Saturday, July 24, 2010

WTB Movie: The Silence of the Lambs

Aaahh! Silence of the Lambs. Could Jodie Foster been any better? Could Anthony Hopkins been any better. Could any other actors pulled off those parts? Don't think so.....

Sue was last. Just Friday and she said DUH!. She must not have visited the site on Weds. Next was our B on the 22. Cat and Dan on the 22ed. Dan was busy and hasn't seen the blog or he would have gotten it sooner. (so he says...yeah, Dan, easy to say) Jeanine was next on the 21st. Matt on the 21 and Alex early on the 21.

The grand winner is our Champ, Emily. She got it Sunday by "taking a stab at it" she said. Waytogo, Ems.

I think Amy knew what it was, but did not submit a guess in protest of the R rating I think. Good stand, Amy and I respect you for that and as I said earlier, your old reprobate pops will not do another R rating.

Have a good week, peeps. Love you all. Dad


Emily said...

Whoot whoot!
Feels good, it's been a while.

Matt said...

I'm just glad there is another posting to cover up the last one. Jodi is much easier on the eyes.

Neaners said...

Good job Emily!! I agree this was one cool movie and Anthony Hopkins was so perfect. Didn't like sequels very much.

Matt said...

Yeah, the sequals didn't do much for me either.