Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So many good pictures, so many different hair doos. Tough going through most of them and making decisions. Love ya, mom, and I didn't want to pick out many that you think funny or stupid. So here you go. One can see a change in hair style, but your overall good nature, fun loving self and kindness to others never changes. Love, kisses....... George

She loves her little flower garden spot by the front porch.
The Card Shark! When she thinks, she plays pretty well. However there are times she is in la la land when playing and it is rather funny.
Geared up and did well on the trek. Oh pioneer!
Mother and daughter.
Wind blown. I think this was on an excursion boat in San Francisco bay.
Always been one of my favorites. "the bear picture"
Big grin.
Hair shot! The kid, of course, is "worried face Amy" you can see why she was nicknamed "Arnold" by Jerry Simons.
Another big hair shot with Ben.
Aaaa, youth!
Have a great birthday, mom. We love you......


Amy said...

Great post, Dad, for a great lady. Happy Birthday Mom! I'm glad I get to spend part of your day with you. Thanks for all the love and sacrifice over the years for me and everybody. You're the best and I love you!

Cat said...

Happy birthday, Mom!! I've never seen a few of these pictures, so cute. Love you, Mom. Have a wonderful day.

Haley said...

There were a few I hadn't seen either. Such a beautiful lady you are Grandma! Happy birthday, we love you!

Haley said...

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Emily said...

Too cute! I love those pics of you in your youth. Thanks for all you've done for us over the years mom, you're the best.

Emily said...

By the way, I can totally see Elinor in that pic of Amy as a baby.

Matt said...

Happy Birthday Mom! You have taught me a lot and look up to you more and more over the years. I love making you laugh! It's so easy! Thanks for letting us live and make messes in your house. Wish would and could do more for you guys. Hope you have a great Birthday!

Pops said...

I hope you are having a good day, mom. You deserve it and I love you. Thanks for putting up with me all these years and for putting up with Chester these last six months. What a trial, but he has turned the corner in most of his bad behavior, except for snatching things and playing keep-a-way. We are glad he has lost his sharp baby teeth. Don't know why I am talking about the dog on your birthday. Sorry. Have a good one! Love you, G

Pops said...
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Rob said...

Happy B-Day Jane. Hope its a great one.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Mom! I have always thought I had the prettiest Mom and these pictures prove it. I love you so much, and I hope you had a good day today. I have so many great childhood memories thanks to you. Thanks for being such a great mom.

Matt said...

Holy bip! Earlier today when I saw this post, I looked at that black and white picture of Mom pulling the long neck/wide eyed face and swore I never saw it before, but for some reason, it still looked familiar... (weird I know)
I just now figured it out! I used to have a shirt with Mom and Earnest on it! You know Earnest, the weird old nerd guy that was in like 20 crazy movies. Was this the picture of Mom that was on that shirt? I totally forgot about that shirt. What is the story behind that? I must have worn it when I was like 6.
(I am totally setting myself for a joke I can feel it..."No Matt, you were still wearing that in High School")

Alex said...

Dunno whats up with Matt and his T shirt but I just wanna say happy day Janey! *knucks* You're awesome!