Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some Movies Recently

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Just wanted to recommend a couple movies I have seen recently. On a side note, I loved the latest Twilight and was sad I broke the tradition and couldn't see it with all of you but I saw it in a nice theater in Oregon with my mother in law and sister in law. I loved it, my favorite of all the movies by far. Thought it followed the book well and loved the ending. Tore my heart out and then sewed it back together quite nicely. I was NOT ok with Carlisle dying. I loved how they ended it with Edward reading Bella's mind with all the memories, going through all the actors, and loved the song at the end. I cried, I'll admit it. :)

Anyway, we also took Allison to see Wreck It Ralph while we were out in Oregon as well. We all loved it! If you don't catch it in the theater definitely watch it when it comes out. It is great. We thought the humor was great and the story is unique and very creative. I think all of you would like this movie. There is also a nice twist at the end. 4 stars.

We have free HBO right now so we have recorded and watched a few movies and one we watched the other day was We Bought a Zoo with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johannson. It is a true story and just a all around great feel good movie. It is about a dad who is recently widowed and has a teenage son and 7 year old daughter. His son in rebelling a bit and they are just losing their relationship. He decided to start fresh and move to a new house and ends up buying a house on a whim that is also a wildlife park and they have to learn how to run it. It really is a great movie, we really liked it. Rated PG. It also has that cute girl from Super 8. Also the daughter is so adorable and reminds me soo much of Scout! Watch it peeps! 3 stars.


Emily said...

Spoiler alert! B hasn't seen it. I just warned her about this post. I heard wreak it Ralph is fun if you've played video games in the 90's. And I did. Have consifpdered seeing the zoo one but haven't yet.

Emily said...

Uh, that was *considered*. Good grief, auto correct was sure sleeping on the job there.

Haley said...

Oh woops! Didn't realize that, thanks for warning her. It's definitely worth the watch, not incredible but enjoyable. You need to see the little girl and see if you agree with me that she looks a lot like Scout!