Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Social Network

This is a really great movie! Believe the press. Of course, it's about the origin of the social networking site that we all use. You just get right into this computer science nerd world, rife with rebellion and subversiveness. Jesse Eisenberg is brilliant in it. Really captures the character (albeit a bit more cute and witty than I think the real Mark Zuckerberg, maybe? Kind of Michael Cera-ish, eh?). What I was really impressed by is how non-gratuitous, trashy and cheap it was. It really maintained the feel of a quality movie throughout. And really, a movie about college students creating a social networking site, they could have really gone another way easily. You have to hand it to director David Fincher for that. Maintaining some integrity there; I respect that. What you end up with is a thoroughly raptruring film. I would recommend it to anyone. All of you, if you Facesauce, you should really rent this film that traces it's inception from Harvard over 8 years ago!


Emily said...

I have been meaning to rent this since it came out. Rob even wants to see it. In fact- (but not because of this movie) it may be possible that you could see Rob on facebook coming soon). His brother just joined and that just might be the catalyst he needed.

But I am glad to hear you liked the movie Cath, I've heard great things about it from critics I trust.

Emily said...

Oh yeah- I also read the book about a year ago, it was pretty good.

B said...

Oh good, I've been wanting to see this too. I'll totally trust Cat's review of this.

Rob Facebooking?! The world may just end sooner than 2012.

Sue said...

I can't believe it! I'm at work and I can get on the family blog! Still can't do Facebook, but this is nice.

I have wanted to see this movie since I first heard about it. I'm a David Fincher fan. Seven, Fight Club and Zodiac are excellent movies that I can watch over and over. And I knew the screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, was a good writer. Not as familiar with his work, A Few Good Men, is probably the most familiar to me. But I've seen a few episodes of The West Wing and thought the writing was pretty good.

Anyway, good review Cat. I hear Jessie Eisenberg is great. I've heard pretty good things about Justin Timberlake's performance as well.

Neaners said...

It just won some golden globes.I am looking forward to seeing it. A few people said it was very long but they enjoyed it. Thanks for a great review!

Emily said...

Rob and I watched this Monday night- it was good! I felt like I would have enjoyed it more though had I not read the book. It followed it almost to the letter, so I knew everything that was going to happen. But, the acting was great and the filming- it was really well done and I am a big David Fincher fan myself, so I'm not surprised. Rob was a little disappointed, although he liked it, he felt like it was perhaps talked up too much.

ps when I found out that Justin Timberlake was going to be Sean- I was like, "perfect casting!". And it was.