Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave--

In addition to the fine birthday post dad did for Dave, we thought he should get one old school (since he didn't get one last year). So without any further ado- here are some things Dave likes:

He loves his telescope which may or may not look like this

He may like this group I've never heard of "The Aliens", they seem to like astronomy and dogs too.

He likes to watch the news and I found a pic that combines the news and motorcycles.
(Bert is just a bonus)

Happy Birthday Dave! Love you! Kisses!


Amy said...

Nice post, Em. Happy Birthday, Dave. You are interested in some pretty cool stuff. I'm sure I could learn a lot from you. You need to bring your telescope up here to Wyoming. The skies are so clear and the stars so beautiful! You'd also love our pup.

Pops said...

Good post, Ems. I love the space pictures and especially the Nebula. Awesome. Amy is wright, Dave you need to bring your stargaizing stuff to Wyoming and give us a lesson. Good stuff!