Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Emily's facebook smackdown

This is to the members of the family that do not have facebook accounts. Get one!

Heehee. Seriously though, I have all but abandoned my myspace since I have realized facebook's superiority. It's only fault is that I can't have Jonny Greenwood as my backdrop, besides that, here are all the ways that facebook kicks it's heiny:

1. You can directly comment on someone's status (mood), I always want to do that on myspace and you can't!

2. Any comment two of my friends make (ie B and Sue), comes up automatically on your newsfeed so I never miss any interesting comments.

3. You can be friends with our cousin Dan and our own Haley.

4.Related to item #2, if B and Sue have a discussion on the comments, you can click "see wall to wall" and get the whole conversation in order. Have you ever tried to follow say Matt and Cat's comments on myspace and have to keep flipping back and forth on their profiles to see the funny things they say to each other? This is way simpler.

5. you can send a private message to several people and have a 3 or more way discussion between whoever is listed. Very handy when making plans or saying things you don't want the world to hear you say. One conversation between Sue and I comes to mind.... If you don't know which I am talking about Sue, the keyword is "snacks".

Cat, you made a profile and seemed to abandon it the same day. What's up with that? Matt, you have some explaining to do.

Another loving smackdown from your sister (or daughter) or whatever I may be to you,


Emily said...

Did I miss anything fellow facebook comrades?

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

No, I think you pretty much covered it! I do think facebook is better. I have never even had a myspace and I don't feel a need to. Facebook seems to be less trashy as well. I don't know, am I the only one that thinks that?

Sue said...

I'm kind of liking facebook more than myspace too. I like it for all the reasons you listed Em. The only other reason I can think of for liking it better, is you can find people easier. I like how you can put in your high school and graduation year and it shows the people with pages. I also like how you can designate who your relatives are. I don't know why, I just like it.

I couldn't think of the conversation you were talking about until I saw the keyword "snacks". heehehehehhe

Cat said...

I know, I'm horrible. I really need to spend some time setting up my Facebook account. I literally think about it everyday. I'm not kidding. In fact, last night I thought about how the word facebook is kind of funny (given all the colorful Em and Matt expressions involving something-face). I will, I promise. The next day, I had like 8 invites from old-school friends. Sounds way better than Myspace. But for me, it is just a daunting task I have to get over.

Sue said...

And just so noone gets all paranoid and thinks Em and I were talking about them. Our conversation was not about anyone who contributes to this blog!

Emily said...

Rob's very favorite is a**face.

Pops said...

I don't look at myspace very much lately. No one writes to me any more and this blog is so cute and funny and you guys all are so smart and knowledgeable. I carefully watched "Little Miss Sunshine" last night. I changed my opinion a little. I still get a stabbed in the side feeling with the free use of the "F" word and the sexual advice from the grandpa to the son was beyond bad, however grandpa did support the family and loved the daughter and seemed tolerant of all of the oddballs. The buss humor (pushing) I liked this time and saw the irony and meaning of it. Love the Hospital scenes with the doctor yelling for the brevement counslor and she being a jerk and stealing the body and all that. Good stuff. Loved the slam at kiddy pagents and the plastic little girls. And of course the family coming together at the end, support for each other and all that. Quite a family of missfits and wierdos. Kinda like all of us, huh!! Cept the Phisters.