Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 'Burbs

Just felt like continuing our stupid-Tom-Hanks-movies-from-the-eighties-that-are-actually-awesome thing we had going. Can't tell you how many late nights I have spent with various siblings watching this and laughing like crazy. Many lines from this movie have made it into my movie quote hall of fame, and I can't see anyone ever stumble on a stair and not giggle in remembrance of Tom Hank's character sliding down the stairs at the Klopeks.

I got two right answers from the first quote and they were within 20 minutes of each other from the two siblings that I would expect would know just about any line from this movie right away. Matt and Cat. Congrats Matt, you beat her just barely. Sorry Cat, maybe next time. I kind of think that B got this too, but I couldn't find an email, so maybe not. Haley got it today after my giveaways. That is that! Fun movie. Stupid sauce for sure, but well, what can I say? It's stupid done well and funny. I would have loved to find a "Tom Hanks best moments clip" but, there doesn't seem to be one, this one will have to do. It has the yelling at the bone scene in it at least, but alas- not the crushing of the beer cans in anger.


Emily said...

I just updated the standings, giving myself the win and then Matt's win just now. (it wasn't updated from the last time).

Matt said...

"You smashed a couple of beer cans... you feel better now?"

"I'm SICK! Take me to the hospital!!" (gets on the stretcher and nobody does anything so he throws the stretcher into the ambulance himself and lays down)

Hehe! Love The Burbs. Awesomly 80's Tom Hanks movie for sure.