo, but it doesn't really look like her.

And digging your new haircut and glasses, Em (maybe not all that new, but new to me).

Cat said...

Yep, that's me, Dan.

Emily said...

Thanks Dan- The haircut is new, but the glasses aren't. I am however wearing them a lot more then usual as my contact prescription is expired and I wore out my last pair and am currently waiting for my insurance to kick in before I head back to the eye doctors.

Dan W said...

Thanks for clarifying Cat. Saw the darker hair you're sporting in the church picture (like it!) but still wasn't sure that was you back there in the kitchen.

Em, much to my contact-wearing daughter's groans, I'm on record in many places as a fan of glasses as fashion accessories. And yours look great. Now, if you didn't hate Coldplay, they'd look even better!

Sue said...

Em I was going to mention I really like the hair too. I'm used to the glasses, but I really like the new hair.

Hey Cat, is the middle school Booker will be going into called Bryant? If so, that is where Lanny went.

B said...

Sue, thanks for liking my hair! I am liking looking a little meaner (in my opinion at least), and the contrast with my transparent skin is pretty cool.

I'm so glad I was awake for the two funniest moments of the weekend! That never happens!!

Sue said...

So, I was looking at the picture Dan mentioned where you are all making San Diego specials, and I noticed I could click on it and make it larger. I laughed forever! I love our family! Here are some observations I made:

Kelly could only get her head in the picture.

Em and Rob are both obstructed by the hanging lights.

Mom has on HUGE hoop earrings.

Matt's face.

There is a creepy, pink dog looking thing about to eat off Simmone's plate.

Allison is looking at Marcus with a look that says "get me away from these people".

Allison is wearing the little frog mitten things I bought for Scout.

Allison looks like she has a pink terminator arm or something. What is that thing?

Emily said...

You forgot:

Scott is totally oblivious and just dishing up his food.

Simmone looks like she got caught doing something unsavory.

B looks too happy to be in this picture (shampoo commercial happy).

By the way:

Mom's earring are HUGE indeed.

Allison seems to me to be aiming her dubious look at her daddy (that thing is an arrant binki clip on a ribbon).

That doggie is Scout's as if you needed to be told that (a FAVORITE toy one of the girls had that was played with every time we came up to Wyoming and one of the last times we visited they gave her two of them). She loves it so much it made the toy cut to join her on her trip). I wouldn't put it past her to have positioned it deliberately to eat the chips.

Emily said...

Scout and I just looked at the picture again and I laughed that dad isn't in the picture and I pictured him already dished up and sitting down eating alone.
Also, not only are Rob and I both obstructed by the lights, we are holding the exact same pose.

Pops said...

Yes, Dad does at times eat alone, but not this time. I was at the airport working to support my family and got to the Phisters just after the picture was taken and you mostly had eaten. Love your analasis (sp) of the picture. So funny and insightful.