Sunday, June 26, 2011

What the fetchin bip

Sorry to beat you by a hair Cat! I know how that feels.

Kinda funny, we have, sitting on our shelf one of those combo DVD's of The Money Pit- and The Burbs in one. Good choice Ems. I remember laughing with you guys a ton watching those movies. Remember the sound when Tom Hanks bites into the sardine and pretzels that the Klopecks serve? And his awesome coughing fit? hehe.

Ok, so this weeks WTB is going to be hard for most, easy for others. Probably how it is most of the time... But, I couldn't let this movie not make an appearance on this blog.


"I'm proud to be a man on a day like this"

Good luck, see you all Wednesday some time.


Person 1: What's more important to you, rugby or girls?
Person 2: Girls. You?
Person 1: Girls.
Person 2: But when I'm playing rugby, rugby's the most important thing.
Person 1: Yeah, unless girls are watching.
Person 2: Right.

Hmmm... I didn't even get a wrong guess. Still anyones game! Maybe this isn't fair to post this while most of you are traveling or getting ready for travelers... Eh, it's a game.


Person 1: I think God would want us to survive. Strive to live.
Person 2: At all costs?
Person 1: No. I mean, we shouldn't murder innocents to live.
Person 2: And what about our innocence? What's gonna become of our innocence if we survive as cannibals?


Emily said...


Cat said...

We should try to watch that Money Pit/The 'Burbs combo dvd this weekend.

Emily said...

I love that idea!

Haley said...

Me too!