Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heat Miser

Here is some family awkwardness for ya!


Emily said...

I am trying to come up with something to say about this but i can't. WTB??? and why the bip?

Awkward for sure. Man.

Matt said...

You could start by saying how much you love his legs.
You like it hot don't ya Em.

Matt said...

I just had to watch it again. I picture them being this sorta dysfunctional family who aren't very close, and then one day the Mom or Dad got fed up with it and they were like "That's it, we are going to have FUN today no matter what!" And this was the result. The most awkward part is when he says "THANK YOU!" and it's all quiet and nobody is laughing or anything. I think that's the what makes the whole thing so awkward. There is hardly any laughter! Did it start out fun and random, but then they went too far and got costumes and practiced it a whole bunch before they did it for the camera, so when they finally did it they were like numb?

Amy said...

They actually spent time going to the store to buy gold matching hats, choreograph and practice the whole thing. That means they had plenty of time to second guess their decision on shooting this little gem. Like Em says, hard to find words.

Haley said...

Haven't laughed that hard in a while, thanks for that. Oh man, that's so great. I think the tall lady in the back is the mastermind of the whole thing. I think they just really like the show and decided to do their own little recreation. She's the only one that really knew the words and moves back there. The Heat Miser guy, oh man. He is trying so hard to do the voice it just sounds like he's in pain or constipated or something. And why the shorts?!

Amy said...

I wondered the same thing! Those shorts are terrible. I think you're right about the tall lady. Yep, she's behind this whole thing.

Emily said...

Yes about the mastermind and my thoughts on the shorts: He didn't give his bottom half a second thought. I think he was too preoccupied with the red sweatshirt, wig and nose that he didn't care or think what he was wearing below all that mattered.

He was wrong.

What is with the constant squatting? and the voice too was puzzling. He learned the song well enough, one would think he would be able to come up with a more fitting voice.

Again I ask...why did they do this? They put quite a lot of work into it.

Emily said...

From the uploader youtube comments:

Hey there, this is "the dad" with some responses to the comments.

We made this video on Christmas 2007 between opening gifts and eating dinner. We had a blast rehearsing and performing!

neorogerc 5 months ago 4

The video was not my idea! Most of the credit (blame?) goes to "the mom". She found the wig in a costume store and was reminded of the Heat Miser character. Her family made a Christmas movie every year when she was a kid (you think this is corny? Oh wow... :-). Several Christmases went by with her saying (to me) "We should put you in tights and make a video of Heat Miser."

Tights were out of the question because I had a RAGING case of poison oak when we filmed.

neorogerc 5 months ago 4

I'm not fat! I had a pillow stuffed into my sweatshirt!

If I hadn't been involved in this, and I saw it done by someone else, my reactions would probably include: WTF, laughter, these people are nuts, wow that must have been fun, and it's so bad it's good.

neorogerc 5 months ago 5

This was never meant to go viral or be a big deal. We made it for fun and put it on youtube so we could send links to it to friends and family far away. We hope it makes you laugh! Both kids (four years older now) still get a kick out of this video and so far (knock on wood) are not on drugs or in therapy. :-)

neorogerc 5 months ago 2


I guess we all have to give a debt of gratitude to that poison oak plant that infected him and spared us all the tights.

Haley said...

I'm quite pleased with myself for picking out the mastermind. I must be watching too much Sherlock or something. Hahaha.

Tights!! I'm kinda disappointed actually. I think I would have rather looked at tights rather than those hideous shorts and hairy legs. I'm glad they were just doing it for fun and not taking it too seriously. I strangely could see Annie masterminding such a video. It would have to include Michael Jackson though if that were the case.

scottsha said...

It's gone! I need that viddeeeooooooooooooo! Anyone have a link?