Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday's With Sue 8/16/09

Sorry, I fell asleep last night before I could do the post. Guess I was pretty tired after the weekend in St. George. Anyway, Austin Powers International Man of Mystery! I love the Austin Powers movies, Mike Myers cracks me up. I love this first movie, but sometimes find it unwatchable because of Elizabeth Hurley. Her acting is so bad I can hardly stand it. She makes the kids in Gran Torino look like Oscar winners.

I didn't have too many guesses on this one! I thought I would get more than I did. Jeanine got it first! Sorry, Matt, I know you were pretty sure you got it first, but Jeanine beat you by a couple of days. She sent me the answer the very night I posted it. Matt, you got it second, then Em. Em thought it was Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs at first, then got Austin Powers after the second quote. I thought it was so funny she guessed Dr. Lecter when it was Dr. Evil. I can see either one of them saying that first line. Congrats on the win Jeanine!

Here is this week's movie quiz:

Person #1- You married?

Person #2- Occasionally


Emily said...

Well, I knew I didn't win this week, what with the minor mix up of Dr. Evils.
Sorry Jeanine, my dad tried to add a Beatles song a few weeks ago, and there are no Beatles to be found on the internet for free. Tight ropes around those ones (I believe I blamed the late Micheal Jackson, but was told that he sold them back?) Anyway, Jeanine wanted Yesterday on there too.

Matt said...

Good job Jeanine. I actually didn't think I won this week, I didn't see the first quote till like Tuesday or something.
I love the Austin Powers movies! Have to watch them when they are on.

Neaners said...

The only reason I knew it is that I just saw it a couple weeks ago. Before that it was a long time ago. I cracked up so much. He is so weird:) Thanks. It is fun to laugh like that sometimes. Have a good week everyone.

Dan W said...

Congrats, Jay! Another win for you. A good run since you also "won" the cheesiest iPod contents contest!

I've seen the Austin Powers flicks, but none of the clues even put me in the vicinity of a guess like that (and not really for ANY guess that week).

Sue said...

Perhaps we will be listening to my playlist next week! I don't even have any wrong guesses! Maybe this quote will help:

Person #1- Well where does he think he's going?

Person #2- When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Neaners said...

No clue Sue! Hmmmm. SOunds like a good one. We will see!

Pops said...

No clue with me either. I am losing my steam. Kinda quiet blog this week.

Pops said...

The Austin Powers movies don't do much for me and I haven't even seen the last one. I agree about the acting of E. Hurley, but she ain't bad to look at. Better than Mike Myers.

Amy said...

I hated it. It's one of the few movies I've actually turned off. I like his character and have seen some funny scenes and stuff but didn't care for the movie.

Sue said...

Here is your Friday quote:

Person #1- Put those down, they're expensive.

Person #2- How do you know?

Person #1- Are they heavy?

Person #2- Yeah

Person #1- If they're heavy then their expensive.

Neaners said...

It sounds more familiar now but still no clue. I hope someone guessed? Hmmmmm.