Sunday, August 14, 2011

sweeny Todd

Thought I would capitalize on the musical jag that seems to be pouring out of the Wyoming peeps. Perhaps this one isn't as safe a bet as Singin' in the Rain (which is also great), but this is a fun story in a twisted way. If nothing else, it is a great lesson on revenge. It has always been one of those musicals that I have been fascinated that it exists, then when I found out that they were going to make it into a movie by Tim Burton, featuring Depp, Carter, and Rickman, well shoot- I am IN! Especially Johnny Depp singing, I just had to see that. He did a superb job, I gotta say. Do you need me to explain the story? Cause I will.

So, the winner this week was..........drum roll..........Matt! He got it quickly from quote #1. Sue was next, then with the last giveaway, Dan finally got it. He seemed to have found the movie lackluster and is anxious to hear why we liked it. Cat guessed incorrectly with "Edward Scissorhands", on the right track Cat, but no cigar. B got it after Matt and I discussed WTB for a few minutes and then found it very hard to keep ourselves from breaking out into song and giving it away.

(For the record Matt absentmindedly broke out in song after a few minutes and she figured it out, so even though she didn't give an official guess and got it from Matt singing, she should be recognized I suppose on the boards.)

It's all yours Matt.


Cat said...

Kind of weird how I guessed a different Johnny Depp movie. I love Sweeney Todd!

Emily said...

His hair and makeup are very similar and it's a Tim Burton movie and there are sharp blades involved.

Haley said...

New game PLEASE.