Monday, August 10, 2009

From the Corner of His Eye

This book sucks, then is wonderful, then sucks again. It also has some descriptive throw up and other bodily function scenes, so it is not recommended for Cath, and I had to skim quite a few pages. The killer in it is a "delusional psychopath", and was probably the most fascinating part of the book. He made me SO MAD!!! Especially his first act, and his motives behind it, aaaaagggghhhhhh!!!!!! It switches from who you are following, and it spends quite a bit of time in his head, and you just want to reach through the book and strangle him, and you don't feel so bad about anything mean you've ever done. On the other hand, the good people in this story are amazing, kind of unrealistic, but I just loved them. The story is a lot about good and evil and how it influences peoples lives, and what you can do when life sucks, so it's really good in that way. The main character's mom has two brothers who I thought were hilarious. One is obsessed with telling dates of when natural disasters occured and how many died in each, and the other is obsessed with serial killers and human inflicted suffering, and between the two of them, you cannot have a normal conversation. It's not too explicit, even in the worst parts, but what ruined it for me is the ending. There is a little bit of supernaturalness hinted at throughout the book, but I was hoping it wouldn't ruin the book. I didn't get my wish. The ending was so out of place. It was like he wrote to a preschool class and had them come up with the ending of his book. It was awful. So if you ever read this, just keep going after the beginning, which upset me terribly, and then lose it about a chapter and a half before the end. I give it 3 stars, but also @#$%.


Emily said...

The first two Dean Koontz novels I ever read must have been his best two ever, because I got really excited over my find and then gradually figured out his books are mostly hudsauce.
ONCE in a while I will pick up one of his books on cd and listen to it on my ipod during housework and dinner making. Perhaps I will do it with this one, I will admit I am intrigued a little now. Except about the vivid descriptions of puke. Not interested in that.

Pops said...

I liked the "Odd" books he wrote. I read all three. Very interesting review you wrote, B. You do have a unique way of expressing yourself and your feelings about things. That makes you special, but I always knew that. Take care of the Foos for us.

Neaners said...

Sounds like something I would not like. Never been into that kind of book. I do like your review B and it sort of peeks my interest. Are you staying with Em right now?