Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Kelly is 18 years old today! Hard to believe we have another adult child. Kelly is enjoying her senior year of high school. She is involved in a lot of activities; she is an officer in a club called CAN (a club which encourages kids to stay off drugs & alcohol), she is a peer leader (visits elementary schools to spread the message), played volleyball (kindof--long, sad story :( worst coach in history!), is in her second or third year of stained glass (the sun behind her is not one of her projects--that picture was taken at a friend's house-but she does very nice work!), is taking pottery, Cullinary Arts for the second year for college credit, and some other college classes. She does well in school, LOVES to read vampire books (not just Twilight), and has too many friends for me to keep track of. She just got a snowboard for her birthday (she loves to do that, too!). Transformers is her favorite movie and she loves starbursts, cheese and carbs in all forms. She loves babies and small children and is like a magnet to them. She has a very contagious smile. She lights up the room with her smile and sparkly eyes. She is strong-willed (in a good way), dedicated and friendly to everyone. She thinks she would like to go into the field of social work in the future. Well, there's just a little about Kelly. I feel absolutely privileged to be her mother. Happy Birthday Kellz!! Love you.....Kisses!!!!


Haley said...

Happy Birthday Kelly the Jelly Belly! Hee hee, I almost wrote that on her facebook but figured it would embarrass her so I'll just put it on here. Kelly is such a great person, so kind and smart. We love you, have a great day!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!
I love hearing stories about you and the things you've said. You seem to be the Catherine of the Phister family. No offense I hope to either of you, it's all very endearing and fun. You always seem so happy when you are around and it's infectious. Hope you have a great day!

ps I love vampires too, and not just Cullens.