Saturday, July 9, 2011

Matt's gone viral!

Ok, not really, but he is the man of the hour in Pixie facebook fandom. I assume most of you are familiar with this video he edited:

Well, I have always loved it, and not just for the stellar subject matter you just can't beat, but it was really well edited and beautifully done. So, yesterday the Pixies posted a video of Bowie talking about the Pixies, and it reminded me of Matt's video so I thought for the heck of it I would post it on their wall. I checked the video on youtube a few times yesterday and his video got about 1,500 hits in about 10 hours! I told Matt that I hope he doesn't mind (he didn't of course!) and he said, "that would be a really weird feeling if the Pixies reposted my video". Well, I am happy to announce that Matt must be feeling very weird this morning, cause that is exactly what they had done when I logged into facebook this morning! People are loving it too!

Anyway, just a little bit of fun on a Saturday morning and a HUGE congratulations to my brother Matt on making a great video and for having his favorite band on earth give it some love and appreciation!

I have half a mind of posting it on Radiohead's wall.

But RH fans tend to be a little snobby and will no doubt have some things to say about Yorke admitting that there is another band out there worthy of praising.

Ok, that settles it, I must do it just for that.

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Matt said...

Thanks Em! Oh yeah, and WTB winner posting will be done tonight I promise!