Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bear Lake, 2001

I found these pics while going through boxes downstairs (yes, I'm nesting, but it needs to be done!!!) I found these pictures and had to scan them and add them to the blog. Fun times. Everyone is so young!

Remember all of Dave's mosquito bites?


Matt said...

GREAT! This doesn't even seem that long ago.

Booker in the back of the truck
Booker in the tube
The total white trash sand castle... (what the bip?)
Sue's face as cold water is being dumped on her
Scott standing like his is about to take a pee
Tripoly with pennies (I don't remember that)

Emily said...

Loved all those things too (besides the Scott stance, which I am blissfully ignorant of). I totally remember the tripoly with pennies and I also have to add that I love Dave wearing socks with his Burkenstocks. I think the soda can was a last second addition. Don't know why though.
Remember I flew out from NY and I missed my flight (little mix up between Rochester and Syracuse airports between Alex and I), Rob picked me up and we didn't get there until past 3? Most everyone was up.

Haley said...

We are finally back!!! It feels good to be back, we have missed a lot on the blog I see. Yeah I remember that. That was a fun reunion. I still think about it every now and again.

Amy said...

Me too. Thanks for posting the pictures. Everyone grew up! I remember you and Rob getting there really late, so that means I was one of the ones still up!

Pops said...

I remember the grouchy lady that ran the camp ground and the hassle we got in with her as we picked the place we wanted to camp. Also the hud swiming pool and snack place she had. Remember the golf games we played. It was maybe the last time I have played with David. Fun time all in all.