Saturday, March 13, 2010


Whew! Feels great to be on the board and back in the game, baby! Thanks for picking one I knew right off the bat, Em! Always laugh at that first line and most of the scenes of Maria at the convent.

Been thinking about this movie I've picked lately, and it has a ton of great, recognizable lines. I'm guessing most of you will have seen this one, as it's one of the really good films of its genre. I have a quote that will for sure give it away to most of you by Friday, but we'll build up to it.

For your guesses, let's plan on everyone writing me through Facebook. I sent all of you who I think are playing this game a list of past winners this morning (plus encouragement for Em to forward it along to Ami), so you should all have me as a FB friend.

Anyway, here goes:

"I don't believe a lady has to explain anything to a man this ugly."


Dan W said...

Sorry for always having the blog open to that Coldplay song. Em, I must have not clicked on the choice to "randomize" the playlist as I was putting it together. Can you fix easily or should I go back to the beginning and add in that choice?

Do any of you who have seen the movie "Young @ Heart" recognize that song? It's the one the director was trying to get the two older gentlemen who had had to leave the group due to health reasons sing (only to have one of the two die before the concert)? Anyway, that's where I first got familiar with this Coldplay song.

And I deliberately put a song from both CP and Meatloaf in the list as I figured if I was going to get continual crap from you guys about liking them, I might as well force them on you so you'd really have something to complain about!

Emily said...

I can't fix it because you have to go into your playlist account to do it, while you can easily rearrange tracks or add new songs in your playlist without reposting it, I think you have to embed it again. Just go into your account, share your playlist again, select "random play" or however they put it, and then cut and paste again.

Dan W said...

Cool. Thanks! Fun to figure this stuff out (for all my future victories!). I just fixed it to be on shuffle as well as to not open on that song every time.

Dan W said...

Only one guess has come in so far. I hope this one gets a few of you unstuck. If you've seen the movie, it's a pretty decent clue--a line that you very well might recognize. Good luck!

Here is the Wednesday clue:

"The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn't fit, you make alterations."

Dan W said...

Other than one guess, it's been total crickets on this WTB. I have to believe most of you have seen this movie, so hopefully this one will shake loose a few cobwebs.

Friday hint:

"All I did was kiss a girl!"

(Extra clues: this is a film from a very specific genre, and it's about 25 years old and has quite a few highly recognizable actors in it, In fact, one of them said the lines of both the first clue and this one just now.)

Amy said...

chirp, chirp

Dan W said...


How about an additional clue:

Person 1: Are you the Midnight Star herself?

Person 2: I am. I'm always there, but I only shine at night.

Emily said...

chirp chirp.

There is no way I've seen this, I am sure I could have gotten it by now if I had. Sorry.

OR I am a total idiot and have seen it and am majorly blanking.

Cat said...

chirp, chirp...the last one about the Midnight Star sounded vaguely familiar, but there's no way it could be what I would guess for that clue given the other clues.

Cat said...

Rally, People!! We can't let Dan get a point for stumping us!

Dan W said...

There HAS been one guess, so possibly not a stump. I'll let you know on that tomorrow.

Still, it would be great to have a few more of you show up on the board!

Here's another that should at least tell you what genre it is:

"We're gonna give you a fair trial, followed by a first class hanging."

(And seriously, there are some quite famous people in this who are still very active actors today.)

Emily said...

I think I can guess the genre and that makes sense that I am chirping. I suppose I will make a blind guess or two.

Pops said...

Slam dunk after all the extra hints and clues and talk. Love this movie. I watch it all the time on cable when it comes on. Many of my favorate actors are in it, including Linda Hunt.

Dan W said...

I have just posted the answer for this week.

For those who care, the first line is by the Kevin Costner character who is defending the honor of a prostitute.

The second clue is from the Linda Hunt character (who, if you know Linda Hunt, is very, very short) and refers to the shelf behind the bar that she built to make her look taller and be better able to serve people.

The third one about "all I did was kiss a girl" is a classic Costner line starting an explanation of how ended up being sentenced to hang...

My extra clues were then to get more specific about it being a Western and a chance to post another line from Stella, who is just too cool a character.