Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Picture Game

I thought that I would explain the picture game thoroughly, since it is a really really fun game, and might be a fun game to play for anyone who happens to read this.

Basically, you have a group of people, and you sit in a circle either around a table or the living room. Everyone has a little stack of papers in front of them (Scrap paper size)- one paper for everyone that is playing the game. On the top piece of paper you write any phrase you want: it can be a movie quote, a saying, a song lyric, etc. Then everyone passes their ENTIRE stack of papers to the person next to them. That person reads the saying and then puts that paper at the bottom of the stack and then interprets the saying in picture on the new piece of paper.
After everyone has completed their drawing, they leave their picture on top and passes it to the next person. That person studies the picture and then puts it on the bottom of the stack, and on the next piece, interprets that picture into a saying. Then passes the stack to the next person in the circle and that person reads the saying and interprets the saying into picture form and you get the picture, this goes on until you are handed your original quote. After this has been completed, you then one by one, go around in the circle and go through your stack and hilarity ensues. (You are supposed to wait to look at your stack until it is your time to share- this is very hard for some people and they peek). Do what you will, but it is a little more fun to see it all for the first time with the group.
This is a seriously fun party game- think telephone or whatever they call it, but instead of passing a sentence from one ear to the next in line until your sentence is twisted and little resembles the original- you are doing it by pictures and how other people interpret your "art".
We played this at my house when the fam got together to go to Lagoon one night and man we laughed. I saved the best one of the evening and took pics and now I will share with you all to give you a taste of what can happen.

Sarah wrote as her original quote:

"I can't believe it's not butter!"

I was next to her so I drew a little dude that couldn't believe it wasn't butter-

If you look at my pic, my butter on the table looks a little like an iron, and ironing board, and my "not butter" butter looks something like a cowboy hat.................

So, Matt (who was next to me) wrote:

"country music is the worst thing to iron to ever!"

So B drew this:

Which led Amy to translate the picture as:

"An angry missionary ironing his shirt watching a Mexican playing a guitar and Jesus playing the violin on TV"

So, Kyle drew this:

His friend Dallon interpreted the picture thusly:

What Sarah got back instead of "I can't believe it's not butter!" was Kelly's final interpretation which was:

"I love to play guitar hero while my brother irons my clothes"

(We laughed so hard that Amy thought B's drawing of the country music fiddler looked like Jesus playing the violin.)

So that's "The Picture Game"-- which is open by the way, to a new title. The name could be better, so if you think of one- let us know. I can't promise it won't be called the picture game forever anyways, even with a brilliant new title- but who knows.

It's always a fun experiment to see how something can get so twisted so fast. Some highlights of this weekend's game were:

-my drawing of what turned out to be "Holly Holy dreams" (or something very similar), turned into intestinal problems of a merman. (Cat thought my drawing of mistletoe looked like intestines for some reason, and then her drawing (I think) had a problem with the guy's feet that someone interpreted as a mermaid.

-For the life of me I can't remember the original quote for this one, but it turned into Lord Voldemort about to kill Harry Potter at midnight by B, and my interpretation of it was: "twelve o'clock and all is well! (actually all is not well for the little worm guy against the wall)." We laughed forever at B's drawing of Harry Potter and then the fact that I thought it was a half worm/half human creature. WHY we didn't save that drawing I will curse forever. It was SO funny.

-Amy's violent drawing of the shower scene from psycho that led Scott to fear sleeping next to her.

-Sarah has the best pictures! She drew a pic of Neil Diamond with one little kitten on his chest (Neil was a stick figure, and the kitten was so cute and inserted right on his stick chest).
If you don't know about Neil and his "kittens" by now, I can't help you- you're on your own.

Note: Amy had posted on her magnet board a pic Sarah drew in a previous game I wasn't around for that I really wanted to post here- but we passed it around sometime this weekend and it didn't get put back and we couldn't find it this morning before I had to leave. It was of an old lady jumping out of a box and it is SO FUNNY. Anyway- Amy I hope you find that, it was worth saving.

Did I miss some funny moments from the last game, peeps? It's rather late and I have to get to bed and can't remember anymore.

Fun game. Fun weekend. Thanks mama bird.

Meep meep meep..........


Haley said...

Haha good description. Yeah we need to find the Harry Potter worm one, that made me laugh the hardest! B drew it and Em though it was a worm. The mistletoe one Em drew and then Cat thought it was intestines so I drew a guy having uncontrollable bm's and I guess his feet looked like a merman so that's what Marcus wrote! Too funny! I love this game.

Neaners said...

THat is hilarious. I would love to play that with a group. I am so glad you all had a good time.

Dan W said...

Thanks, Em! Great to see examples here, etc., too! Sounds like way fun! Can't wait to try it sometime soon.

Amy said...

Still can't find the old lady jumping out of a box and I'm so sad. Maybe Sarah can recreate it. Such a funny game. Thanks Em for the reminders. Rock on Jesus.

Pops said...

Great job on the posting, Ems. You caught the spirit of the game well and your examples were great. Im ready to play again. I wish I could draw a bit. I'm so bad, but it seems that sometimes that adds to the fun and laughs.

Matt said...

Oh man, we played this with Bronwyn's family last weekend and it was so memorable. Awesome game. B's sisters were so funny!

Matt said...
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