Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie!!!

It is also Annie's Birthday today! Her and Scout are 10 years apart exactly. It is also Sharon Kennedy's birthday so happy birthday to her as well! Here are a few things that Annie loves:

Annie loves to write and has written many fine pieces! It is something that she enjoys doing for school assignments and also does some on her own. She is also good with poetry!

Annie is an excellent drawer and always surprises us with things that she draws. She can spend hours on one drawing. It is something she really enjoys doing and is very good at!

We all know that Annie loves all animals and especially our pets at home, the kitties and Milo. If you can't find Annie she is most likely out with the animals.

Annie loves musicals and theater and has also been in lots of plays, also something she is good at. If you can't tell, Annie is really talented! This is the four of us at the Operas in Logan last summer.

And finally Annie loves her friends and family and here is a picture of her holding Allison.

We hope you had a great day today Annie. We hope you are having fun with your friends with your birthday party tonight. We love you!!! Kisses!!!


Pops said...

Yeah! happy birthday, Annie. You are really growing up fast. This last year you have gotten so tall. You have a talent in so many areas, writing, drawing and athletics. Plus you work hard and get the jobs done. That is a fine talent to also have...maybe the best of all. Being nice is good too. Love, Grandpa Wright

Amy said...

Thanks for doing that, Haley! That was nice. I owed Annie a party this year since she hadn't had one since she turned 8. So I didn't put any limits on it, really (1st mistake). I let her invite all the girls she had on her list. There were 14 of them. I figured that since it was summer, only about half would be able to come. Wrong! ALL 14 said they would be here! One girl has not made it, but still, 13 14 year old girls!! They are so loud; they all talk at once but somehow understand each other. They all have their phones in their hands and text while they're yelling. (I'm not sure who they are texting; I thought they were all here! Must be boys?) We started with one of those mixed up dinners where the menu has ten items with strange names. They order all the items and receive 2 items at a time according to the number they put on their menu. I made homemade spaghetti,salad, breadsticks, jello, lemonade, and rainbow sherbet. It was pretty funny. Girls were eating spaghetti with their hands and toothpicks and other funny and messy stuff. I also made a 4 layer chocolate mousse cake which we had a while ago. (Annie also loves chocolate and most other food, too) She's having fun. While I was typing this I got word that they just broke a window times!! I guess I better go.

Amy said...

I meant to add a big thank you to Mom for coming and helping me serve this crazy dinner. I couldn't have done it by myself! Everyone was gone tonight.

Dan W said...

Hilarious, Amy. Hope it is over now (soon?) and nothing worse comes from it than that window!

Happy Birthday yesterday Annie and Scout! Cool that you share the same birthday with each other--and also one with my amazing sister (and your first cousin once removed) Sharon! You also share (as I'm sure you have heard somewhere along the line) a birthday with Paul McCartney. And you are also just one day after my wife, Lorri. Many cool, talented people on my mind these past few days. Fun to think about and celebrate all of you!

Amy said...

The party ended at noon after cooking a bunch of waffles. They didn't cause too much trouble after the window incident. They were up till about 4 am. Now I have Kyle and just 3 of his friends today, but that's a piece of cake compared to a bunch of girls. Summer is here...heaven help me!

Sue said...

Happy birthday Annie! Very nice posting Haley. And happy to birthday to Sharon and Paul McCartney, and Lorri too!