Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WtB manifesto


B won. Great job hun face. Em got 2nd, then Pops. This movie was watched many many times by us younger Wright kids. Here are some other memorable quotes from this movie...

Nando: [addressing the survivors] Okay, uh, I got something to tell you. Good news - they called off the search.
[everyone objects and argues]
Carlitos Páez: Why the hell is that good news?
Nando: Because it means we're gonna get out of here on our own.
Mrs. Alfonsín: My legs! God forgive you all for not helping me! I'm in agony!
Carlitos Páez: Shut up! Shut up, you stupid... cow! I'll punch your face in!
Roberto Canessa: We're gonna die, you know.
Nando: Maybe. But if we die, we're gonna die walking.
Carlitos Páez: I have to tell you something. I had a dream last night, a tremendous premonition. I saw green fields and flowers. I could smell the grass.
Carlitos Páez: Your expedition will succeed.


Emily said...

Love this movie so much and it's been way too long since I saw it.

My legs! My aching legs!

Cat never guessed on this one? WTB?

Emily said...

Likin' the playlist

Cat said...

It's been way too long for me, too. Hence the no-guessing, I guess.

Emily said...

You were like the Queen of Alive